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Just because a woman is good looking, doesn't mean she's good for YOU!

An Open Letter To Every Man Who Wants To Have More Sex And Less Drama In His Relationships

"Learn the covert secrets of screening out drama queens, psychos, and low self-esteem losers!"

From: David Shade

Just outside of Detroit MI

Monday June 1, 2009

Dear Friend,

Did you know having sex an average of four times a week can make you look 7 to 12 years younger? Or that having sex three times a week cuts your risk in half for heart attack and strokes.

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It's true!

According to a study at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland, men who reported having sex an average of four times per week looked approximately 10 years younger than they really were.

And a study at Queen's University in Belfast in 1997 showed men who reported the highest frequency of orgasm enjoyed a death rate half that of men who only occasionally had sex.

Kind of makes you stop and think doesn't it?

Listen, if your "animal intuition" is working at all you already know, deep down, that…

a fabulous sex life is the foundation

of a deeply satisfying existence!

But… what you most likely don't know is… how much having a good relationship affects the quality of sex and your life.

For instance, research has shown that marriage prolongs life for men (and women) by 10 years on average, and married people have sex more often and enjoy it more than single people. (Univ. of Chicago Population Research Assoc. 1995)

Now, I'm not here to tell you to get married. It doesn't matter what kind of relationship you want. A date for the weekend, a girlfriend, to date multiple women, or get married. It's not for me to judge that.

But if you would like to know how to have more (and better sex), more happiness, better health… then this will be the most important message you'll ever read!

Here's why: The 3 most important factors in a man's life are Health, Wealth, and Relationships. But what most men don't realize is the impact a relationship has on his health and his wealth. And, the relationship you have with your woman will determine if you are one of those guys having sex 3-4 times a week, looking young, and living longer…

Or one of those guys who's life is filled with drama, misery, and has to beg and plead to have sex with his woman.

Now, everyone (at least, everyone who is mentally healthy) wants… and deserves… to have great relationships and a super exciting sex life!

Napoleon Hill said in his famous book "Think & Grow Rich" the most important decision you will ever make is selecting a wife.

The problem is… how to do it.

And it's a much bigger problem than you think. I know, because I found out the hard way!

In 1992, I was married to a drop-dead gorgeous woman. She would turn heads everywhere we went. We had good sex, great kids, and a nice house in the suburbs. For me, life was perfect.

And then it came crashing down around me. One day out of the blue she left me for a bad-boy. I was devastated. The pain was worse than getting kicked in the nuts with steel toed boots.

And to make matters worse, the divorce cost me over $100,000, and much more in the years following. It was like pouring salt in an already gaping wound.

I was blindsided and my life was in ruins. The only thought I had was "what had I done wrong?"

It was this question that became the burning focus of my life. Seeking the answer kept me going and helped me to come out of this dark time in my life.

I read relationship books while watching Monday Night football, I bought every video I could on how to have a good relationship. But, I wasn't finding any useful answers.

As I started getting back into the dating scene, I had a friend I would go out with. He was a natural and always had success with women. One night over a beer he said something that rocked my world!

He told me he once read that a woman who has a good relationship with her father, would always be great in bed and fun to be, and he had found this to be true over and over again.

I went home stunned…

And excited!

Could this be the secret?

Turns out he was onto something. I began to see this same pattern in all of the women I dated.

And I used all my spare time over the next 5 years to refine techniques based on what I learned. After doing all this research, I know things about women, relationships and sex I'd never dreamed about.

Here are some of my amazing discoveries:

First: It may seem obvious, but I've learned that 99% of men think because a woman is good looking she's good in bed. And men assume that all women are kind & gentle.

Second: I've discovered the covert skills and conversational methods for finding out quickly if a woman will be fun, exciting, and highly sexual or a psycho drama-queen who only has sex to keep a man around.

Third: I've learned most of the available advice on this topic is the same old re-hashed baloney you get from magazines like Maxim, and worse, some advice is… actually harmful!

Finally: I discovered when I taught my methods to a handful of men, in order to help them, I got rave reviews from them. And the men who learn and apply these techniques to their own lives get… another… big and unexpected advantage namely…

A New Feeling of Confidence, Peacefulness

and Sheer Joy Seems to Come Flooding in to

Every Other Area of Their Lives!

