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The%20Influencer%20Bootcamp%201 - BoxSkill“Before I commenced the course, I had a purpose of achieving 10,000 fans in three months, however due to the techniques I learned, I reached 30,000 fans in four months. As a style influencer, I've labored with manufacturers like Saks Fifth Avenue and Ralph Lauren."

Hey, I see you. Scrolling out of your couch, considering your future.

On an excellent day you notice your capacity as an influencer, however on a horrific day, you think “do I actually have whatever treasured to say?”  

But due to the fact you’ve continually dreamed of getting your very own on line enterprise to proportion your passion — some months back, you went for it as an influencer.  

But now it feels like… you semi-went for it? 

(or perhaps you in no way went for it at all. But that nudge that “that is for you, dangit!” won’t pass away…)  

You might’ve hit 1k fans with the aid of using sharing photos, doing the comply with/unfollow component even if it felt gross, hoping human beings might comply with you back.  

Maybe you notice a few momentum for your account.  

Heck, perhaps you’re analyzing this from Aruba (and are literally, proper now, determining THIS is what you want extra of to transport your lifestyles withinside the path you want!)  

But getting emblem collabs? You’re lost. And honestly, you’re clueless approximately a way to grow,  

and if insta increase is the alleged price price tag to success — “oh gawd, am I destined to the Sunday Scaries for the relaxation of my lifestyles?” * ship halp! *  

All you recognize for certain is… while you examine your discover web page and see (*cough* evaluate your self to) different influencers, you continue to think:

"Why isn't that me yet?"


So, I wanna know – how would it feel to…

  • Reclaim your original dream and remember that YES, you can do this
  • Find your unique brand voice so you stand out (you have one, and I can help you find it)
  • Buckle down and get serious about turning your Instagram account into a profitable, rewarding and scalable business
  • Add 1,000+ followers every week (yes, really) without using those lame fake bots or getting shadow-banned for liking 600 photos a day 
  • Work from anywhere you want in the world and set your own hours (make travel a bigger part of your life if that’s your jam)
  • Get daily emails with paid collaboration offers from your favorite brands
  • Learn how to pose for the camera (and feel confident doing it)
  • Stay for free at luxurious hotels and receive beautiful clothing gratis, all because brands value your opinion


Can we nix the lies the arena is making you accept as true with?

LIE #1: “The enterprise is oversaturated. I won’t stand out.”

Stop telling your self that there’s not anything specifically unique approximately you or what you need to say! You being your self is how you’ll stand out to different humans. It doesn’t rely that there are influencers obtainable who’ve carried out this manner longer than you. The enterprise doesn’t want greater individuals who are specific replicas of these large handles! So you could forestall emulating what different humans are doing. Finding your precise emblem is the bottom achievement as an influencer, and I will assist you do that.

LIE #2: "It's not possible to develop on Instagram in recent times with the set of rules."

Ahh, the best vintage set of rules. Everyone is freaking out over it, announcing that developing on Instagram is now not possible.  

But here is a secret… 

The set of rules doesn’t dictate IF you’ll develop on Instagram… It dictates HOW you develop. Even higher news: The techniques on this direction are primarily based totally at the modern day methods. They've helped hundreds see exponential boom due to the fact I display you precisely how the set of rules works and the way you could use it in your advantage.

LIE #3: “You’re kidding proper? Being a blogger or an influencer isn’t a actual task that makes real cash.” 

I don’t imply to shout, however oh man… that is WRONG WRONG WRONG.  

The cold, tough statistics are that this yr the influencer advertising advert spend could be a $10 BILLION greenback enterprise. Now greater than ever, manufacturers are hellbent on partnering with Instagram influencers.  

And the best news? Those $10 billion bucks are NOT reserved for large influencers with over 100,000 fans. These days, manufacturers pays distinctly for pleasant over quantity, and paid collaborations begin if you have simply 1,000 fans.  

This method you honestly do now no longer want a massive following to make $1000’s of bucks each unmarried month. You can begin making cash.  

And then who knows…? Maybe soak up Instagram and running a blog full-time later, similar to I did.  

The opportunities are endless. Hello candy opportunity. 

LIE #4: “In order to do this, I’d want a large following — and that’s overwhelming.” 

Allow me to assist you to off the hook. These days, micro-influencers are wayyy higher located to have greater rewarding emblem deals. Why? Because they've a deeper reference to their target target market. Plus, pleasant content material is manner greater crucial than numbers to manufacturers (yes, numbers nonetheless rely, however forestall believing they’re everything.) Got an 800 following you’re seeking to develop so that you may be location-independent? You couldn’t be in a higher spot to do this.

LIE #five: “Sure, your direction can be amazing, and equip me with all of the equipment I want to succeed. But that doesn’t assure that I actually have what it takes.”

