Shift Happens! – Robert Holden



Shift Happens! – Robert Holden


In this transformational Online Course, Dr. Robert Holden coaches you step-by-step on principles and practices that are at the heart of his work.


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Shift%20Happens!%201 - BoxSkill - Get all CoursesIn this transformational Online Course, Dr. Robert Holden coaches you step-by-step on principles and practices that are at the heart of his work. Each of the five workshops is based on one of Robert’s best-selling books, starting with Shift Happens! Robert presents a creative mix of inspiring readings, poetry, meditations and exercises in each workshop. He has a special guest for each workshop, including Louise Hay, Dr. Maya Angelou, Ram Dass, Cheryl Richardson, Gabrielle Bernstein and others.

Lesson 1: Shift Happens

Learn how to make the inner shift that leads to growth and happiness in every area of your life. Robert coaches you on 1) The Miracle of Self-Acceptance and 2) The Already Principle. Robert interviews special guest Gabrielle Bernstein on how to create a daily spiritual practice you love.

Lesson 2: Loveability

Robert teaches you how to create an Affirmation Board for saying YES to the next step in your life. He also explores the basic choice that attracts unlimited love and abundance into your life. Robert is joined for an exclusive interview with the one and only Dr. Maya Angelou.

Lesson 3: Be Happy!

Do you ever feel stuck, frustrated or blocked? Robert coaches you how to undo the psychology of stuck. He also shares a creative meditation on the question What do I want? Listen to a wonderful interview with Hay House founder and best-selling author Louise Hay on following your inner ding!

Lesson 4: Happiness NOW!

This lesson features a live recording by Coleman Barks of Rumi’s poem The Guesthouse. Robert shares two powerful principles for forgiving the past, living in the present, and creating a better future. His special guest is celebrated spiritual teacher and author of Be Here NowRam Dass.

Lesson 5: Authentic Success

“If something is missing in your life, it is probably you,” says Robert as he guides you on a meditation on authenticity. This lesson features a reading by Mary Oliver of her poem The Summer Day, a reading by Marianne Williamson, music by Lucinda Drayton and Bliss, and an in-depth interview on grace and inspiration with Cheryl Richardson

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