In other words, using my secrets for selecting a worthy woman… and having a fun and rewarding relationship with lots of exciting sex… also… acts as a foundation for supercharging every other part of your life. It's as if increasing the quality of your relationship and your sex life… is a springboard… that can send you skyrocketing to other areas of pleasure and satisfaction you could never get to before.

Here's the thing… as I explained earlier, most men are under the illusion that they already "know enough" about women to get by.

It's just not true. All you have to do is look at the divorce rate in America for proof. According to, 50% of all first marriages end in divorce. 67% of all second marriages end in divorce. That is a lot of failed relationships!

There are a ton of people who try to analyze why people get divorced. But at that point it's too damn late. A successful relationship begins by choosing wisely. And that means more than just a pretty face and nice figure.

You see, as human beings it is our animal nature to naturally be very highly sexed. In fact, we're almost 12 times more sexual than the nearest mammal. Think about it: Chimpanzees, for example only go into 'heat' once a month. But, as humans, we are capable of enjoying a loving sexual relationship 24 hours a day. No matter what we have been taught, all of us know… in our heart of hearts…

It Is Our Birthright to Have Good Healthy Sex in a Good Healthy Relationship!

"Yeah, but is she a cheating psycho drama queen who will withhold sex to manipulate and then rip your heart out? Women test you, why shouldn't you test them? It's easy once you discover how."

You also know, if your relationship is miserable and your sex life sucks, everything in your life can suffer horribly.

Fortunately, this is the new millennium and finally… we men don't have to apologize anymore for wanting better sex. But, what most men desperately need is information and advice we can trust to guide us through all the nonsense out there.

And most men still use the same criteria cavemen used to select women (you know, using the little head to do all the deciding). The only test most guys use is "Hot or Not?"

You need a way to test a woman. After all, women test men constantly… shouldn't YOU be testing women too?

Listen, I'm not talking about pickup here. And this isn't about attraction. I'm talking about covert foolproof methods to carefully screen for high quality women BEFORE you get knee deep in a relationship (Even before you even go on the first date).

I don't care if you are building a harem or looking for your soulmate… you need to be able to do this or you will end up in a train wreck of a relationship and wonder what the hell went wrong.

Never forget this…

Choosing Wrong Guarantees Failure!


Success Begins by Selecting Wisely!

And the good news is… it's actually easy once you know how.

There are 3 simple steps to selecting wisely:

  • STEP #1: Learn what to look for in a woman that tells you she's worth spending time with, or if you should run for the door.
  • STEP #2: Discover how to find out what you need to know, without her feeling like you are interrogating her.
  • STEP #3: Do this with EVERY woman you think you might want to date. No exceptions!

"They are both sexy, but only one is 'sexual'. I'll show you how to know covertly and reliably in simple conversation."

And with the methods I've developed, you'll find women enjoy it.

They won't know what you are doing either… but they will know there is something uniquely different about you, because you are not trying to 'get in her pants' just because she's hot.

Instead, you will get her to talk about things most men never think to talk about. You'll notice things about her that no guy ever notices, and you'll get her to open up about things she normally only tells her best friends.

What makes my methods even more powerful is, if you do decide to date her, you will already have a deep level of rapport and knowledge about her most guys never learn even after months of dating and sex.

All within the first few minutes of meeting her.

My system makes it easy and methodical to select intelligent, mentally healthy, highly sexual women… every time.

Is that cool or what?

And it's okay if you are having trouble believing me. I remember when my friend told me about the father thing. I had my doubts too until I was able to back it up with research.

Check out this letter from Matt. He used my methods to choose wisely…

So, let's take a look at what's in this program:

Disc 1: Introduction to Selecting Women Wisely (mp4 video)

Know this… There is no 'nice' way to put it… there are some women who are NEVER going to make for a healthy happy relationship!

In this part of the program you'll discover why some women are high maintenance or drama queens or just plain bat-shit crazy and will sabotage any kind of happiness that comes into her life. And you'll learn what the warning flags are so you'll easily be able to spot them.

Plus, how to know if a woman will bring you joy. One who will make you happy and who loves sex as much (or even more) than you.

