The Gerson Tapes – Kevin Gianni



The Gerson Tapes – Kevin Gianni


Since I spend a lot of time reading articles about both food companies creating mutant, patent-able seeds and diet companies selling placebo pills online, I usually am not thrown off balance too often.


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Since I spend a lot of time reading articles about both food companies creating mutant, patent-able seeds and diet companies selling placebo pills online, I usually am not thrown off balance too often.

But in a trip to the Gerson Institute in San Diego a few months ago, I discovered something that shocked me.

It wasn't a miraculous story of recovery using natural approaches (though the Gerson Institute definitely has these) or a story of the various industries threatening a tried and testing method of helping the body heal itself (yep, they have these too!).

This was different.

First, I have to give you some background. When we set out on our tour around the country, I was set on meeting Charlotte Gerson. Why?

After I had discovered some literature about the Gerson Therapy, I spoke with Charlotte, and the interview blew me away. Of the over 200 people or so whom I have interviewed in the last 3 years, she was one of the most electric people I have ever met. That's saying a lot, since I've interviewed New York Times bestselling authors, international speakers and notable professors – among others.

Who is Charlotte Gerson?

Charlotte is the daugher of Dr. Max Gerson, who in the 1920s started using natural methods to treat degenerative disease. After his passing, she took the torch and continued to teach Dr. Gerson's therapy to people from all over the world.

The story about Dr. Gerson is quite remarkable. When Charlotte tells it, I hang on the edge of my seat, even though I know the ending already.

Dr. Gerson was having migraine headaches that he could not shake. He, a medically trained doctor at wits end, turned to nutrition to see if that would work when all the medications didn't. Using potatoes, carrot juice and other vegetables (a crude version of the modern therapy), Dr. Gerson found immediate relief from his migranes. Being a scientific type, Dr. Gerson wanted to make sure that it wasn't just a fluke that he was healed. So, he started to use his protocol on other migraine sufferers.

Guess What?

It started to work. So he then started to share his findings with the community. One day a woman who had received the protocol from Dr. Gerson came back for an appointment and explained that her migranes were gone. But, something else had happened since the time she had started the treatment.

Before seeing Dr. Gerson, she had sores from a tuberculosis infection. Once she started the therapy, these sores started to heal. So Dr. Gerson, a scientific type, started to test his therapy on people with tuberculosis.

And, Guess What?

Yes, it worked! So then, he started to share this new insight with everyone he knew.

Soon after, a patient came to him with cancer and asked Dr. Gerson if he would give the protocol for cancer. Dr. Gerson told the patient, "No," since he had never had a patient with cancer take the protocol. But the patient was persistent and eventually convinced Dr. Gerson to give the protocol.

And, Guess What?

Yes, the patient was able to heal from disease.

The stories go on and on like this, up until this very day.

Now, most people who hear stories like this become a little skeptical…

I think it's important to be skeptical.

There are a lot of people who believe all alternative practices are 100% effective.

When people ask me about this, I give them a flat-out… "NO!"

But most people who don't know anything or little about alternative practices (most media and Western medical schools), give them a bad (read: AWFUL) rap.

When it comes to healing degenerative disease, many people in the Western world are more than suspicious of alternative practices. In fact, many downright blast practices that aren't drugs or surgery.

I'm not here to argue one way or the other. I just think many people deserve the chance to hear a second opinion.

Since Dr. Gerson started sharing his therapy in the 1920's, thousands and thousands of people have had success. Enough to give his protocol serious consideration.

Here are some case studies taken directly from the Gerson Institute Website, that show people are healing themselves…


In pain, vomiting blood. Pancreas cancer biopsied January, 1986. CAT scan showed tumor in liver, spleen, gall bladder. Given hopeless prognosis. Began Gerson Therapy in Mexican hospital March, 1986. Patient says "complete turnaround in 10 days." Recovery shown by CAT scan 6 months later amazed her Canadian doctor. Enjoys work, grandchildren. Feels "really good" nine years later.


January, 1983 CAT scan showed tumor in body and neck of pancreas, probably into head of pancreas. Top Victoria, B.C., Canada doctors said 100% certainty of pancreatic cancer. Conventional therapy hopeless. Began Gerson Therapy in Mexican hospital February, 1983. Later CAT scans show recovery. In good health, active 14 years later.


