Soulvana (Mindvalley) – Qi Secrets For Youthful Living – Hang Wang



Soulvana (Mindvalley) – Qi Secrets For Youthful Living – Hang Wang

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At some point in your life, you may have come across the common aging myths that associate cognitive slowness, achy joints, grumpy moods, bone degeneration, sicker body, low libido, and lack of excitement… with old age.

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Instantly Start Reversing Your Aging, Amplifying Your Energy & Radiating Beauty From Within
Join South East Asia’s Leading Qi Master, Hang Wang In This 27-Day Journey To Experience A Massive Boost In Your Qi Energy And Enter The Next Level In Your Vitality, Energy, Radiance, Beauty, Happiness & Longevity

You Don’t Have To Fear Aging
At a few factor for your existence, you could have encounter the not unusualplace getting old myths that companion cognitive slowness, achy joints, grumpy moods, bone degeneration, sicker frame, low libido, and absence of excitement… with antique age.

And perhaps, you could have offered into a number of those myths.

But what if those had been certainly simply myths?

That’s true.

The centenarians of the east are high-quality examples of ways you cannot simplest hold however genuinely decorate all of your younger bodily and intellectual capabilities as you age with a way that calls for no huge power, no most important attempt and little or no of your time.

How did they do it?

The Hidden Secret To Longevity: Energy Moves Energy Heals
The mystery lies withinside the mysterious common existence pressure strength, in any other case called Qi (pronounced ‘Chee’) withinside the east.

Most people aren’t perceptive to this strength.

Yet it flows via your meridians—strength highways inside and round your frame.

It animates your frame, nourishes your muscle groups, powers up your feelings or even is the supply of your consciousness.

The secret’s that after this strength is flowing, the entirety will paintings for you. Your frame might be strong, suit and healthy, top notch humans might be drawn to you, and also you revel in fulfillment in the entirety you do. You sense alive, present, connected, enthusiastic about your destiny and colourful for your frame.

And whilst it’s now no longer flowing, matters move mucky like a river that will become stagnant. You sense like you’re the oldest amongst your friends, co-people or siblings despite the fact that you’re manner younger. You constantly get bogged down in existence through sickness, injuries, loss of strength or honestly terrible luck.

That’s why the historic sciences of the east are complete of practices like Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi and forte frame massages that growth the deliver and float of this Qi strength.

Now, what if you can lay your arms on a number of the best, maximum effective of those strategies in a simple, easy-to-comply with curriculum… with a grasp that has spent a long time gaining knowledge of many one-of-a-kind kinds of those historic arts?

What if you can gradual down, prevent or even opposite getting old now?

What if you can enlarge and upward thrust and thrive now?

What if you can stay your desires now?

Introducing A 27-Day Journey To Kick-Start Your Dormant Qi For The Ultimate Boost In Your Radiance, Beauty, Vitality, Strength, Happiness & Inner Power
Imagine being capable of sense complete and natural and colourful in all factors of your being—bodily, intellectual & religious—in only 27 days.

You along side masses of different college students will enjoy step-through-step, day-through-day the know-how from one of the maximum incredible instructors of Asian restoration arts, Master Hang Wang.

It’s a Journey in which you may enjoy nearly-on the spotaneous effects as you enjoy Hang Wang’s secrets and techniques to refreshing, rejuvenating & energizing your frame in addition to effective Qi secrets and techniques to staying grounded and present, merging your frame and mind, boosting the float of strength, having access to deeper layers of consciousness, transmuting your sexual strength, balancing your masculine and female energies, and ultimately letting your Kundalini upward thrust.

Which manner in only 27 days, you’ll liberate your very own non-public machine for boosting your nutrition, detox, alkalization, sleep, stillness, strength, radiance, vitality, float, focus, attention, memory, thinking, happiness, creativity, intuition, sexuality, and spirituality.

And over the years this facilitates you live ageless and revel in brilliant longevity.

What You’ll Experience
The Holistic Impact: Activating Qi For Results In All three Dimensions Of Your Life
When you get began out with “Qi Secrets For Youthful Living”, you’ll enjoy effects now no longer simply for your bodily fitness however additionally for your intellectual, emotional and religious fitness.

That makes this Journey really well worth 3X its value—it’s like having three one-of-a-kind Journeys!

