Texting on Steroids 2.0 – Derek Rake



Texting on Steroids 2.0 – Derek Rake


Every purchase of Texting On Steroids today includes all future version updates for the next five (5) years. You will receive every major and minor release PLUS an unlimited All Access Pass to the Derek Rake Insider private knowledge repository.


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Multiply The Potency Of Shogun Method – Discover How You Can Put A Woman Under Spell With Powerfully Compelling Text Messages


This brand new version of the Texting On Steroids program has been built completely from ground-up using core Shogun Method® principles.

Every purchase of Texting On Steroids today includes all future version updates for the next five (5) years. You will receive every major and minor release PLUS an unlimited All Access Pass to the Derek Rake Insider private knowledge repository.

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Intrigue ("I" stage inside the IRAE Model) is most "text-intensive" of all IRAE stages. Discover how to capture and hold her attention with textual Intrigue Pings that will appeal to her subconscious directly.

  • The trick to keep a woman in "Hot Mode" while engaging her in a text conversation
  • How to deliver Intrigue Pings over text for maximum impact on her emotions and subconscious
  • The structure of Intrigue Pings [Statement / Response / Question] adapted and optimized for texting
  • "Contextualization" – solving the "awkwardness problem" – how to sound natural and comfortable when you text her for the first time
  • The correct way to follow up with a texted Intrigue Ping – learn what to text, and what NOT to text
  • "Pull Away" trick – how to hold her attention for as long as you want in a text conversation
  • How to introduce "Multiple Sub-Plots" in your texts so that you'll never run out of things to text her
  • Detailed Case Study containing blow-by-blow analysis on what's going on in her mind when you send her textual Intrigue Pings
  • IMPORTANT! How seemingly "great" Intrigue Pings can lead to the Friend Zone, and how to avoid making that dreadful mistake
  • …PLUS more


Congratulations! You've captured her attention from delivering Intrigue Pings tactically from the previous IRAE stage. In the Rapport stage ("R" in the IRAE Model), you'll build a deep emotional connection with her over text.

  • How to escalate from Intrigue to Rapport stage quickly and easily using the "I-R Bridge" optimized for text
  • The biggest DANGER with Rapport Texting: make this ONE MISTAKE and her attraction to you will drop IMMEDIATELY!
  • The "Paradox" – why you must REDUCE your texting frequency to INCREASE her rapport levels
  • Three Cardinal Rules of Rapport Texting – violate any of these at your ultimate peril
  • How to use "Yes Ladders" over text to build rapport and deep empathy with her naturally
  • Text Conversational Hooks – the correct way to structure and deliver your texts that will make her the one who asks the questions, not you
  • How to FORCE a response from her – ideal to tackle situations where she is losing interest and becoming non-responsive
  • Text Mirroring – how to "mirror" a woman over text (yes, it's 100% possible if you know THIS trick)
  • Text Anchoring – how to place "anchor" a woman over text (works absolutely great together with physical anchoring… you can now trigger an anchor even when not physically with her – using an Anchor Ping)
  • How to use Boyfriend Destroyers over text (by using negative Anchor Pings)
  • …PLUS more


In the Attract stage ("A" in the IRAE Model), you'll finally make your move to make her fall in love with you. Learn how you can use texting to complement your face-to-face Attraction tactics – in particular, Fractionation!

  • NEW! How to Fractionate a woman over text – this is the complete "Fractionation Texting" strategy never been shared anywhere else
  • Textual Implanted Commands – discover how to use Implanted Commands (a core Shogun Method Attraction stage strategy) over text to great effect
  • Staggered Delivery Effect – an essential technique that will make sure that your Implanted Commands get delivered directly into her subconscious without getting filtered out by her logical mind
  • Textual Devalidation – how to portray "Negative Body Language" over text even when you're not with her physically (very effective!)
  • Text Blotching – how to make certain phrases in your texts stand out while hiding the rest (essential when you want to send Implanted Commands directly into her subconscious)
  • The "I'll Bring The Wine" routine – a simple, eight-word line of text that will trigger her and make her go completely berserk. Use this to seal the deal and escalate to the final stage in the IRAE Model
  • …PLUS more


The "E" stage marks the end point of the IRAE Model. This is where you'll turn her into a girlfriend or wife who is 100% devoted to you, emotionally and spiritually. In the fourth and final module, discover how you can deploy killer texting techniques to make it easier for you to reach this end point.

  • How to text her BEFORE you use the Black Rose Sequence on her – so that when you run the Black Rose on her, it goes smoothly
  • How to text her AFTER you use the Black Rose Sequence on her – to enhance and intensify the Black Rose effect in her mind
  • How to use Anchor Pings to remotely fire off a physical anchor that you have placed on her during the Black Rose Sequence initiation
  • Hearsay Texting – learn how to spread "fake" information that will benefit you (texting is PERFECT for this)
  • Why sending pictures can be a grave mistake: and here's how to do it the RIGHT way (as part of an Emotional Addiction texting tactic)
  • Color Associations – how to send her pictures that automatically trigger her emotions and appeal to her subconscious quickly
  • Sock Puppet Sequence – a powerful Shogun Sequence which is developed with texting in mind. Use it as a POST-Black Rose Sequence initiation to complete the IRAE Stages and seal the deal for good!

Get Texting on Steroids 2.0 – Derek Rake, Only Price $27

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