Here's a sample of what you'll discover:

  • What 2 things all humans must have to be truly happy!
  • Amazing insights you get from a sincere compliment! (when you know what to look for)
  • The History Channel paradox some women can't escape!
  • A simple way to look into her subconscious and find out what she feels she deserves in a man!
  • How to get all the info you need without it feeling like a job interview!
  • The 2 best techniques to start with! (Most of the time this will be all you need)
  • Things to notice BEFORE you even approach a woman! (most guys look at boobs & butts, you'll know better)
  • Sneaky ways to get her to reveal extremely private and intimate details of her past!
  • The #1 most important thing you want to find out about a woman! (hint: it's not STD's)
  • Want to make your woman happy? Make certain she's got this quality and it will be easy!
  • 4 things that must be true for any relationship to work! (Important – you'll need to do them too)
  • What a "Daddy's Girl" is, and why you need one!
  • The critical difference between Self Esteem & Ego! (Get this wrong and you'll regret it)

Disc 2: What Do YOU Want In A Woman? (mp3 audio)

When I do coaching with a man, the first thing I ask is "What do you want?" And usually I get a long silence followed by the immortal words of Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High… "I don't know"

But if I ask what you don't want, they have an almost endless list.

Now, here's a secret all successful people live by… You get what you focus on! It may sound a bit woo-woo, but it's been proven over and over again. Your subconscious mind will do it's best to help you get what it thinks you want. And what you think about is what it thinks you want.

The Big Lesson: Focus on what you actually want in a woman, not all the things you don't want.

On this disc, I lead a group of men through the process to help them figure out just what they want in a woman.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • The 4 most important questions you need to ask yourself! (and answer with great detail)
  • If you want to have healthy relationships… what you need to do differently!
  • What you can tell from a woman's body language!
  • The secret 'hand' test you can do in the first 10 seconds!
  • The difference between chronic low self-esteem and everyday insecurities!
  • The common insecurity most women have and why it does NOT mean she has low self-esteem!
  • The infamous Daddy's Girl Formula and how to make use of it!
  • How to know what (if anything) you need to improve about yourself!
  • Sample list of 'ideal' traits to look for! (To prime your pump with ideas)

Disc 3: How To Select A High Quality Highly Sexual Woman (mp3 audio)

First you'll discover the consequences of making a wrong choice and just how devastating it can be to make this mistake… both financially and emotionally. It's important to understand how important it is to select wisely because you have to get the relationship right in order for the sex to be right!

Listen, if you end up with a low self esteem woman, you'll be forever frustrated, your energy drained, and then she'll leave you for some scum who treats her like dirt.

You'll find out what some of the highly desirable qualities are you'll want to look for in a woman, plus a look at what high quality women desire in men.

And you'll discover what to look for that tells you a woman has a good self image, is emotionally healthy, highly sexual and very interesting to be with. A woman with whom you can experience hot passionate love.

Here's some of what you'll discover:

  • What it tells you if a woman can't stand to be alone!
  • Why a woman must 'love herself' to be able to love you!
  • How to avoid "Happiness Anxiety" and the self-fulfilling prophecy
  • The single most accurate predictor of a woman being able to have an orgasm during sex! (If she has this, she won't orgasm no matter how much you rub)
  • The biggest complaint women have about men. (If you do this, the good ones will leave you)
  • How to test if a woman will allow herself to experience Wild Screaming Orgasms with you! (Do this way before you get near a bedroom)
  • The hidden in plain view secret that greases the slide to HOT sex!
  • The 9 essential keys to compatibility!
  • Why marriage is so important to a woman!
  • The tragic mistake many men make!
  • The 3 most important qualities you need to look for in a woman (find these and you are in for a wild ride)
  • Myths and misconceptions about self esteem!
  • The #1 single most important quality she must have! (test for this one first, and say 'next' if she doesn't have it)
  • Why ego doesn't mean squat!
  • What it means if a woman cries on your shoulder and tells you the guy that dumped her is perfect! (hint: you might want to head for the door)
  • She wants what her friends have… is this a good sign or bad? Now you'll know!
  • The long shadow of the father-daughter relationship (and how it affects you)
  • 8 Simple ways to spot a drama-queen!
  • A sneaky way to tell if she has good self esteem from her email or online profile! (hint: I'm not talking about what she says)
  • How to know if she's the type to push men around!