Here Are The Results You Can Look Forward To Experience:

Physical fitness

Enhance your muscle groups and cardiovascular machine
Heal quicker with a more potent frame and better immunity
Increase the power and agility of your muscle groups & ligaments
Amplify the strength and power out of your core
Unlock a more potent heart, lungs & different inner organs
Mental fitness

Turn your feelings from terrible to positive
Recover from the disturbing activities of the past
Boost your focus, memory, clarity & productivity
Enjoy greater calm, relaxed & stress-loose days
Jump into ecstasy greater easily, greater often
Spiritual fitness

Connect together along with your deeper religious self
Become privy to your intuitive guidance
Start tuning into your better courses for restoration
Step into an expanded feel of oneness
Feel intimate together along with your environment
Also recognize that we’re simplest touching the floor right here with regards to the effects. There’s absolutely no limits to it. Master Hang Wang’s college students have carried out matters together along with his Qi secrets and techniques at such superior degrees that it appears loopy if you’re now no longer acquainted with Qi.

nine Profound Transformations You’ll Experience When You Try Qi Secrets For Youthful Living 27-Day Journey With Master Hang Wang

The “Qi Secrets For Youthful Living” Journey, whilst now no longer a fountain of youth, could make getting old a non-difficulty for your existence through balancing numerous factors of your life-style along with your nutrition, your circulation, your intellectual and emotional capabilities, your sexuality and your religious awareness.

Here are the maximum essential methods this Journey will remodel you.

01. Start Enjoying Youthful Energy
Imagine being able to live up to every one of your expectations for fun, joy, work, family, community and even your nation—like the hero you’ve dreamed of in your childhood.

02. Look More Radiant, Bright & Ageless
There is a ripple effect from transforming your being inside out. That includes many seemingly miraculous benefits like clearer skin, radiant eyes and remarkable endurance.

03. Enjoy A Calmer Mind Without Constant Thinking
You will start experiencing more presence, more connection and more intuition as the exercises in this Journey guides your mind to a balanced and optimized place.

04. Experience A Higher Quality Of Life
Just by being able to optimize your body and mind, your results in life will shift. Your days will be smoother, your emotions calmer, and your life happier and more fulfilling.

05. Unlock Deeper Levels Of Rejuvenating Sleep
Few people really understand the power of a few hours of deep & uninterrupted sleep; it rejuvenates your body and regenerates your tissues to make you more energized.

06. Reap The Health Benefits Of Improved Immunity
With the Qi exercises, your circulation will improve and your physical body starts defending itself better and you will recover from illnesses faster and feel healthier.

07. Feel Confident With An Improved Self-Image
As you unlock a sound body and mind, you’ll have a new sense of faith and possibilities. It creates a reinforcing loop for your self-image that makes you extremely confident.

08. Enter Peak States Of Inner Power
The Qi revitalizes your internal organs especially your heart, lungs and kidneys which optimizes many of its processes. This amplifies your inner power & increases longevity.

09. Live Your Highest Potential In Life
Sexual energy is one of the most powerful divine gifts that you have. You will learn how to activate it and transform it into the driving force for living your highest potential.

10. Enjoy Deep Sleep and A Permanent “All-Is-Well” Feeling
Ever seen a baby sleep? Or watched them play? That’s the natural state of being that you too were born with. Only it got corrupted through various influences. However, in this journey, you’ll be stripping off layers after layers of negative programming to uncover your true, peaceful all-knowing self. It’s like a re-birth.

Full Curriculum
Module 0: Warm-Up
Full Curriculum
Module 0: Warm-Up
You will learn about what happens when you apply the Qi secrets of Master Hang Wang. This will set the expectations for you and you will be pretty excited to be part of this remarkable Journey. Master Hang Wang also shares his story, how he had stumbled upon these secrets and how his life took a turn for the better when he applied the secrets.

Highlights include:

How your life will change after this Journey
What you can expect in the coming days
Important ways to maximize your results

Module 1: Introduction to Qi, Your Eternal Life Force Energy
Full Curriculum
Module 0: Warm-Up
Module 1: Introduction to Qi, Your Eternal Life Force Energy
You will learn about the way of harmony and the regeneration of your energy for greater control over your destiny, and unlock a happier, and better balanced life. Starting with basic methods to cultivating and amplifying your Qi, you will gradually build up the powers in your body and your mind to enjoy a level of wholeness that you never even knew existed.

