The Complete Adrenal Health Program – Kevin Gianni & Dr. J. E. Williams



The Complete Adrenal Health Program – Kevin Gianni & Dr. J. E. Williams


If you're like me at all, you may be stressed out from time to time (maybe even more than that!)…

It's a reality of our everyday life. Running around, too many things to do, too many commitments, etc.



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3 Key Reasons Keeping Your Adrenals Happy and Healthy Can Reverse the Aging Process

By Kevin Gianni, Health Author

If you're like me at all, you may be stressed out from time to time (maybe even more than that!)…

It's a reality of our everyday life. Running around, too many things to do, too many commitments, etc.

We all suffer from some amount of raised blood pressure throughout the day. Even me!

I know I'm supposed to be Mr. Zen because I'm a health guy, but if I was to tell you I didn't get a little frazzled every once in a while, I wouldn't be telling you the truth.

I used to think that being stressed out wasn't that big a deal. That the body would be able to work around my busy schedule. I was wrong.

I quickly realized that stress, along with a few certain foods and lifestyle habits could severely burn out my body – more specifically my adrenals – and leave me tired, agitated and burnt out when I knew I wasn't supposed to feel that way.

Here's what's worse… once it happened to me, I realized that there were literally millions of other people with these same symptoms who had no idea how to treat them.

Good health relies on your adrenal health… if you're adrenals aren't functioning properly, you won't function well either.

Whether you know it or not, chances are your adrenals and taking a hit from your everyday lifestyle.

If you…

  • Drink coffee or green tea
  • Eat cacao or chocolate
  • Crave sugary foods and sweets
  • Eat too much fruit
  • Have stress in your life
  • Are deficient in minerals
  • Don't have enough B-vitamins
  • Have poor digestion
  • Exercise too much or too little
  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Spend too much time at at desk or a computer.
  • Crave salty foods

Chances are you may have mild to severe adrenal fatigue.

What are the adrenals and what do they do?

If you don't know what the adrenals are, they're relatively small glands that rest on top of your kidneys. The adrenals control your fight or flight response as well as produce many of your pre-hormones and hormones that regulate just about every function in the body.

So, given their wide range of functionality, they are obviously important for your overall health.

If your adrenals are in poor health, the rest of your body will be too.

I, of course, had to learn this the hard way… (This is a reoccuring theme in my life, LOL!)

The reason I can say all this is because I was there too…

I was eating a natural diet, supposedly the healthiest diet on the planet, but ended up feeling weaker and weaker. I had trouble getting out of bed and I was tired all the time.

What I didn't know was that I was eating certain foods that were putting a strain on my adrenal system, leaving me with less and less energy every day. On top of the foods, I also was experiencing stress that was doubly wearing down my body and adrenals.

Together, this created a list of symptoms that mirrored minor or major adrenal burnout.

Here are some of them in case you have one, two or a dozen…

  • Feeling tired.
  • Inability to sleep.
  • Oversleeping and not feeling rested.
  • Getting agitated more often than usual.
  • Cold or sweaty palms or feet.
  • Excessive body odor.
  • Cravings for salt or sugar.
  • Rashes, itchy skin.
  • Muscle cramping.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • Excessive urination.
  • Inability to handle stress.
  • Excess body heat.
  • Feeling wired and tired at the same time.
  • Decreased sex drive or lack of sex drive.

There are, of course, more – but these are some of the most glaring symptoms of poor adrenal function.

Most people have them, but think this is just what it feels like to get older. This isn't true.

It wasn't until I met Dr. J. E. Williams, that I began to "get" it.

You can either guess about your health, mess around with half-baked therapies or you can know what you're dealing with and actually use protocols that work.

This is a lesson that I've finally learned.

It makes no sense learning from those who don't really know.

Dr. Williams has been practicing natural health for over 30 years. His books, including Viral Immunity and Prolonging Health have been praised by many household natural health names like Dr. Michael Murray and others. He's an international lecturer and educator and pulls his knowledge and work from over 100,000 patient visits.

Dr. Williams told me some of the challenges with diet and natural health that he's seen over the last 30 or so years – and of course I was wise enough to listen to him since over 100,000 patient visits is some serious clinical experience.

Basically, he says, the biggest challenge people have in their own health is that they really never identify what the true issues are and continue to guess and treat themselves with blinders on.

I had known I wasn't feeling right, but had no idea it was my adrenals.

He introduced me to his own proprietary process of testing the adrenals through blood and other types of testing to systematically identify what is out of place and what needs adjustment.

I was deeply interested, since I wanted to feel better.

Sometimes, it seemed like I was just shooting in the dark, when it came to figuring out what was going to make me feel better.

So I got my blood tested and we waited for the results.

Without the tests I never would have known how deficient I was.

When I got the results back, Dr. Williams and I went over the results and found my cholesterol, pregnenolone and other hormones were low.

This, very specifically, was what was making me tired and giving me low energy.

The reason I know, is because afterwords he gave me a few supplement and herbal recommendations, and within a few weeks, I felt much better.

I was me again. I had a ton of energy and I was able to handle stressful situations with ease – no agitation at all.

I was so impressed, I wanted everyone to know about Dr. Williams. (And for those who have been following what we do, you know I've been making sure he becomes a household name!)

