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I picked myself up and rebuilt my life. I improved my dating skills and got a rotation of attractive women in Berlin (my drunk boss at the company party hugged me to congratulate me on my girl and a colleague of mine commented “she’s so hot” when I took another one out).


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Seduction%20University%201 - BoxSkill - Get all CoursesI crouched on a floor in a closet room -the only place I could afford- and cried.

For the first time in my life, I struggled to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
It was a combination of many things at once. And women -or lack thereof- was an important part of it.

I was still going out to meet women and approach.

But my “beaten dog” face wasn’t exactly a pussy-magnet. Women could smell “low-power loser” a mile away. And all I could do, was masturbating on my ex -talking about oneitis-.

But I had one thing going for me…

And struggle I did.

I picked myself up and rebuilt my life. I improved my dating skills and got a rotation of attractive women in Berlin (my drunk boss at the company party hugged me to congratulate me on my girl and a colleague of mine commented “she’s so hot” when I took another one out).

But I was feeling like a housebroken dog. As crazy as it may sound, it was too comfortable. Too easy.

I ached for more than localized success. I had to challenge myself more. I wanted to be a blue ocean player.

So I left to restart from zero.

I wanted to land somewhere as a total unknown, no friends, no social circle, no local language skills, two outfits in my bag only, and find a way to succeed -both socially and romantically-.

I trawled the streets and approached thousands across the continents and seven seas.

I got rejected countless times of course, but also seduced many, and I “punched above my weight” with women that other men were paying for.

While other guys wallowed in (mental) masturbation, I committed to learning more. I looked for loopholes, shortcuts, and effective processes.


Girls don’t make it easy for you…

Unless you learn high-value dating and follow a process

Women have to make it hard.

It’s their biological programming to screen men.
And that’s especially true for the highest quality and most attractive women who have the top 10% of men chasing them.

But once you understand how to come across high-value, dating gets A LOT easier.
And when you add solid processes to it, it also becomes replicable.

High-value, high-power, process-based dating is what delivers results.

Thanks to the processes I developed, I know this:

I only need to follow the process and put it in some work, and I can go anywhere, and find a girlfriend-quality material.

But I didn’t stop at “sleeping with”.

That’s a rather low bar for me. Sleeping with many and not seducing any is just a different form of failure.
And it’s also not very effective. Just sleeping with someone is not enough to keep a woman devoted.

As the world becomes more liberal, sex means little to most women.

What I seek is devotion, peak experiences, ecstasy… Seduction.
Today I know I can give her the time of her life, too.
And turning her into a devoted girlfriend.

I’m not that special, by the way. I’m short, bald, and not particularly attractive.

So if I can do it, so can you.

Sex is great, but it’s a stepping stone

Adoration, worship, and mental enslavement are the final goal




No wonder.

There wasn’t any resource on how to consistently replicate seduction and swooning.

Until today…

“Despite what society wants you to believe,

girls LOVE being seduced by high-quality men.”


I’m about to share a secret with you…

My secret to making game FUN, EASY and EFFORTLESS

…and my secret to unlocking the deepest parts of her psychology.

It’s a secret that most men will never learn:

In fact, all women do.

All women want that guy that sweeps them off their feet and makes them swoon.

That guy that THEY MUST HAVE.

It’s why female novels sell billions: because women dream of swooning.

And because so few men can do it, they need to live it vicariously through a book.

Imagine what type of power if you can become that man who makes their dreams a reality.


This is where most guys completely screw up.

They want to control a woman, and instead of making her want to be with him and him alone -they turn into controllers-.

Or they want a woman devoted to them. And they seek their answers in “dread game”.
That comes from a defensive, fearful mindset, and low-value mindset.
Of having to trick, deceive and abuse women, instead of believing, acting, and leading like you’re a great catch.

And abusive and “dread” does work. But it works with women with fewer options.

It rarely works with the highest quality women.


SEDUCTION ENSLAVES A WOMAN’S MIND while giving value to her and her life.

And she will DREAM to be with you forever.


This is where many well-intentioned nice guys stumble.

You do need game, power-awareness, and processes before seduction can truly take place.

And this is where power dynamics kicks in.

Once you’re in the seduction stage, you don’t have to care nearly as much about power -because you have it already-.

But before that, it’s all about power and strategies.

And this is what separates the guys that get it from those that don’t.

Women want men who are “more” than they are, and especially in leadership, power, and dominance.

Advanced guys are -or have learned to come across- as higher value than she is.

All done in a subtle, intelligent, win-win way that doesn’t trigger any of her defenses.
As a matter of fact, she has no defense for these types of men: she WANTS them.

The good news, is:

There are a TON of shortcuts & techniques that can make dating SO much easier.

Yes, there is merit in the struggle.

I LOVE the struggle.

But there is also stupidity in struggling for struggling’s sake when you want results and efficiency.

Many men have competing goals in life, and have big missions to realize.
They can’t -or don’t want- to devote all their lives to approaching and dating.

So the uniqueness of Seduction University is in providing you all the shortcuts.
And it doesn’t shy away from anything:

  • Psychopath game
  • Sexual arbitrage
  • Manipulation
  • Enslaving her mind

Seduction University is the only course that combines effective game, shortcuts, and true seduction to steal a woman’s heart and mind.


Anyone can get better results.

Seduction University is designed for people who seek efficiency.

People who have busy lives and don’t (necessarily) want to become full-time PUAs.


(…The problem is that they never chose or thought one through)

The fact is most systems totally suck.

Swiping on Tinder and don’t have dates with high-quality women? Not a great system.

Approaching fifty girls a night and having drunk sex with some floozy when you “get lucky”? That’s not very healthy.

Going on dates but can’t seem to date the girls you truly want?

Maybe it’s time to change some things.

My time-tested, global system for going out and talking to girls

And how to do it in the most high-power, effective way possible.

How to understand female psychology and what women want

A complete, thorough yet concise overview of what women want -and you can mold yourself into that man-

Multiply how attractive you are to women

Simple self-development steps you can take to increase your personal value

– Planning your love & dating life

– Gain clarity on what you want

– Plan how and when to get it

– Science-backed list of traits women want

– How to gain the traits women want

– How to work around the traits you don’t (yet) have

– Women want powerful men. Here you will learn how to date high power

– The revolutionary “straight line seduction” method and how to use it to seduce it quickly and reliably

– How to approach effectively

– How to turn shit tests around

– Science backed and real-life proven dating strategies

– Find out what strategy works better FOR YOU (including a quiz)

– How to effectively meet women & how to develop social circles

– Sexual strategies and how to hook people with sex

– How to reliably go from single to dating

– Cold approach process

– Machiavellian techniques to make her chase you

– Dating & texting processes (just copy-paste them to get dates)

– Role models of successful daters you can emulate

– Learn from works, from those who are making it work

– Lover archetypes that get laid -and that you can copy-

– The providers, boyfriends archetypes who date top women (and that you can emulate)

– How to become a leader who seduces women

– How to lead, with examples & case studies

– How to become more dominant

– How to handle rejections without losing power (and mental confidence)

– How to blow past last-minute resistance

– How to turn around a “no”

– How effective manipulation works

– How women control men (and what to do about it)

– How to spot and handle games and manipulation

– How to spot red signals and avoid poor partners

– How to make her fall in love

– How to make her swoon and be the best she’s ever had

– How to set up your house for the perfect seduction

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