Manual: Select Women Wisely (spiral binder)

For those who like to read and really dig into the details, this is the deepest part of the program.

And when you go through it I'll bet at some point you'll slap yourself on the forehead and say "OMG… that's why that relationship fell apart!"

My purpose here is to make it crystal clear why some women are never going to be happy in a relationship.

It's not nice. It's not fair, and it's damn sure not politically correct. But my purpose is the success of my clients, and as I've said "success begins with choosing wisely!"

Here's some of what you'll discover:

  • The biggest mistake people make when they fall in love!
  • Why some people seem to 'click' so easily!
  • The one thing about relationships that will instantly make your sex life better!
  • The #1 predictor of a fun, sexy, successful relationship! (If you only learned this one thing, you would at least double your success)
  • The cold harsh reality of the "Cheaters Rule"! (do NOT ignore this)
  • 4 things every successful relationship must have! (a Man's guide)
  • A 1000 year old imagination game from Greece that's easy to play, fun for her and very revealing for you!
  • Do you shake hands with women? You will after you read this!
  • The important difference between a highly sexual woman and a promiscuous woman! (get this one wrong and you're in for a world of heartbreak)
  • 2 simple conversational topics women enjoy that give you tons of useful info on her!
  • What strippers and the world's highest paid models have in common! (the answer will shock you)
  • The dysfunctional beauty trap… don't you get caught in it!
  • The single most important man in a woman's life! (hint: it ain't you)
  • Pickup Artists say you should NEVER ask a woman about her profession… find out why these experts are dead wrong!
  • The mind vs body rule-of-thumb for determining self esteem!
  • 34 Amazing and revealing stories from men and woman around the world!

Plus six Success Check-Lists for you to use to help you determine what you want in a woman and in a relationship.

Select Women Wisely – Audio Book 1 & 2 (2 mp3 audios)

The complete course manual done as an audio book for those who like to learn on the go. I get many requests from men who like to listen during the commute to work or while working out at the gym. The complete content of the printed manual is on these two mp3 audios so you can take it with you.

  • 36 covert quality indicators you can use to avoid the bottomless pit of emotional drama!
  • A simple way to get a woman to talk about sexuality! (even if you just met her)
  • Already in a relationship? 8 ways to instantly know if she's right (or wrong) for you!
  • Covert methods of testing you can do in every-day conversations!
  • The 2 qualities that virtually guarantee a doomed relationship! (If you see them run, don't walk, for the door)
  • 7 quick & easy ways to know if she's got a good self image!
  • How to instantly spot a woman who is a bottomless pit of emotional neediness!
  • The negative quality 99% of all strippers have that causes them to hate men!

Even Hugh Hefner doesn't know these Secrets!

Sure… Hef has all those hot women around because he's got fame and money, but he's always the one that gets dumped by his wives and girlfriends. His first wife even admitted cheating on him while he was in the army. Ouch!

You can prevent this from ever happening to you. And you can save yourself the frustration of trying to make a relationship work or have great sex with a woman who just doesn't believe she deserves to be happy and fulfilled.

I'm offering you the tools and techniques to 'test' women most men will never learn. I know this for a fact from all the emails, letters, and Facebook messages I get from guys stuck in crappy relationships wanting to know what to do.

I'm not going to tell you what you want to hear…

I'm going to tell you what you NEED to hear!

My answer is always the same… DUMP HER!

Move on!

Have some self respect and go find a woman who will be thrilled to be with a man who wants to give her wild screaming orgasms and treat her well. A woman who will want to return all the pleasure you give her and more.

The question is… do you have the guts to do… whatever it takes… to get the kind of relationship you want? If so, my methods will get you there.

It's been 17 years in the making, but I've finally put all my secrets on how to screen for highly sexual, intelligent, and high self esteem women together an amazing system that makes almost certain you will have the best sex and most rewarding relationships humanly possible!

So, to get to the good stuff…

Get Select Women Wisely – David Shade , Only Price 35$

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