Declared terminal at age seven. Lump removed from leg bone (fibula) and biopsied: giant cell sarcoma. Pain and tumor back in one year. Dr. suggested leg amputation, not to cure cancer, just to reduce pain. Parents refused. Began Gerson Therapy with Dr. Gerson June, 1957. Tumor down by half, pain nearly gone in one week. Alive and well, two children, 40 years later.

Right mastectomy February, 1978. Biopsy: adenocarcinoma nine months later, tumor under left arm. Within a few more weeks, several tumors in left breast. Started Gerson Therapy November, 1978 in Mexican hospital. Lumps gone in 18 months. Now excellent energy, sense of well-being, no recurrence of tumors. Alive and well 19 years later.

Biopsied. Multiple deep tumors partly removed. Two doctors insisted on mastectomy. Warned children she might not live six months. Visited Gerson Therapy hospital. Impressed by hopeful, positive, pain free patients off their pain drugs. Very healthy, active, thankful, cancer free 12 years later. Enjoys children and grandchildren.


August 1974, biopsy, left breast and 19 lymph nodes removed. Problems continued. Began Laetrile 1975 and Kelley Therapy 1976. By May, 1977 cancer spread to above bones. Began Gerson Therapy in Mexican hospital just after it opened July, 1977. Recovered. Remained well, free of cancer 16 years. Died 1994.

And these are just some of the thousands of cases… all from people who dared to get a second opinion and take control of their own situation.

So, Let Me Get Back to What Shocked Me…

As I was taking a tour of the offices, I noticed a row of dusty boxes sitting above a filing cabinet in the shipping department. Since I'm an inquisitive guy, I take notice of this sort of stuff. I asked what was in the boxes and was told there were "just some old tapes." I took a few boxes down, dusted them off and then asked if I could have a copy of each one of them (14 in all). I wondered if they had any valuable at all, considering where they were being stored.

When I got back to the RV, I realized that I actually had to buy a cassette player!

Yep, that's right, I now had 14 useless cassette tapes since I had no player to listen to them in. I quickly went to Best Buy to find a cassette tape player so I could listen to what was on the tapes.

Within just a few minutes of returning home and popping in the first tape, I knew I had stumbled upon a golden archive of health information, which was about to be forgotten.

It was shocking that these tapes were basically left for dead on top of that shelf. At the same time, I was thrilled at the discovery and immediately, while the tape was still rolling, emailed those at the Institute to see what we could do to turn these treasures into a format that could be listened to and enjoyed today – or 100 years from now.

What you can learn from Charlotte Gerson could change the lives of the people you love…

The Gerson Tapes (which is what these 14 tapes are now called) are a collection of timeless information on how the body can heal itself from degenerative disease. There is almost 14 hours of cutting edge information and patient testimonials included in this unique archive. Luckily, we were able to find them and recover the content, or else this valuable asset would have been lost forever to modern technology.

In These Powerful Audio Recordings (mp3s), You Will Discover…

  • ★ How to activate your body's own healing mechanism.
  • ★ The four things that need to be in place in your body to be disease free.
  • ★ When the body becomes toxic and how to prevent this from happening.
  • ★ The right balance of potassium to sodium in the body for optimal health.
  • ★ The story of how Dr. Max Gerson helped Nobel Prize winner Albert Schweitzer recover from his diabetes.
  • ★ The vitamin that is the premier immune system activator.
  • ★ Two "foods" to rarely eat to keep your body in complete balance.
  • ★ How coffee enemas work to detoxify the liver.
  • ★ The real statistics on cancer survival and treatment and how the numbers are skewed.
  • ★ The cost of conventional cancer treatment and who is benefiting from the profits.
  • ★ Multiple cases of people who were given a grave prognosis who healed themselves from degenerative disease with the Gerson Therapy.
  • ★ The best juicer to use to get the most nutrients out of your juice.
  • ★ If all produce needs to be organic or not.
  • ★ What is better colon irrigations and probiotics or coffee enemas for detoxifying.
  • ★ What a person can do daily to prevent cancer.
  • ★ What particular macronutrient could case more harm than good in the body.
  • ★ The difference between the Gerson Therapy and Ann Wigmore's therapy.
  • ★ If mega-vitamin theory works to heal the body.
  • ★ How Charlotte Gerson manages to eat healthy while traveling.
  • ★ The Laetrile principle and its effect on degenerative disease.
  • ★ How sunlight can save your life.
  • ★ Effective protocols for helping the body heal from diabetes, metabolic conditions and other degenerative diseases.
  • ★ And much, much more!

