The Master Secrets Collection – Scott Bolan



The Master Secrets Collection – Scott Bolan


In these Orwellian and oppressive times we live in, you will either destroy fear and doubt and rise above circumstance, or else you’ll go the way of the Sheep: into the slaughterhouse!


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Dear Friend,

If you are easily offended by in-your-face honesty, do not read any further.

But if you are a smart and honest person looking for Real-World Warrior Knowledge and Essential Skills and Techniques that you can use to get what you want and become a powerful force in your own right, then this is for you, and what I am about to tell you will have you JUMPING FOR JOY!

Right now is your opportunity to gain access into the mind and advanced skills and secret teachings of a modern-day Master Trainer and…

Get The Master Secrets Collection – Scott Bolan, Only Price $62

Listen up, friend. For many years, Master Scott Bolan has been showing people how to use authentic warrior skills to reach their goals with laser-precision, how to make something of themselves and get what they really want.

You may have heard him on the radio or read about him. His courses like Mental Warfare Secrets, Devastating Fighting, Shinobi Warrior Skills, Martial Power Secrets, Black Belt Mind Skills, Complete Combat, Warrior Hypnosis and Secrets of The Hagakure are world-wide bestsellers that have inspired and empowered thousands of people just like you. His ability to impart warrior wisdom and elite skills is unsurpassed.

Hereʼs what you may not know…

From humble beginnings to worldwide acclaim, Scott Bolan’s journey as a warrior began at the age of 8 when he first walked into a traditional martial arts dojo. This led to a lifelong fascination with not only the physical rewards of such training, but the mental rewards as well.

After he received his first of several Black Belts, he began to study and pursue the Mental side of Warrior Training with an equal passion, including Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Black Ops, Mind Control and Ninjutsu.

Scott has applied his expertise to authoring dozens of popular audio/video training programs and peak performance trainings. For years, his teachings have inspired and empowered thousands of people around the world. Scott has become the go-to guy for those on the warrior’s path who want essential skills and powerful results.

Now here’s where the Confidential Information comes in: from Sept 2006 to Sept 2010, Scott Bolan recorded a private monthly disc for his Inner Circle Members of elite, confidential teachings that were never available to the public (years later these were gathered into a complete set called The Master Secrets Collection)

But the “Nuclear Bomb” of elite Mastery teachings was about to happen…

In September 2010, after a few years traveling the country teaching and training, presenting at convetions and seminars, Scott went to Taos, New Mexico for an intense period of solitude, meditation, and research.

He called this his “sweat lodge” period where he would delve deep into self. This was not “linear” or mechanical “research” – Scott went into the Aumakua (higher mind) at GAMMA-Level and intuitied a mastery path that combined ALL of his experiences, knowledge, and everything had learned in Japan and all over the US and transformed them to a higher level. That’s why in October 2010…

He Came Back With The Next Level of Mastery Teachings, sharing with his inner circle how to do magic things other people only dream about!

From October 2010 to May 2014, Scott Bolan recorded these confidential advanced teachings into “members-only” monthly private discs (25 CDs and 37 DVDs to be exact)

These confidential Discs were never offered to the public, and not available anywhere else. You HAD to be a member to get them.

These were the ADVANCED teachings and new insights and discoveries. The cutting-edge knowledge, strategies, tactics, elite skills and “how-to” wisdom is revolutionary!

With these confidential discs, members could could study at their convenience, in the privacy of their own homes to find out how to get the results they wanted.

Numerous members have told us that’s exactly what they’ve done with this information. And now for a limited time, YOU have the opportunity to get these secrets and make them yours!

Look. You probably know how powerful Scott’s popular home-study programs are that were made available to the public…

Just Imagine How Much MORE Powerful The Confidential ADVANCED Teachings Are!

Listen. I was Stunned, Shocked and OVERJOYED that Scott released the first Master-Secrets Collection for a limited time a few years ago.

People “in the know” have been asking if we’d ever make the advanced confidential teachings available.

Frankly, I never thought to ask Scott if he would – I was certain he’d say no!

Then two days ago, Scott and I were training on bag drills – He Was Kicking the Sh– out of a Muay Thai heavy-bag and sending it flying!

