Supersized Trading Income – Greg Secker



Supersized Trading Income – Greg Secker


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Greg Secker’s Supersized Trading Income

Whether You’re Just Starting to Trade Or You’re A Seasoned Veteran, You’re About To Learn The Exact Techniques and Strategies That I Personally Use To Build A Life Changing Trading Income Year After Year….

All the ‘SECRET’ tools and step-by-step strategies YOU NEED to make SERIOUS MONEY from just 30 minutes a day

Learning to make profits becomes easy with the latest Virtual TRADER TRAINING technology …

…. that you can KEEP FOREVER and watch over and over.

6 DVDs of the highest quality trader education from the award- winning firm that has already trained over 50,000 people from around the world.


Module 1: Unlimited Psychological Power

* Understanding Human Psychology
* The Different Types of Trader
* Human Belief That Holds Back Dreams and Goals

Module 2: Introduction To Income Trading

* Market Trend Decision Analysis
* The Importance of Moving Averages
* Environments Influencing Trade Entry


Module 3: Understanding Price Action

* The Most Common Mistakes That Traders Make
* Building Blocks of Support and Resistance
* The Correct Price Action

Module 4: Principles of Support and Resistance

* Convergence of Support and Resistance
* Ascertaining Profit Points
* Trading Cycle Fundamentals


Module 5: High Profit Chart Pattern

* Chart Pattern Methodology
* Continuation and Reversal Pattern
* Base Target Measurements

Module 6: Mastering Indicators

* The Right Indicator List
* Early Warning Signals
* Buy and Sell Signals


Module 7: Trading Strategy: Breakouts

* Two Forms of Trading Breakouts
* Consolidation Breakouts
* Breakout Strategies

Module 8: Trading Strategy: 3 Day PowerPlay

* Three day PowerPlay
* High Probability Trades
* Automatic Ordering


Module 9: Risk Management & Trade Sizing

* Magic Ratio Between Risk Versus Reward
* Weighing Risks
* Leverage Products

Module 10: Maximising Profits and Stop Loss Management

* Maximising Trading Profits
* Stop Loss Management
* Moving Profit Points


Module 11: Live Trading & Sharescope Setup

* Live Trading Sessions
* Setting Up Trading Software
* Practical Applications

Included 6 DVD disc in original case

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