The Self Publishing Class – Raman


The Self Publishing Class – Raman


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The Self Publishing Class

Complete Course on How to Make Money with Self Publishing l Kindle Direct Publishing l ACX Audiobook Publishing

Learn how to start making money online and start earning passive income with Self Publishing. This is a complete course on kindle publishing, paperbacks, and audiobook publishing. You will learn the exact methods i used to scale up my publishing business to over 6 figures. If you are looking for in all in 1 Self Publishing course or simply want to learn the easiest way to make money online, this course is for you.

This Course Includes:

  • Step by Step System to start making money online with Self Publishing
  • How to potentially scale your business to over 6 figures
  • Complete keyword research for Kindle, Paperbacks, Audiobooks
  • Pricing strategies to earn more with all 3 versions of your book
  • How I earned over $10,000/month with 1 book alone multiple times
  • Audiobook Strategies to maximize profits
  • Setting up Amazon Ads to increase sales and earn more
  • Build an Email list and audience for your books
  • Leverage your content and earn more with bundles
  • More to come!

Class Curriculum


  • Welcome (0:46)
  • Course Overview (5:53)
  • Create your KDP and ACX Account (2:41)
  • How to get a U.S Address (2:59)
  • How to get a U.S bank account (1:35)
  • Create Account for Email List (1:07)


  • Introduction (0:54)
  • What are Keywords ? (2:12)
  • FREE Keyword Research Tool: TIME SAVER! (3:22)
  • The 2 Most Important Components of Keyword Research (2:03)
  • Finding Profitable Keywords (10:57)
  • Keyword Research Too to Analyze Competition and Potential (7:03)
  • The Secret to Finding the Most Profitable Keywords (8:57)
  • Why you need to find related Keywords (3:56)
  • Kindle eBook Keyword Research (5:56)
  • KDP Paperback Keyword Research (4:33)
  • Audiobook Keyword Research (5:40)
  • Keyword Research Strategy 1 (15:17)
  • Keyword Research Strategy 2 (5:35)
  • Keyword Research Strategy 3 (5:09)
  • Audiobook Keyword Research Tip #1 (4:12)
  • Audiobook Keyword Research Tip #2 (3:03)
  • Audiobook Keyword Research Tip #3 (2:52)
  • Niches (2:20)
  • Bonus Keyword Training/ Market Domination Strategy that helped me make over $10,000/month with 1 book (20:11)
  • New Lecture (7:03)


  • Introduction (0:53)
  • How long should your book be ? (4:48)
  • How much to pay writers ? (5:36)
  • Should you Use Pen Names ? (3:20)
  • How to get your book written (14:12)
  • Get your Book Written: Option 1 (2:01)
  • Get your Book Written: Option 2 (4:45)
  • Get your Book Written: Option 3 (2:07)
  • Creating a Cover that Sells your Book (4:10)
  • Kindle Format your Book (3:19)
  • Uploading your Book to Kindle (10:53)
  • How to Add More Categories for your Books (2:47)
  • Pricing Strategy for Ebooks (4:43)


  • Introduction (0:23)
  • Format your Paperback Book (3:40)
  • Convert your Kindle Cover to Paperback (2:15)
  • KDP Paperback Pricing Strategy (7:41)


  • Introduction (0:46)
  • Posting your title on ACX (8:26)
  • How long should your Audiobooks be (3:43)
  • How to Make sure your books are long enough for higher royalties (2:25)
  • How to optimize your title and subtitle to rank your books on Audible (6:23)
  • How to rank your Audiobooks for multiple keywords (6:01)
  • Pay PFH or Royalty Split ? (6:47)
  • How much should you pay your narrators (4:12)
  • Finding and Hiring Narrators (5:21)
  • ACX Codes (2:04)
  • ACX Reviews Method 1 (2:32)
  • ACX Reviews Method 2 (2:09)
  • ACX Keyword Research Data
  • This is more important than Price/Length for Higher Royalties (9:18)
  • Make Money with Audiobooks Step by Step Tutorial (21:18)


  • Introduction (0:16)
  • Launching Books with AMS Ads for Insane Profits (19:47)
  • Book Launch Case Study (7:07)
  • How to Have a High ACOS and still be Profitbable (3:19)


  • Introduction (0:36)
  • Step #1 (5:19)
  • Step #2 (5:36)
  • Step #3 (2:25)
  • Here is my Book Funnel you can use (3:05)


  • Step 1: Bundle Strategy (5:51)
  • Step 2: Create Bundle (4:02)
  • Step 3: Uploading Bundle (1:44)


  • Part 1.1 – Intro (2:46)
  • Part 1.2 – What are AMS Ads (2:48)
  • Part 1.3 – How to Get More Out of AMS (4:13)
  • Part 1.4 – How to Approach AMS (3:20)
  • Part 2.1- Intro (0:51)
  • Part 2.2 – Creating your AMS Account (1:37)
  • Part 2.3 – Setting up your first AMS Campaign (5:52)
  • Part 2.4 – Understanding the AMS Dashboard (4:36)
  • Part 3.1- Intro (1:17)
  • Part 3.2 The Art of AMS Keywords (3:44)
  • Part 3.3 – How to Find Profitable AMS Keywords (11:17)
  • Part 3.4 – Grouping Your Keywords for Campaigns (27:13)
  • Part 3.5- Creating AMS Ad Copy That Sells (15:08)
  • Part 3.6 – Creating Display Ads and Using The Right Keywords (5:16)
  • Part 4.1 – Intro (1:03)
  • Part 4.2 – Monitoring Your Campaigns (2:49)
  • Part 4.3 – CPC Bid Strategy (8:25)
  • Part 4.4 – Growing Your Campaign (3:20)
  • Part 4.5 – AB Testing Your Campaigns (4:10)
  • Part 5.1- Extra Resources (2:13)

Extra Lessons

  • Discount Codes for your Books (1:48)


  • Conclusion (1:06)

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