Rule Based Price Action – Trader Divergent


Rule Based Price Action – Trader Divergent


A discretionary system can be hard to trade as there is so much subjectivity.

So many traders fall into the trap of trying to trade discretionary and usually going of ”gut feelings” and ”emotions.”

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Rule Based Price Action – Trader Divergent

No Guessing, just Rule-Based Trading!! 

A discretionary machine may be tough to change as there may be a lot of subjectivity.

So many investors fall into the lure of looking to change discretionary and normally going of ”intestine feelings” and ”feelings.”

But that is the primary purpose why they may be failing…

They permit their feelings to get the higher of them and become self-sabotaging themselves!

Whereas if they just applied a Rule-Based and Methodical approach to the markets their whole trading would literally change overnight

What the RBT does is help to remove most of the emotions, guessing, and decision fatigue

That prevents such a lot of investors from consistency and as an alternative enables investors to simplify their manner and attention on what genuinely matters. The execution in their system!

What you notice now on this course, is all my experience, knowledge, and knowledge all collected into one concise and condensed course.


The course is especially good for those of you who are intermediate traders who have the knowledge and understand how the game works but just cannot seem to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

If this sounds like you then the rule-based course is for you. Why? because…

”I provide you with the actual blueprint that took ME to that next level”

I lay out all the steps needed to trade successfully, in a structured step-by-step approach that is easily digestible.

Here are just some of the topics covered in great detail within the course…

– Mechanics of a Strategy

– Simplifying the Process

– Creating a Trading Plan and Structure

– Psychology/Beliefs/Emotional Control

– Risk Management

– How to Journal/Review

– Identifying Market Conditions

– Best Tools and Indicators to use

– Strategy Development

– The Exact Blueprint to Consistency

– Handling Drawdowns

– Exiting for a Small Loss

– High Probability Techniques

– Grading Systems

– Mechanical Techniques

– Best Habits & Routines

– The Laws and Rules of Trading

Plus so much more…

This blueprint is something I desire I had once I first commenced out and that is precisely why I actually have made this path so I can assist people who are in a comparable area to in which I turned into and get them beyond the hurdles that avoided me for thus long!

Alongside all of this, you furthermore may advantage get entry to to all my private techniques that I use to exchange the markets with and a totally complete breakdown on a way to exchange them. Including withinside the path is one in each of my favorites techniques referred to as the ”DB4 Strategy” Which trades on any marketplace and any timeframe.

What is the DB4 Strategy?

The DB4 Strategy is my favourite strategy because it is the most simplistic strategy I have created but also my most profitable. When I first started to trade I had far too many bells and whistles that were simply not needed and left me fatigued with overanalyzing everything.

As I have matured and grown as a trader I have learned to make my trading and the DB4 as simple as possible to trade. This is what I am most proud of.

My simplicity… (Which I show you how to do also)

What are the benefits of this system?

  • High Probability System
  • Rule-Based Strategy
  • Set & Forget
  • Easy To Trade
  • All Markets
  • Any Timeframe

Best of all there is simply no guessing, all the rules are black and white. Either the setups there or it’s not. Easy to find and easily executed.

About the course

My purpose withinside the path is for you now no longer to most effective study my techniques however additionally study so one can broaden your very own and end up a totally assured trader. I display you the strategies and methods of questioning that you may additionally subsequently adapt for your buying and selling withinside the future.

First and main I need you to end up a self-reliant trader, who would not want to depend on all people else to trade!

Yes, you’ve got my worthwhile techniques, to start with, and to apply however I train you the way to end up a consultant and make it your very very own to fit your personality!

Instead of hopping from method to method I display you the way to use one technique and constantly adapt and enhance it to healthy your self and the ever-converting marketplace conditions.

I display you the evolution of my techniques and the way I actually have simplified them from what they had been at the start to what they’re now and the way you to can adapt and optimize your gadget as you develop as a trader!

Trader Development Program

I am so dedicated to you becoming a consistent trader that I have developed my trading mentoring and development program to help you transform yourself from an average failing trader to a consistently profitable trader.

We work together and go through my 5 stage process which includes testing, reviewing mindset, and more. You will have me guiding you through the whole process!

I believe I have created a way of trading like no other. All you need to do is simply follow the proven rules outlined in the strategy guides, and the money will take care of itself.

Predefined rules, no guessing

You don’t think, YOU REACT!

Your job is simple…

Learn the rules, execute the rules, profit from the strategies.

It’s literally that easy!

So, what are you waiting for?

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