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SociVideo Jukebox – Commercial License Version

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Tired of getting crushed by major brands and influencers?
Need easy, cheap traffic from content or videos that actually works in crowded 2017? Here’s how we're getting…


Revolutionary posting app auto-fills its own queue with recyled or new high quality, giving up to 50x more free traffic – even if you're too busy for content creation and even scheduling!.

If the idea of social media marketing turns your stomach — and you’re sick and tired of slaving over ads, content, videos, and the constant struggle for people’s attention…

then listen closely, because we’ve finally created a true “set and forget” traffic—getting machine for 2017. One that will automatically pull in targeted leads and sales for your business on total auto-pilot…

And help your brand deliver immense value in the process, too, no matter what niche you’re in.

Wanna know a secret?

According to Facebook…

the best way to get traffic is…

Not advertising.

 Not spamming or commenting.

 Not messenger bots.

 Not joining or creating groups.

 Not following or friending a million people.

Nope, Facebook openly admits…

the best way to use their platform to get traffic is regularly publishing engaging content.

 Facebook is still built to reward those who regularly post helpful, relevant content above all else!

Facebook%20is%20still - BoxSkill

But, there’s a catch…

  • How many times have you slaved over a truly helpful piece of content or created an awesome video that has been completely ignored on Facebook?
  • (The only person who liked it was your gran, or that creepy guy from school who still digs everything you do.)
  • Why is this happening?

Why does everybody ignore your Facebook posts and videos?

It’s not your fault.

(For real, it really isn’t.)

The fact is…

You’re competing with 2500 other posts every day…

Studies show that on average we have 2500 new posts and videos shoved in our faces every single day. No wonder your posts aren’t getting seen!

You can have the best content in the world, but you’re in a fierce battle for eyeballs — and frankly, you’re losing. What’s the secret to getting your posts seen then without paying a fortune?

Posting valuable videos, posts, images, etc. multiple times DAILY!

Imagine somebody said to you — “if you don’t get any free traffic from Facebook within 7 days, I’ll put a gun to your head and pull the trigger…”

In that situation, would you post 1 piece of content over the next 7 days or would you post as much content as you possibly could?

If you said “lots of content” then you have good intuition…

… because that’s exactly how you get more traffic on Facebook, the same things the big guys are doing. It’s obvious right?

If you only post once a week your content is going to get buried below thousands of daily posts from other people and ignored by Facebook’s new algorithm.

That’s why your favorite brands — and even some of your biggest competitors — are now posting multiple times daily to win the traffic race.

But what if you’re not a big brand, and don’t have a team of content marketers or social media gurus to help you post daily and create awesome content?

As a small biz, I know how hard it is to keep putting out content. In fact, it turns my stomach just thinking about it…

Researching, writing and editing videos or articles… every day.

 Manually scheduling and posting… every day.

 Keeping track of everything… juggling spreadsheets, notes and iPhone reminders… every day.

Screw that!

Even with great paid tools like Buffer or Hootsuite, it’s a 24-7 job to login, schedule, post individual images, videos, cinemagraphs, etc. to make a sizeable difference.

But, what if there was a much easier way to post content to Facebook all day long, deliver big value, and start getting the traffic and sales you deserve with the exact same amount of work as only scheduling one post per week?

Or build a list of active, engaged subscribers who actually want to hear from you like we've been doing….

Well, now you can with…

SociVideo Jukebox

- BoxSkillDominate social media and video marketing with your own non—stop, automatic ‘smart’ posting machine that schedules itself!

  • SociVideo Jukebox allows you to create social media queues that ‘schedule themselves’ smartly to post over and over again on your Facebook or Twitter whenever you like on total autopilot… giving your audience a mix of unique (or curated) articles, videos, images, cinemagraphs, and more that add value without having to press a button.

  • Unlike expensive tools like Hootsuite and Buffer, you no longer need to keep logging in rescheduling your posts over and over individually.

  • Just insert a blog post, video, image, once into a ‘jukebox’ you create within the software… and the software will post it over and over again according to a schedule you set forever on autopilot.