All Of a Sudden He STOPS And Says…

“Steve, this is the last year I am ever offering Inner Circle Membership. What about all of my students and clients who weren’t around for the next level, the advanced mastery teachings from 2010 to 2014?”

Huh? What brought this up out of the blue? All I could honestly say was “I don’t know!”

Then the room got silent and he stared at me for what seemed like 3 minutes… and scared the tar out of me… (imagine being stared at by a wild Tiger 3 feet away from you… and no fence)

Then he said “In the times we live in now, those teachings have never been more important and useful to people. Make it available to them. NOW.”

I wanted to jump up and shout, but I kept my cool and just said, “Wow, that’s Awesome! I’ll get on it right away. What should I price it at?”

Scott said: “Don’t bother me with the details. Just make it available for the next 30 days and give them a GREAT deal on it so everyone can get it. People need these advanced Warrior Skills now more than at any other time in history. GO!”

… then he went back to tearing apart that heavy-bag… I’ve never seen ANYONE HIT SO FAST AND POWERFULLY

Wherever that came from, whatever “Zone” Scott was in at that moment, I knew we had just gotten VERY Lucky, so I tiptoed out of there without another word and came back here to the office to write to you right away.

Now you get to be in on Scott Bolan’s most private and powerful discussions that take it to the next level in personal mastery, martial arts mastery, mental mastery, spiritual enlightenment, “shadow” skills and warrior secrets, advanced strategies, killer tactics and techniques and outright life dominance!

Not only is it truly awesome to have the skills to live this way, but it’s super FUN!

There’s nothing like getting what you want, kicking ass and taking names, and being IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN LIFE!

Get The Master Secrets Collection – Scott Bolan, Only Price $62

You get to have the hidden knowledge and techniques to harness your inner power and combine it with advanced Elite-Master-Skills of a modern-day warrior to become unstoppable, inside and out.

That means no more FEAR, no more CONFUSION, no more “wondering what to do.”

You get the Why, the How, and the When, so you know what to do in every situation like a modern-day ninja. That’s how you become what you want to be, and get what you want.

Ever notice how some people “make success look EASY!”

You will find the info you need to do this in Advanced Master-Secrets: The Confidential Power Collection. 62 discs of the most empowering and transformational material you can find anywhere, and I really do mean that.

If you’re looking to change your game and be on top in every area, this really is

The Secret Warrior’s Wisdom!”

In the Advanced Master-Secrets Confidential Power Collection, you’ll discover how to…

• Tap Into The Warrior Aumakua 8-Directional “HIGHER-MIND” whenever you need to

• Repel or Destroy Attackers At Will

• Master Your Inner and Outer “Fight Game” and make them Fear, Respect, or Comply with energy

• Gamma Mind Power Development – Eliminate Fear and Limitation and Expand Your Success!

• How To Manifest Abundance & Opportunity (using “effort” is doing it the hard way!)

• 3 Energetic Shifts To Effortlessly Attract Your Soul-Mate

• How To Control Your Thoughts… and the Thoughts of Others!

• Razor-Sharpen Your Mind-Weapon With These Secret Mental-Warrior Trainings

• Harmonize and Perfect Your Relationships

• Quickly MELT FAT and Build Your Body Into A “Lean, Mean FIGHTING Machine”

• Develop Unshakeable Confidence – no matter what life throws your way!

• Command The Respect You Deserve, everywhere you go

• See Through The Intentions And Actions Of Others

• Take Back Control of Your Time and Life

• Make Abundance And Opportunity Come To YOU

• Psychic Attack “How-To”

• How To Erect A Psychic Shield

• Walk, Talk, and Breathe Like A REAL Alpha Male…. and Magnetically Attract whoever you want!

• The 3 Combatives Rules You MUST Know To Win Any (yes, any) Fight

• Make Life Your Personal Playground

• The 5 Secrets of Effective Mind Control

• “Laser-Beam” Marketing that DOMINATES

• Energy Manipulation Secrets

• Pre-Workout Tactics to Quickly MELT FAT

• How to Get Real-World RESULTS

• Emotional Mastery

• How To Find Your Life Purpose

• Samurai Secrets of The Hagakure and Modern-Day Appliacation

• The 7 Secrets of Mind-Body Arts and The Mastery Code

• How To Persuade, Influence and Seduce Using Only Energy!