That's why I'm sharing this with you now.

Dr. Williams's adrenal health program transformed my health, and I think what he knows about the adrenals can help you too.

If you're not fully convinced that adrenal health is tied into your overall health and reversing aging, here are 3 key reasons why…

1. Your adrenals produce the pre-hormone pregnenolone, which helps build your feel-good hormones.

If you're not producing enough pregnenolone, you will not feel good.

This is simple understanding of supply and demand.

If your body needs DHEA – an important feel-good hormone, but doesn't have the raw materials, then it won't produce it.

Generally, what happens with people who have adrenal issues is that first, they produce too much cortisol – which interferes with the production of other hormones by using the raw materials and interfering with the messages along the HPA (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal) Axis and then, next, don't produce enough of any pre-hormones or hormones because the adrenals have slowed all production.

Either way, just by experiencing stress, you could end up mixing up your hormones and feeling tired, agitated, and not like you used to very quickly.

2. Excess cortisol in your body causes acidity.

Many health practitioners talk about the benefit of an alkaline diet – and they're right.

What they fail to talk about is the connection between excess cortisol and acidity.

Your stress fires your adrenals and causes them to create more cortisol, which will create a more acidic environment in the body.

So you could be eating the healthiest diet – and more alkaline – on the planet, but if you're stressing out or overworking your body, you won't get the alkalizing benefits.

Too much acidity is linked to inflammation and inflammation is a link to almost all disease.

3. Poor adrenal health is linked to poor sex drive, graying hair and prematurely aging skin.

Two healthy adrenal glands give you youth.

When they're spun out, tired and over / under producing your hormones, you will start to look about as overworked as your adrenals are.

Weakened adrenals are linked to gray hair, wrinkled and prematurely aging skin as well as decreased sex drive – or worse – no sex drive.

Many times, when adrenal health is repaired, people who feel like they are aging early regain their vitality.

Right now, you can have access to Dr. Williams' entire Adrenal Health Protocol and learn what I learned too…

Because of how valuable Dr. Williams' experience is, I asked him if he would team up with me and create a program that would help you identify how your adrenals are functioning, help you decide what tests to take, and give you the protocols – including herbs, foods, supplements and exercises – that he's used to help his patients take control over their own personal health.

The program we created is called "The Complete Adrenal Health Program," and it is a comprehensive audio and PDF course on how you can successfully give your adrenals the support they need to improve your health.

It also gives you access to Dr. Williams's own proprietary testing protocols and regimens to help identify certain common adrenal issues that many doctors misdiagnose.

In this program you'll discover…

  • Why many MDs and natural practitioners misdiagnose adrenal issues and confuse their patients more than help.
  • A simple way to test your adrenal function at home.
  • A powerful collection of herbs that have been used to regulate adrenal function for thousands of years.
  • Specific foods that you can eat regularly to help regain your adrenal strength.
  • How to fire up your sex drive and feel as frisky as you did when you were a teenager.
  • How take control of your adrenal health by understanding adrenal hormone blood testing and optimal levels.
  • How to interpret your own adrenal blood tests to identify why you're feeling sluggish and what you can do to bring back your energy levels.
  • Why you need more than just minerals and B-vitamins to bring back your adrenal health.
  • Specific herbal and natural supplement protocols for all adrenal issues such as adrenal burnout, Cushing's Disease, Wilson's Disease and many other underlying adrenal challenges.
  • If using hormone replacement therapy is effective or not.
  • And much more…

NOTE:This program is NOT ONLY for the individual, but also for practitioners who want to understand the adrenals in complete detail and how to work with patients using a protocol and testing methods that Dr. Williams has been using and refining for almost 30 years.

The program explains and give you complete natural protocol details – including herbs, foods, exercises and supplements – for these specific adrenal issues…

  • Adrenal burnout
  • Addison's Disease
  • Cushing's Syndrome
  • Syndrome X
  • Chronic Fatigue Symptoms
  • Sub-clinical Adrenal Issues
  • Metabolic Issues Linked to the Adrenals
  • And many more.

The program contains 4 hours of audio lecture material with transcripts, PLUS…

  • A complete discussion of herbs, supplements, foods and exercises for the adrenals.
  • A complete course outline for easy browsing.
  • Instructions on how to test your adrenal function at home.
  • Complete blood testing protocols for the adrenals.
  • How to read your blood tests for the adrenals.
  • A worksheet that explains optimal blood testing results.
  • And more!

This program is valued at $97.00, but as a special we're offering it to you in digital form for $59.95 for a limited time only. That's almost 40% off the price and value of the program! (A savings of $37.05).

Here's where you can get it now and learn how to take care of your adrenals for the best health possible..

This is great, but how is this going to be any different from all the other information I've seen about adrenal health? Will it work for me?

This program is different because it takes Dr. Williams' 30 years of experience with patients who've had adrenal issues and condenses the most effective protocols into a 4 hour audio program.

I used some of these protocols to help rebuild my adrenal function and health. So I'm a first hand testimonial.

The material contained in this program you may not even be able to get in a medical school level course, it's that good.

Whether or not this program will work for you is really up to you.

You have to do what Dr. Williams says to get the results.

The protocols outlined in this program have worked for Dr. Williams' patients, so it's up to you to try them to get great results.

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