The BTG Trading Membership – Sean Jantz



The BTG Trading Membership – Sean Jantz



Purchase The BTG Trading Membership – Sean Jantz - $85.00 at BoxSkill, You can get access to all files. Direct Download Link and No costs are incurred (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha).

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We know how to take this complicated trading journey and make it SIMPLE for anyone to understand and gain confidence in their trading career.

We don't and can't promise immediate success. But, as long as you're willing to put forth the effort and bring your patience and discipline we'll transform your entire trading process with the mechanics and concepts you'll learn from us.

What's Included:

The BTG Foundations Course

A 45+ video course, built for beginners to intermediate traders, walks you through a proven process on learning how to develop market biases and finding "edges" in the market to increase probability of success on each and every trade.

BTG Chart Link & Nightly Trade Plan Analysis Video

Receive Sean Jantz's nightly Trade Plan video every evening plus the BTG Thinkorswim Chart Link which includes our powerful BTG Deviation Levels.

Private Forum Inside The BTG Trader Tribe

Every single day in the market is a learning experience and inside our BTG Trader Tribe community you'll see new educational posts every day and this is your place to ask questions and post pictures of your trades so you can get immediate help and feedback.

The Foundations Course Curriculum

BTG Trading Membership Starting Info

  • 1. Access to BTG Trader Tribe & Private GroupSTART
  • BTG Social Media SitesSTART
  • 2. How to Download ThinkorSwim(2:51)START
  • ThinkOrSwim Training & How to Upload BTG Workspace Link(8:10)START
  • 3. Download Capture (Free Screen Picture Tool)START
  • 4. Introduction to Training Material (Important Must Watch!)(3:07)START

Building CONTENT On Your Charts

  • 5. Eagle View, Bird's Eye View & Worm's Eye View(5:01)START
  • 6. Heiken Ashi Candles(6:09)START
  • 7. Keltner Channels(4:30)START
  • 8. Fisher Transformer(4:04)START
  • 9. Combing All The Content to Form a Directional Bias(6:14)START

Building CONTEXT On Your Charts

  • 10. Value Area Box (Volume Profile)(6:49)START
  • 11. Point of Control (POC's)(3:01)START
  • 12. Implied Standard Deviations(6:44)START
  • 13. Recognizing Price Structure(6:00)START

The Trade Plan

  • 14. Developing a Trade Plan and Putting Notes on Your Charts(9:47)START

Putting it All Together to Make Winning Trades – "4-Step Trading Process"

  • "4-Step Trading Process" (PDF Download)START
  • 4 Market Phases (PDF Download)START
  • 15. "4-Step Trading Process" Live Trade #1(6:54)START
  • 16. "4-Step Trading Process" Live Trade #2(9:11)START
  • 17. "4 Step Trading Process" Live Trade #3(6:56)START
  • 18. "4-Step Trading Process" Live Trade #4(10:22)START
  • 19. "4-Step Trading Process" Live Trade #5(10:14)START

Master Change Control Entries (Live Trading)

  • 20. Change Control Entry Live #1(8:23)START
  • 21. Change Control Entry Live #2(4:03)START
  • 22. Change Control Entry Live #3(7:01)START
  • 23. Change Control Entry Live #4(6:51)START

Plan the Trade, Trade the Plan (Live)

  • 24. Trade the Plan Live #1(4:06)START
  • 25. Plan the Trade Live #2(5:59)START

Market "Concepts"

  • 26. Intraday Market Movement Training (PDF Download)START
  • 27. Caret Trade Live #1(8:29)START
  • 28. Caret Trade Live #2(5:58)START
  • 29. Morning V Live #1(4:30)START
  • 30. Morning V Live #2(4:33)START
  • 31. Lunchtime Doldrums Live #1(6:00)START
  • 32. Lunchtime Doldrums Live #2(3:57)START
  • 33. Dynamic Deviations Live #1(7:30)START
  • 34. Dynamic Deviations Live #2(6:21)START
  • 35. Dynamic Deviations Live #3(4:22)START
  • 36. 80% Rule Live #1(8:04)START
  • 37. 80% Rule Live #2(6:31)START
  • 38. Big Round Numbers Live #1(7:07)START
  • 39. Big Round Numbers Live #2(6:31)START
  • 40. Set Divergence/Convergence Live #1(10:05)START
  • 41. Set Divergence/Convergence Live #2(3:03)START
  • 42. Set Divergence/Convergence Live #3(4:18)START
  • 43. Set Divergence/Convergence Live #4(4:42)START
  • 44. "Edge Stacking" Live #1(9:27)START
  • 45. "Edge Stacking" Live #2(5:26)START
  • 46. Combine Content, Context & Concepts Live #1(5:58)START
  • 47. Combine Content, Context & Concepts Live #2(6:59)START

Additional Tips

  • How to Know When to Manually Stop Loss a Trade #1(5:25)START
  • How to Know When to Manually Stop Loss a Trade #2(3:08)START
  • How to Use .25 Deviation Move For Take Profit Target(6:56)START

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