• How To Present Powerfully Anywhere

• Self-Identity and Self-Programming: The Master-Secret!

• Pressure Points Fighting Secrets

• Reality-Based and Effective BRUTAL Martial Arts

• Secrets of Ninjutsu Living & Health

• How To Create Your Own Luck

• Personal Weapons and Tactical Concealment Secrets

• Fudoshin: The “Immovable Mind”

• How To Be Ready For ANYTHING

• Specific Methods Mastering Tactical Awareness

• Ninja Ryu: Secrets of “OSU” and the 3 Body Truths

• DEVASTATING Self-Defense Secrets

• How To Develop Leadership and Courage

• The TAO Secrets of Prosperity… Revealed!

• Skyrocket Your Persuasion & Influence Abilities

• Ninja Mind Control

• Ninja Ryu: Your Entry Into the Ninja School (and how it transforms your life)

• How to discover and Implement Your Inner Warrior on a daily basis, and…

The 5 Secrets of Warrior Energetic ConfluenceWalk, Breathe, Speak, Think, and Radiate So You Become An ENERGY TIDAL-WAVE that Knocks Down Obstacles, AND an ENERGY MAGNET that Attracts Everything You Want

… and so much more we don’t have the time or space to outline it all here!

And the above list is only from 3 or 4 discs. Can you imagine the incredible value you get with all 62 of these discs? Can you imagine what you can do in your life with this kind of information?…


So here’s the bottom line: Back then, the retail price of Membership was 697.00 per year. There’s about 4 years worth, so normally that adds up to 2,788.00

But how about I give you the deal of a lifetime?

Scott told me to give you a GREAT deal, so how about if we make the whole collection – all 5 cases with secret bonus material for a special price – just 397.00

Is that fair enough?

Alright then, you’ve got it!!

And, I’ll pay the Shipping … ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Sound Awesome?

Yeah, I think so, too.

Even if you’ve bought Scott Bolan’s other powerful programs in the past, don’t be mistaken:


They were recorded “one-on-one” from Scott to you, that’s why they are labelled “Private” and will remain so. Scott is opening his personal vault JUST THIS ONCE to make these materials available for you.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The vault door closes on June 16th… and these advanced materials will NEVER be available again.

Having access to these confidential materials is like having Scott Bolan right there with you sharing warrior wisdom and ‘how-to’ tactics, personally showing you how to obliterate problems and achieve your goals and get what you really want.

Scott will share with you …

…. razor-sharp insights and superior konwledge, and live question-and-answer with callers!

… longevity, strength and peak performance secrets that will stun and amaze you!

… Amazing Mind-Body-and-Spiritual WARFARE-winning secrets!

… How To KILL a Terrorist

… Money-Manifesting Secrets that are easy to understand and apply (Scott teaches from his own real-world experience!)

… How to Spot, Recognize and Thwart LIARS, Manipulators, Energy-Vampires and “People-users”

(you’ll need this if you want to live a life of Freedom, Power and Purpose)

… Mental MMA! Make them “Tap Out” when they even THINK of messing with you!

… True Magnetic Attraction, and… Live Without Fear and Doubt!

Listen. Scott told me that Fear and Doubt are Poisons to your potential. I will repeat that: fear and doubt are poisons to your potential! If you get nothing else out of reading this, please remember that my friend.

One of the first things you’ll learn in the Advanced Master-Secrets: Confidential Power Collection is…

How To Get Fear And Doubt Out Of Your Life For Good

In these Orwellian and oppressive times we live in, you will either destroy fear and doubt and rise above circumstance, or else you’ll go the way of the Sheep: into the slaughterhouse!

I don’t know about you, but for myself, I REFUSE TO FAIL. Losing is simply not an option! And I damn well know that I’ll do whatever it takes to win. If you feel the same way, it is vitally important that you get this goldmine of confidential information.

Get The Master Secrets Collection – Scott Bolan, Only Price $62

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