Technically Speaking – Markay Latimer



Technically Speaking – Markay Latimer


You’ll learn the difference between a continuation pattern, a reversal pattern and a consolidation pattern. Because charting shows you areas where the stock has historically attracted buying or selling pressure, you may be able to recognize a bullish or bearish move when you recognize the pattern.


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Markay Latimer's Technically Speaking

Sometimes you just have to get BACK TO BASICS!

That’s true with almost anything you do, from cooking to finances, from hobbies and sports, to your career. If you don’t master the basics, you’ll have trouble making it to the next level WITHOUT THE BASICS… YOU WILL NEVER BECOME THE MASTER!

That’s especially true when it comes to the stock market.

Unless your education includes a healthy dose of basics, you’ll never progress beyond being an average trader. You may have some success, but you’ll never be able to achieve your dreams until you learn the basics and FOCUS ON FUNDAMENTALS!

That’s why Markay Latimer’s DVDs can be so valuable.

The 10-DVD set is the essential piece of the education puzzle for anyone who wants to master the basics in the field on technical analysis. When you get a complete picture of technical analysis, you improve your chances of becoming a MORE SUCCESSFUL trader.

Don’t be scared away by the terminology. Technical analysis is an intimidating term to some who aren’t aware that it’s really just the ability to analyze stock charts and learning to use a handful of powerful indicators. You don’t need a degree from Georgia Tech or MIT! IT'S NOT THAT KIND OF TECHNICAL!

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Markay has taught thousands of students how to trade the market. She became a convert to technical analysis when she was just learning about the stock market. In fact, she was a skeptic and set out to prove that technical analysis and pattern development was a hoax. But after testing the information for several months, she realized she was wrong. She began to understand the power of technical analysis and became a proponent.

She went on to develop a two-day class that put down a solid foundation in the area of technical analysis. She still teaches this workshop around the country. This DVD series was filmed during one of Markay’s live events with an audience full of students who were longing to learn more.

The Technically Speaking DVDs are filled with great information about trading tools, charts, support and resistance, trends, moving averages, chart patterns, Japanese candlesticks, gaps, key indicators and stops.

One of the basics she teaches is the ability for students to draw support and resistance levels. These are building blocks of technical analysis, with the support line acting like a floor and resistance line acting like a ceiling. So much of a stock’s activities take place between those two lines, but you must know how to put them in the right place.

Markay is big on trends. She likes to teach them to students and adheres to the motto that “THE TREND IS YOUR FRIEND!” In the TECHNICALLY SPEAKING DVD Set you’ll learn all about the importance of trends, including:

  • How to REALLY determine whether a stock is trending
  • What factors determine the strength of a trend
  • Whether or not a channel should be considered
  • How to use an indicator known as Andrews Pitchfork

There’s so much more that will be covered in these 10 DVDs. MARKAY WILL TEACH YOU ABOUT:


How they’re defined, how to set them up on your stock charts, what it means when they cross on the stock chart, and how they may be used instead of drawing trendlines.


You’ll learn the difference between a continuation pattern, a reversal pattern and a consolidation pattern. Because charting shows you areas where the stock has historically attracted buying or selling pressure, you may be able to recognize a bullish or bearish move when you recognize the pattern.

You’ll learn continuation patterns like flags, pennants, rectangles and wedges. You’ll discover reversal patterns like saucers, head and shoulders, multiple tops and bottoms, V tops and bottoms and island reversals. You'll learn consolidation patterns, including a variety of triangles, and lines.


You’ll learn the history of the candlesticks and why they’re so important to understand. Markay will teach you how the rising three and falling three are two important continuation patterns and how they can affect your timing on entries.

You’ll learn reversal patterns like:

  • Long-Legged doji
  • Dragonfly and tombstone doji
  • Spinning top
  • Engulfing
  • Haramis
  • Shooting Star
  • Morning Star
  • Evening Star
  • Abandoned baby
  • Tweezers


These are common occurrences that form when a stock opens higher or lower than the previous day’s closing price. Gaps can occur at the beginning of a major price move and may sometimes occur above resistance or below support, which Markay will explain. She’ll also teach you about the exhaustion gap and how they may signal the end of a trend.


Markay will teach you how to use a variety of indicators. And she will explain why you may need one but not another, depending on the sort of trade you’re conducting. There are instructions about volume, cash flow, RSI, Stochastics, MACD, Fibonacci retracements, Bollinger Bands and more.

Get Technically Speaking – Markay Latimer , Only Price $57

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