It works in three easy-peasy steps…

Create your content “Jukeboxes”

Create a new “Jukebox” or category for each type of content you want the app to post on autopilot. You can create a Jukebox for your blog posts… GIFS… cinemographs… images…memes… quotes…or videos, and more.

Tell your Jukeboxes what to post

Fill your Jukeboxes with a content playlist — just like you’d choose a music playlist from real Jukebox. You can load up your own content, or let SociVideo Jukebox automatically fill your Jukeboxes with popular, trending or viral content from around the web.

Schedule your Jukeboxes

Choose when and how often each Jukebox should post on Facebook and Twitter and SociVideo Jukebox will shuffle and randomize your content and post to Facebook and Twitter for you on total autopilot.

Want to schedule a single one-off post instead like old schedulers?

No problem. Click “Add New Post”to schedule and send posts one time only — without adding them to your Jukeboxes!

The result…?

Endless content that your audience can’t ignore!

Just schedule your content once time, then sit back and let SociVideo JukeBox post to your Facebook an Twitter feeds for you forever… on complete autopilot!

No more logging in our manually scheduling posts by hand. Now you can create a perpetual posting schedule that’s still fully truly hands – free.

Watch How Easy It Is to Get Traffic With SociVideo JukeBox Here:

A few groundbreaking features include:

Post endless content without ever having to reschedule with new 'Jukebox' technology

“Jukeboxes” are like playlists for your content. You can have a Jukebox for blog posts, memes, viral videos, and more. Assign a posting schedule for each Jukebox to take full control of your posting…

Create a never—ending schedules that post every minute if you want.

Our new, advanced type of scheduler lets your content post forever strategically giving your followers a fresh mix of videos, images, memes, etc. all day long.

You can even schedule posts to go out every minute of the day if you like! Just load up the content you want inside each Jukebox, assign a posting schedule, then sit back and relax as SociVideo Jukebox totally automates your posting chores!

Schedule and Post Videos Natively to FB Hands-free

SociVideo Jukebox allows you to schedule, store, and post videos 100% natively to FB for more traffic and engagement over and over again on autopilot… allowing you to dominate video marketing more than anyone else can.


Find and Curate True Trending, Engaging Content in 1-Click

Don’t have time to even write a single blog post or create a video? No problem. SociVideo Jukebox lets you search for things like niche viral news articles or relevant YouTube videos you can post natively to Facebook that are well done & deliever value.

Cherry pick and curate the most popular blog content with built-in RSS feed technology.

Add and organize as many RSS feeds as you like… then 1- click schedule or post the content that’s heating up or already proven and meaningful from your RSS libraries to leverage free traffic.

Works for Facebook and Twitter

Post native videos, links, articles, images, GIFs, and more to both Facebook AND Twitter.

Amplify your traffic

What sounds better to you…

posting once a week, watching your content get buried in people’s newsfeeds within a couple of hours…

or (with the SAME amount of effort) posting twice, three times, or even 20 times a day so your entire audience sees your content bringing you 10, 20, or even 50x more readers, clicks, leads and sales from every single post?

With SociVideo Jukebox, you don’t have to slave over Facebook and Twitter anymore… and you don’t have to burn endless bags of cash on ads…

… just sit back, relax and let it automatically post content for you, exactly when you tell it to.

  Schedule and post when you (and your competitors) are sleeping

Thanks to the revolutionary automatic scheduling and posting you can post content all day and night — when your competitors are sleeping as if you had a full agency working for you.

Post at the perfect time for maximum exposure

With SociVideo Jukebox you can post at the perfect time of day to scoop up more traffic, even if you’re busy, sleeping, on vacation… no need to set reminders or make mental notes — it happens automatically!

And here’s the really cool part…

You don’t need to create new content for this to really work! Here’s proof:

Here’s a secret — Michael Hyatt (a major blogger and NY Times best seller) openly admitted on a podcast that he gets most of his traffic from reposting his old content to social media.
reposting%20his%20old%20content - BoxSkill

Why? Because most people haven’t seen your old content, or have forgotten about it… which means you can get more traffic from content you created months, or even years ago!

