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Ready Aim Freedom – Simpler Trading


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Ready Aim Freedom

High Probability Directional Options Strategy for Small Accounts E-Learning Module

Discover Danielle Shay's "aggressively conservative" way to rapidly grow smaller accounts with minimal risk.

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn How Danielle identifies higher-probability setups with lower risk using simple setups she’s refined over the past 5 years.  These are the same ‘bread and butter’ trades that allowed her to quit her teaching job to raise her 4-year-old son from home full-time.
  • Discover how Danielle adapted some of Simpler Trading’s most popular strategies for newer traders with smaller accounts. Her system is a unique combination of proven strategies from John Carter, Henry Gambell, the Fibonacci Queen, among others.
  • Learn Danielle’s strict trade screening process.  Because the early bird does get the worm, you’ll get her exact Market Prep Checklist to quickly identify the best opportunities each day (even if you can’t watch the market).
  • How to spot strong trends for high probability directional option plays.  You’ll get Danielle’s “Trend is Your Friend” checklist so you can look at ANY chart and know instantly if there’s a setup that’s worth risking your money.
  • Danielle’s secret for drawing symmetry.  Learn how to read ANY chart’s personality from a quick glance at past price swings.  Just by knowing how to use symmetry, it’s possible to plan precise entries and profit targets in advance.
  • Danielle’s squeeze checklist for smaller accounts.  Not all ‘squeezes’ are created equal, and now you can learn how to pick the best ones.  Her checklist is designed to quickly spot squeezes with the greatest potential with the least risk.
  • Danielle’s trade selection checklist.  Once you’ve identified the best charts to watch, you need to know when to pull the trigger.  This objective checklist is designed to be especially helpful for a newer trader with a smaller account.
  • How to identify entries, exits, targets and stops without guesswork.  This is one of Danielle’s secrets to avoiding the emotional trading decisions that sabotage so many traders.  If you want to consistently extract profits from the markets, this is an essential skill.


  • Module 1: Intro
  • Module 2: Trend
  • Module 3: Squeeze
  • Module 4: Targets
  • Module 5: Strategies
  • Module 6: Risk Control
  • Interactive Quiz after each Module
  • Course Slides, Notes and Chat Transcripts

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