Taylor’s Big 3 Signals PRO – Taylor Horton



Taylor’s Big 3 Signals PRO – Taylor Horton


Taylor’s Big 3 Signals PRO – Taylor Horton

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Taylor’s Big 3 Signals PRO – Taylor Horton

Taylor’s Big 3 Signals PRO by Taylor Horton - Simpler TradingKnow when to take trend trades and when to target reversals

You hear seasoned traders say things like, “There are opportunities to be found even in a market like this. You just need the right setup and tools.” While that’s true, it can also be difficult to grasp IF you’re unable to tell which setups are weak and which setups are A+ ones. In fact, it may even seem like these opportunities are hiding within your charts, evading you. So, what’s a trader to do?

Well, in order to identify when a trend trade is all lined up, we’ll need to have a quicker way to filter emotionless setups at a glance without having to dig deeper and look on a bunch of timeframes and 5 different indicators.

Let me show you what I mean with this weekly chart in VLO…

The light blue bars instantly reveal that these Big 3 conditions (trend, structure, and momentum) exist at the weekly level. This tells traders to look for buy signals…

With a strict checklist that only targets A+ trades, it’s important to make sure each setup has trend, structure, and momentum all lined up on multiple timeframes. However, that can be time consuming.

This is why the Big 3 Indicator was created to show exactly when these special conditions exist. This has allowed traders to avoid weaker setups that don’t meet strict criteria.

Taylor’s big signals behind a 2 day 40% profit trade in ZM…

As VP of Directional Options Strategies, Taylor Horton, found the right combination of tools and setups with his new Big 3 Buy and Sell Signals Indicator and additional strategy.

Through a strict checklist that’s incorporated into the indicator, Taylor is able to identify powerful directional moves. He believes our goal as traders should be to trade free of emotion so we can take advantage of whatever opportunity the market throws our way.

In this step-by-step training you’ll discover:

Big 3 Buy and Sell Signals Indicator

How to leave your opinions at the ‘trading door’

A watchlist for detecting hidden trading opportunities

How to only trade what lines up with your criteria

Case Study: Taylor’s 40% profit in 2 days in ZM

Why you should ‘just follow the pretty colors’ when it comes to charts

Two Days Of Pro Recorded Live Trading

Take advantage of this special opportunity to get the real-time recorded sessions from Taylor as he puts his Big 3 signals into action. This is your opportunity to watch how he looked for the cleanest entries designed for the most favorable setups in any market condition. Because no matter what the condition is… there’s money to be made out there.

This offers the fastest way to ‘make this tool your own’ because you get to immediately see how it applies to real market conditions.

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