Highlights include:

How to practice energy regeneration and make it your lifestyle
Qi Concepts to health and longevity
Nutrition secrets; the key to maintaining balance
How to detox and alkalize your body
How to improve your sleep
How to unlock deep stillness through pranayama

Module 2: Earthing
You will learn the secrets to grounding and building the awareness of the body. The key to build a powerful Qi practice is understanding the elements of nature. By paying attention to the subtle ways in which the elements interact in nature you will start seeing your own place in the order of things. You will also learn how to adjust your food to the seasons.

Highlights include:

The secret to effective grounding
How to amplify the awareness of your body
How to use the elements of nature to enhance grounding
How to get started with intuitive nutrition
Wu Ji body alignment postures
Module 3 – Amplifying Your Life Force Energy
You will learn how to amplify the Qi life force energy from the universe that’s flowing within your body through the channels called meridians, all arising from a central hub in the lower abdomen. In order to amplify this life force energy for better mental and physical function, you need to remove blockages in its flow through certain controlled exercises.

Highlights include:

How to clear your energy meridian channels
How to remove blockages with detoxification & alkalization
How to enhance your nourishment by removing plaque
The secrets to increasing your energy flow
The connecting Heaven and Earth exercise
Module 4 – Clearing Your Energetic Memory
You will learn how to purify your energy. Sometimes, your organs and nerves are affected by disease or trauma without you even realizing it. This creates several weak areas in your Qi energy, thereby making you fragile mentally and physically. You will learn specific exercises to identify and counter these energetic weaknesses and unlock higher levels of balance.

Highlights include:

How to release deep & subtle trauma
How to reverse nervous system damage
Secrets to relieving stress markers in your energetic system
Pai Da Meridian Tapping exercises for clearing
Module 5 – Optimizing Your Sensual Energy
You will learn how to circulate your sensual (or sexual) energy or Jing, a volatile but highly beneficial part of your life, to all other parts of the body. With Qi practices, you can strengthen your Jing inner pathway to gain more energy and unlock spiritual powers. Plus, there are certain tantric techniques to increase your overall potency.

Highlights include:

The concept of Jing, Qi & Shen and how to balance them all
Tantric secrets to increasing your potency
How to transmute your sexual energy and use it for practical purposes
Root chakra breathing for stability, endurance, vitality, and strength
Kegel exercises for men and women to strengthen the pelvic muscles
Module 6 – Improving Your Circulatory System, Muscles, and Bones
You will learn the secrets to turning your circulatory, muscular & skeletal system into a healing mechanism that refreshes and rejuvenates your body with a good strong flow of energy. And with specialized techniques and tapping, you can regain your healthy posture and invigorate your kidneys, heart and liver, as well as your muscles, tendons, and joints.

Highlights include:

How to enhance your circulatory system for more optimized flow and blood pressure
How to enhance your muscular system for build up your strength
How to enhance your skeletal system to restore irregularities from old injuries that didn’t properly heal or from deformities due to overuse.
Pai Da Meridian Tapping exercises for enhancing your Qi flow
Module 7 – Connecting With The Earth and Cosmos
You will learn how to understand and connect with the driving force of the earth and the cosmos in order to navigate the constant change happening around you. Once you’re integrated with the practices, you will start experiencing, in a controlled manner, the rising of your polarized masculine and feminine energies up your spinal column, also known as Kundalini.

Highlights include:

Aligning with feminine earth energy and the masculine sun energy
How to move your Kundalini in a safe and effective manner
Qi movements for enhancing your Kundalini
Module 8 – Living in Harmony
You will learn the Qi secrets to maximizing your harmony with the outside world so you can stay fit, healthy and thrive in this uncertain world which consists of opposing forces such as light and darkness, love and hate, and male and female. Plus, you’ll also learn to awaken your heart center to start living with the heart qualities of abundance, compassion, and serenity.

Highlights include:

How to start living from the heart
How to restore and maintain a balanced life in a sound mind in a sound body
The Inner Smile Meditation for activating the energy of loving-kindness
Qi movements for energizing your heart
Module 9 – How to Deepen Your Practice
You will learn how to be consistent in your Qi practice so you start feeling the benefits on an extraordinary level. This includes putting yourself on your authentic path in life so you unlock your version of balance in all areas of your life including your eating habits, your emotional patterns, your mental acuity, your sexuality, and in your spiritual development.

Highlights include:

How to set your expectations for consistency and dedication
How to create your own authentic life path for holistic success
The habit and lifestyle of Qi
The short and long daily routine examples that you can adopt immediately

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