And with SociVideo Jukebox it’s easier than ever… because you can automatically recycle your posts at the push of a button.

Just drop the content into a Jukebox, and let SociVideoJukebox post to Facebook and Twitter for you, on total autopilot — over and over again without rescheduling!

Remember — posting the same content over and over means more people see it, and more people visit your website.

Just think — you could be getting 30-50x more traffic from every single piece of content you ever create!

Don’t have any content…?

Just legally “steal” other people’s valuable, relevant content instead!

SociVideo Jukebox will find the hottest content in your niche and automatically share it on Facebook and Twitter for you.

It can even find and post Creative Commons videos 100% natively so you can dominate video marketing, but don't ever violate Facebooks TOS or put your account at harm.

It has never been easier to create unstoppable traffic and authority on Facebook and Twitter.

Want to launch a new business?

Use SociVideoJukebox to quickly flood your Facebook and Twitter feeds with relevant, traffic—getting, trust building content in your niche and lead them back to a squeeze page.

Want to promote affiliate products?

Pump out endless tutorials, infographics, videos, blog posts that presell and build trust with your audience, so you can promote your affiliate offers with zero resistance! You don’t need to beg for traffic or engage in ‘hypie’ ‘spammy’ practices anymore.

Want to become a badass local consultant?

Use SociVideo Jukebox to crank out locally targeted content ie: content just for dentists… then lead them into your funnel to sell your consulting services Frank Kern style!)

Want to land more freelance clients?

Create a “set—and—forget” posting schedule that puts all your blog posts in front of your audience, totally hands free, to build trust and authority while you focus on doing what you love.

Can you afford to stay in the dark ages of social media?

The truth is — the game has changed, and you don't need me to tell you that. Getting traffic on Facebook and Twitter is harder than ever.

People’s newsfeeds are noisier, crowded, and overflowing with content. You’re in direct competition with people’s friends, family, and other marketers just like you all fighting for attention and clicks.

1. Shell out hundreds of dollars on complex ad campaigns, and hope for the best…


2. Do what Facebook and countless experts recommend… start posting content regularly to gain way more trust, exposure, leads, and sales.

And with SociVideo Jukebox it has never been easier to post daily, red hot content for instant free exposure on Facebook and Twitter…

  • Automatically recycle your old content and squeeze tons more traffic

  • Automatically share trending, popular, and viral content in your niche

  • Automatically post daily, hourly, or even every minute for passive, free traffic and total newsfeed domination!

Plus, this app is built strategically to last long-term.

Why hasn’t this genius idea been done? Because it would be impossible for cloudbased social companies to store all those videos and content and still make a profit. SociVideo Jukebox is NOT cloud based which

1. Gives you more freedom to create your Jukeboxes without an internet connection

2. Makes it able for us to continue to provide lasting support and updates without going bankrupt or having to charge a large SaaS price to maintain it.

And we guarantee — this will work for you, or it’s free and you have 60 days to prove us wrong.

How can we be so sure? Because it’s so freakin easy…

  • No more risky, expensive, and complicated advertising.

  • No more manually creating content from scratch every day.

  • No more screwing around with manual scheduling tools.

  • No more trying to keep track of everything with spreadsheets, reminders, or post it notes.

If you can push a few buttons, you can use SociVideo Jukebox to automatically crank out content your audience will love… every single day… without having to keep rescheduling!

There’s no subscriptions. No ongoing fees. Just a one—time investment in the most powerful free—traffic getting tool you’ll probably see for years that caters to small business.

You’re fully protected by our traffic—getting guarantee

If you open up SociVideo Jukebox, set up your Jukeboxes according to our instructions, and can’t get a single unique visitor to your site… then we insist you contact our rapid response team for an instant, no- questions asked, FULL refund.

We’ve tested this over and over and I guarantee that you’ll love how easy it is to fully automate your social media traffic, and get back hours of your precious time each day.

However, if for some weird reason you can’t drive a single measly visitor to your site hands free… or if you find another tool that does everything that

SociVideo Jukebox does at an even lower price than what you’re getting it for today…

… then you are entitled to a full refund during your test-drive period.

No questions, no quibbles, no fine print.

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