The Core Play – karin dimitrovova



The Core Play – karin dimitrovova


The Core Play – karin dimitrovova

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The Core Play – karin dimitrovova

Do you feel?

.. frustrated, uninspired and seeing no progress in your practice?

.. stuck when trying various arm balances, inversions and other challenging positions?

.. like you don’t have enough strength to get to the next level?

Then you’re in the right spot!

The whole reason why I created this program is because I myself struggled.. A LOT!

When I first started my yoga practice, I was absolutely mesmerized by the graceful and fluid movements of my yoga teachers at that time. They were moving so effortlessly and with such ease, while I was huffing and puffing somewhere in the back row.

And let’s not even talk about trying harder poses, such as various arm balances, headstands or handstands. These were simply not happening, no matter how hard I tried.

With more and more time spent on the mat, I started seeing great benefits that the regular practice brought me – mental clarity, relaxed attitude, a level of ease. But I also knew I wanted MORE in terms of my body.

A quick reminder..

As a yoga teacher I feel obliged to remind you that yoga is not the journey of the body, it’s the journey within. Yoga is simply not just about the asana, the exercise, the body. But in order to soften and drop in, the body needs to be strong and agile.

And if you’re anything like me, you enjoy challenging things. You want to be able to do arm balances, handstands and maybe even dip your toes into other cool practices – like “animal style” type of movement or light acrobatics.

You simply want to feel STRONG and CAPABLE!

It finally hit me (although it took me a while)..

I must admit here, I was not going about it the smartest way back at the time. Even though I knew yoga was not designed to simply get you strong and flexible (it’s usually a BYPRODUCT, not its GOAL), I still thought that going to random yoga classes is going to help me achieve the goals. After all, there are yogis on Instagram that do some crazy stuff.

Well, let me burst this bubble, if you’re in the same place I was. Those people are training for their SKILLS. And regular yoga classes simply don’t cut it.

Things changed for me when I got fed up enough with not seeing any progress that I went on a hunt for teachers that would help me achieve my goals.

After being given a structured plan to follow, I started to finally see my strength and flexibility increasing.

How so? 

Because I was finally training for my goals! I was able to move through asana transitions more smoothly, arm balances started feeling stable and my handstands were no longer a joke.

The end of this story you might already know – nowadays I’m a Yoga & Movement teacher and on a journey to share what I’ve learnt and help people level up their own movement practice.

Imagine if you could..?

.. have the strength to train arm balances, handstands and other challenging positions that you’re probably seeing others around you doing

.. ​move through asana transitions effortlessly

.. finally feel that “Down Dog” is a resting pose (instead of suffering in it)

​.. feel inspired in your practice and confident in yourself

​​.. have the energy to tackle the day and feel refreshed…


  • You’ve been practicing for a while not seeing much progress
  • You’re just starting out your practice and want a step-by-step plan to get stronger
  • ​You want to start learning more challenging things (arm balances and handstands, anyone?)
  • ​You appreciate being part of a community that inspires and keeps you accountable
  • ​You have 15 minutes a day to invest into yourself and your practice


  • Your only goal is to lose belly fat (hint: core strength has nothing to do with the layer of fat sitting on your belly, you cannot target fat loss, although losing fat can happen as a byproduct of moving your body more)
  • You expect quick fixes and results ideally yesterday
  • You just want to check out the program and you’re not willing to actually put in the necessary work
  • You’re seeking for a traditional yoga approach that includes the spirituality and philosophy of yoga (although I do teach traditional yoga myself, you won’t find it in this program)




We will start the first week off with a BANG. No playing around, getting straight to the work.

You will learn how to access the deep abdominal muscles with a thoughtful combination of yoga inspired exercises and delicious flows.


We are turning up the heat this week.

Not only is your core gonna be burning, but your shoulders, as well. If you are a yoga practitioner, these exercises will be super beneficial for you, as they are designed to strengthen your whole upper body (if you ever wish for your Down Dog to be “resting pose”, you need THIS).


If you wish to try other type of movement, then be ready for a treat. As week three is all about Animal Moves. 

These are mazing for increasing your overall strength (with a focus on core), coordination skills and learning how to move with ease.


Is handstand your goal? Gooood, because this week we will focus on our upside down strength. The following exercises are an amazing starting point for handstand beginners and a great addition to those that already have an inversion practice.

No ambition to do a handstand? No worries, just think of this week as a great whole body strengthening routine.

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