The Pre–Race Trader’s Bible



The Pre–Race Trader’s Bible


As my regulars readers know only too well, this eBook was completed around 1-2 years later than planned.


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The Pre–Race Trader’s Bible

The%20Pre%E2%80%93Race%20Traders%20Bible(1) - BoxSkill - Get all CoursesAs my regulars readers know only too well, this eBook was completed around 1-2 years later than planned. That was partly due to personal and health issues which got in the way for the first year, but more due to the enormous under-estimation I made in trying to assess how long it would take to write. I was way off the mark with my initial estimates! So firstly I must apologise to all my patient (and not so patient!) regular readers.

Only once I was well into writing it did I realise just how huge this subject is, but also how much information I had lodged into the dark corners of my brain which I had forgotten I even knew! I was determined to leave no stone unturned, no subject ignored, and not one single detail omitted. I decided that leaving out just one tiny element, no matter how small, would mean I failed to do everything I could to help people learn to trade these markets.

That was the promise I made when I agreed to write this ebook, and so it took months of writing and re-writing to include every detail as they came to mind, many of them only coming to mind long after writing a whole chapter on a particular topic. That would then mean re-writing that whole chapter, often several times, to ensure it was all in there but making sure it was still actually readable! Considering that there are around 26 chapters, most of which have quite a few sub-sections, you can hopefully understand how this ‘ebook project’ quickly turned into an absolutely colossal task.

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At various points I was seriously inclined to give up as it just seemed impossible to do this subject justice and genuinely help those serious about becoming traders to achieve their own goals and ambitions. I suspect that without the pressure of readers constantly chasing me to get it done, it would never have been completed at all. So yes, I suppose hassling me did ‘work’! I am only saying that now because I am planning on never writing another ebook as long as I live, so you won’t get another chance to harass me!

As you will learn from the book, I had a background in stocks and commodities long before I discovered Betfair. I knew quite a lot about market dynamics and trading in general well before I opened my first sports market. For a long time this didn’t seem to help me much, which was a nasty surprise to me. I waltzed into the Betfair markets assuming I should ‘clean up’, and easily too! How wrong I was, and ridiculously arrogant of course.

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Several times that arrogance was almost my undoing. But I stuck at it, mainly due to the large degree of leverage you have in these markets compared to all other markets, in other words the amount of profit you can make as a proportion of your bank (or stake).

This was the main attraction of Betfair for me. As I explain in detail in the ebook, there are some unique things about the Betfair markets which make them many times more lucrative even compared to all the ‘usual suspects’ like Forex etc.

When I finally stopped rushing (****ing!) around in the markets, slowed myself down significantly, and carefully set about applying my stocks-based knowledge to the Betfair markets (the charts in particular), things finally started to make some real sense, and with it, my results immediately improved.

This eBook documents that journey of discovery, and in doing so it explains not only all the things you need to know to trade successfully in these markets (nothing is ‘held back’), but it also tells you all of the pitfalls and mistakes you’re most likely to make, enabling you to see them coming and effectively side-step them. It’s a detailed map to guide you safely through what can be an absolute minefield to any novice trader.

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Whilst I understand that people want to know “how” to trade the racing markets successfully, I made it one of my primary objectives in this ebook to do a lot more than that. Especially with this being my last ebook, I wanted to give people more than an ‘instruction manual’ for a ‘method’ or ‘strategy’. Instead I give you a full and complete understanding of how the racing markets work.

I believe that doing this will enable readers to go way beyond just what I show you, and way beyond just what I even do in the markets myself. Instead, you can take this fundamental understanding into any event, any ladder, and in fact any market on earth (including stocks, commodities etc).

This is more of a complete guide to trading, not just racing trading. Don’t misunderstand me, the book is completely focussed on pre-race trading, but the knowledge you will gain from it relates to, and can be applied to just about any market on earth. By understanding how the dynamics of all markets are essentially the same, this ebook could easily set you up for a career in various other forms of trading, if that ever took your fancy, which it probably won’t!

As you will see, the phrase “ebook” doesn’t do it justice. It’s enormous at over 460 pages and you won’t be able to read it in one sitting. Even for fast readers I would expect you’ll need a few days to a week, and that’s just the first read, you will probably need several to fully absorb it all. The ‘table of contents’ at the beginning is a full 3 pages on its own.

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Stock market similarities (and differences)
  • Equipment required – hardware and software
  • Money management
  • Market Influences – both technical (price dynamics) and fundamental (e.g. TV commentary)
  • Mindset and psychology
  • Various trading strategies for different race types (explained separately)
  • Timing – explaining the best ‘trading windows’
  • Market Analysis
  • Price distribution
  • Book Balance
  • Graphs and charts
  • Support and Resistance
  • Volume, Liquidity and Flow
  • Choosing good entries
  • Managing trades – adding/removing stakes
  • Stop losses and exit strategies
  • Detailed examples with images

My goal for this project was quite simple:

To produce the BEST educational product on pre-race trading available online.

I am confident that I have achieved that goal, and then some. I am not alone in that view, in fact I didn’t have that view myself until others convinced me of it. I asked two beginner traders for a completely impartial review of the ebook once it was complete. They were both told to pull no punches and be 100% honest, they are not old friends of mine or anything like that, in fact they are both just readers of this site who had previously purchased another product of mine. I chose them from a list of people who had all expressed a keen interest in being one of the first readers of this once it was complete.

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