If you accept as true with you do, you will (and it’s good enough in case you nonetheless doubt it from time to time; get used to imposter syndrome creeping up frequently together along with your new life. Even your fave influencer is feeling it). But I’ll provide you with all of the equipment to be a hit, and it’s your task to apply them. There’s handiest one you, so pick what’s proper for you and your emblem. Remember, those are the precise techniques I used to take myself from zero fans to over 200k fans in 2 years. And it’s how hundreds of college students have commenced a hit careers as influencers below my wing.

Who am I anyway? and what the heck makes me certified to train you approximately Instagram?

I'm a full-time journey and way of life Instagram influencer and blogger with an target target market of virtually 1/2 of 1,000,000 humans round the arena.  

I attempted the conventional path of seeking to create a nicely-rounded, glad life – and whilst that works nicely for many, it wasn’t the case for me.  

(And I’m guessing that in case you’re studying this, it’s now no longer running for you either!)  

 I hustled in New York City’s company Public Relations global for years, and I become freaking miserable.

You see, I idea I selected the “correct” path. Go to university, paintings tough, land a terrific task… 

But on the give up of each unmarried day, I’d depart paintings feeling definitely uninspired and unfulfilled. I become residing for the weekends and counting down the mins till five p.m. each day.  


I become dreaming of visiting the arena. I spent my days looking flights and getting to know distant destinations, questioning how I ought to probable make cash via way of means of sharing what I become maximum passionate approximately.  

So, I did some thing that terrified me. Something that ended up converting EVERYTHING…

I commenced to bolster my innovative muscle and commenced to percentage my love for journey on Instagram.  

Through trial and error, I advanced a gadget to develop my target target market from zero to over 200,000 in below  years.


With the powerful teachings that I share inside The Influencer Bootcamp, I’ve been able to:

  • Travel the world and experience things I never believed I would, like luxury camping in the Moroccan desert and dog sledding in Northern Sweden  
  • Earn over 4x my corporate salary and leave my office job behind  
  • Negotiate over $200,000 in brand deals in two years and work with my absolute favorite companies like Pantene, Ritz Carlton, and Olay.

This isn’t just about what I’ve done though. 

And if anyone wants to “teach you” based off ONLY their own success, don’t trust them. Ask what their students have done.

Pre-work: Prep Your Mindset & Build a Solid Foundation


  • Learn the 3 sneaky and persistent mind blocks holding most people back from success (and how to rewire them) 
  • Mentally prep for the exciting life changes ahead
  • Implement the 3 most important things you need to do right. now. to set yourself up for long-term success as an influencer
  • Solidify who you're talking to and how you'll connect with them
  • Learn why topical and stylistic niches are VITAL for IG growth (and establish yours)

Module #1: Establish Your Unique Brand


  • Learn the 4 "themes" of content you should be posting to stay memorable with your audience 
  • Learn how to stop mimicking what everyone else is doing (which doesn’t work anyway)
  • Start standing out from all the Instagram influencer noise

Module #2: Create High-Quality Content


  • Take any photo from “meh” to “magic!” using editing and composition techniques 
  • Steal my top poses for different settings and master solo photography  
  • Get my guide to the best photography gear and camera lenses (splurge AND affordable options) to use when you're ready to work beyond your iPhone 
  • Learn the best kinds of photos to take for your niche and how to batch content 
  • The 4 elements of the perfect caption that will encourage likes, saves and shares 
  • Plan out your next 30 days of captions with my Caption Matrix (no more panicked “what should I write??” moments)
  • 6 strategies for creating a consistent can’t-help-but-follow Instagram feed

Module #3: Master Instagram Stories & IG TV


  • Get confident on camera with 5 tried and true techniques  
  • My top IG TV strategies and how using them will grow your audience and impact
  • Learn the top 7 kinds of Stories you need to be doing to increase your Story views and engagement
  • How to make sure your Instagram Story Highlights paint a picture of what your page is about
  • Create on-brand Instagram Story Highlight covers

Module #4: Grow an Engaged Audience


  • 20+ strategies to grow your Instagram following and engagement like crazy — exactly how I grew from 0 to over 200,000 in under two years  
  • 7 things to do when you’re losing followers & engagement  
  • The super simple thing you’re not doing that will increase new Story viewers 
  • How the algorithm works, and how to use it to your advantage to attract new followers and engage current ones 
  • My top tips for building a community — not just an audience

Module #5: Monetize & Work with Brands


  • Strategies for finding brand contacts & making introductions to PR agencies 
  • Perfect & prepare your pitch so any brand, tourism board or hotel will want to work with you
  • Make your media kit with all the absolute must-haves. It’ll make brands think “Finally, someone who as her sh*t together!”  
  • Discover all the ways you can collaborate with brands and make money, even if you don’t have a large following yet
  • Charge your worth — and learn exactly how to negotiate & pitch paid collaborations with brands
  • Learn exactly what to watch out for in contracts
  • Learn the pros/cons of having a manager, how a manager can land you more deals, and how to get one when you’re ready 
  • Learn how to negotiate massive 4 and 5 figure collaborations with my advanced pitching strategy (not taught in ANY other course)

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