Here Are Some More Astounding Case Studies from the Gerson Institute Website…

Medical problems from 1944. Treated until 1979. Heart, coronary artery disease. Diabetes drugs after 1965. Poor control of legs, feel. Cushing's syndrome (adrenal disease, obesity, fatigue, weakness, osteoporosis, edema, infections). Pneumonia twice/year. Enlarged liver. Arthritis in all joints. Anxiety, ataxia, confusion, aphasia. Alzheimer's (premature old age) diagnosed. Years on drugs, many surgeries. Began Gerson Therapy in Mexican hospital October, 1979. Rapidly improved. All diseases gone, no drugs. Astounded her doctors. Remains active, well 18 years later.

January, 1977 cough, Bronchioscopy, mediastinoscopy and biopsy. Lung cancer spread to mediastinum, glands, not operable, 10 radiation treatments reduced tumor 80%. 30 days later sick, coughing again, X-ray showed 2 inch tumor. Started Gerson Therapy in Mexican hospital October, 1979. X-ray in 13 months showed lungs cancer free. Alive and well 20 years later.

Diagnosed 1974 after proctoscopy, colonoscopy. 60 mg Sulfadine, prednisone. Latter caused weight gain, acne, moon face, facial redness. Doctor said diet makes no difference, urged removal of colon, refused. Started Gerson Therapy in June, 1979 in Mexican hospital In five months, back to work, felt normal, off all drugs, became father. Alive and well 18 years later.

We'd Love for You to Learn What Helped These People Heal Themselves. So, We're Giving You Access to the Powerful Lectures and Testimonials that are Included in the Gerson Tapes DIGITAL Package…

When You Purchase "The Gerson Tapes" Today, You'll Also Get 4 Incredible Hours of Real Patient Stories and a Full-length Video Interview with Charlotte Gerson.

Testimonals of Healing From Gerson Patients!

When you purchase today, you get close to 3 hours of personal testimonials of the Gerson Therapy working for patients who've used it.

This archive of testimonials is confirmation that there are people getting better when their doctors told them there was no hope.

In these interviews, you can listen to the stories of Jesus, Mary Lee, Anna, Jeremy and more who have all recovered from diseases like cancer, heart disease diabetes and more.

These stories are inspirational and educational for anyone who is interested in achieving the best health possible.

Charlotte Gerson Reveals the Secrets to the Gerson Therapy (60 Minute Video Interview)

In this revealing interview conducted in her home, Charlotte discusses the ins and outs of the Gerson Therapy. She also shares tips and tricks on how to make it work.

Here are some of the questions answered…

  • ★ How the Gerson Therapy came to be.
  • ★ How to activate your body's own healing mechanism.
  • ★ What foods you can eat and what foods you can't.
  • ★ How healing works and how your body can be activated to heal.
  • ★ What you can do to prevent disease and live an energized life.

     (Charlotte's 87 years old and as sharp as a tack!)

When Annmarie and I left her home after this interview, we literally were blown away. We'd love for you to get access too it so you can have this valuable information.

We Understand that You May Be Skeptical About the Information Contained in this Program…

I want to let you know, I've reviewed each audio and have learned from each one. Listening to them is an inspirational and educational experience.

The ease your mind, the Gerson family has been helping people as early as the 1920's. So this is a tried and tested method.

Some people ask, "If this information is really effective, why doesn't everyone know about it?"

This is a complicated matter that involves more than just the spread of information. One of the major issues is that what the Gerson Institute does is not part of any insurance reimbursement plan. So people who enroll in their medical program do need to pay out of pocket.

The other main reason is that the importance of nutrition and lifestyle are not stressed as equally as they should in today's medical schools, leaving doctors to find this out on their own. Luckily many are waking up to this idea.

Now is Your Chance to Get the Program to Transform Your Own Health and the Health of Others.

This program is easy to use (just download and listen!), anyone can benefit and it's a true bargain considering the caliber and quality of the information.

It costs thousands of dollars to go to the Gerson Institute and get this education.

You can learn from the experts and hear these amazing stories in the comfort of your own home.

The information is also timeless. The principles taught by the Gerson family have survived most of the 20th century.

Plus, it's completely risk-free.

So let me say that again…your investment today could save you plenty of money as well as give you the health you deserve. I'd consider that a winner. (Of course, I'm slightly biased… but I urge you to take me up on the offer.)

Go ahead, give it a shot and get "The Gerson Tapes" now by clicking on one of the order buttons below…

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