The Tapping Solution for Anxiety Relief – Mary Ayers


The Tapping Solution for Anxiety Relief – Mary Ayers


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Are you struggling with feelings of anxiety, being overwhelmed, fatigue, and intense responsibility?

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18% of the population.

Are you one of those people who constantly has things running on your mind? Who is unable to unwind, making it difficult to find life enjoyable?

Feelings of anxiety, being overwhelmed, fatigue, and intense responsibility have become par for the course in modern life. “This is just the way life is,” we tell ourselves. “It’s hurried, it’s busy, there’s one thing after another, each stacking on top of the next, to the point where sometimes it’s hard to breathe.”

We have developed patterns, ways of being and thinking, that simply do not serve us and are not sustainable. These patterns lead to unknown pains in our bodies; as well as medical conditions that we tend to blame on biological problems like viruses, bacteria, or other outside forces.

These patterns are why we walk around feeling stressed, anxious, and uncomfortable. They’re why we have trouble sleeping and why we can’t drop the weight we want to. They’re why we feel like there’s too much to do, like the stress will never end! They keep us from being present in the moment and enjoying our lives.

But there is a way to change these patterns and let go of our stress and anxiety, to process our negative emotions, and stop repeating negative patterns! These patterns and negative emotions are not our natural state of being.

Tapping, however, has been scientifically proven to rewire the brain and body to bring it back into balance…

Tapping Works to Rewire the Brain and Body to Eliminate Anxiety and Bring Back Balance

Anxiety in our lives is a result of the nervous system of our brain and body being poorly programmed to unconsciously perceive a heightened level of danger that very often does not exist.

Now that’s not to say that some people do not have actual danger in their lives, but most often with anxiety, our nervous system and the fight or flight system of the amygdala in our brain has reached a point where everyday events are bringing us to a heightened state of danger when there is in fact no real danger. Our nervous system has become overly sensitized because of past events and emotions.

But here’s the good news… the latest research is showing that Tapping actually sends a calming signal to the amygdala of the brain, allowing the brain and body to feel safe, and thus the anxiety to dissipate.

Through Tapping we’re actually able to reprogram the brain to no longer be overly sensitized, allowing us to come back to a more natural, balanced state where we can better differentiate between real threats of danger and everyday events.

If You're New to Tapping, You're Probably Wondering… "What is Tapping?"

Tapping, otherwise known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology.

It was developed originally by Roger Callahan in the 1980's and modified and expanded upon by Gary Craig. Since then, thousands of psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, coaches and individual users have adopted this powerful technique for use on themselves, their clients, family members and more.

This simple technique literally involves "tapping" on the meridian points of our body while saying certain statements, all with the goal of reprogramming the brain and body to get different results.

EFT has been known to work for years by psychologists, therapists, coaches and everyday people. In recent years a major push has been made for more evidence based research and the results have been astounding!

Clinical research studies with EFT are providing impressive results in a variety of areas such as relief from chronic pain, emotional problems, addictions, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, athletic performance, PTSD, and among other things…yes…amazing results with weight loss! Check out the short video above to see what experts are saying about the effectiveness of Tapping!

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Powerful Study Reveals EFT Tapping Promotes a Significant Decrease in Anxiety

During the last 5 years we have seen a surge of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) studying EFT Tapping as a treatment for emotional distress. Although several reviews exist, no previous work has presented a quantitative meta-analysis of the effect of EFT treatment on anxiety- until now!

The Tapping Solution Foundation helped fund this powerful study that was just published in the May 2016 edition of The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease "Emotional Freedom Techniques for Anxiety A Systematic Review With Meta-analysis."

This analysis applied the most stringent study selection using the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Division 12 (Clinical Psychology) Task Force on Empirically Validated Treatments.

This meta-analysis analyzed the results of 14 randomized controlled trials that included an assessment for anxiety and involved a total of 658 participants. It found a “large” treatment effect.

Critical analysis of the findings of these studies is both clinically important and timely, as the practice of EFT continues to gain adoption in the psychotherapy community. And because of its efficacy and ease of use, EFT may possess significant practical advantages to public health outcomes compared with resource-intensive approaches including CBT.

To read the entire peer reviewed research article that was published in the May edition of "The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease"

"The Tapping Solution for Anxiety Relief" is Designed to Address the Specific Causes of Anxiety to Bring You Lasting Relief

The Tapping Solution for Anxiety Relief is an easy to follow audio program that consists of 6 Modules designed to cover the most important aspects to releasing anxiety.

Each of the 6 Modules contains:

  • A Powerful Audio Presentation that you can stream or download. These presentations will guide you to finding and eliminating the cause of your anxiety.
  • Two Tapping Meditation Audios that you can stream or download (Modules 2 through 5). These soothing Tapping Meditations will not only work to rewire the causes of your anxiety in your brain and body, they’ll also help you to instantly release anxiety, recenter yourself, and bring you to a place of peace and balance.
  • PDF Transcripts so that you can read the information of the audio presentations.

Along with the 6 modules you’ll also get a PDF workbook to help guide you in the process.

"The Tapping Solution for Anxiety Relief"

Module-by-Module Overview

Your Guide for the 6 Module Program, Dr. Mary Ayers…

I designed this program with my friend and colleague, the amazing Mary Ayers! Mary Ayers is an EFT Tapping Expert who has been featured in several of our annual Tapping World Summits.

Dr Mary Ayers stands strong in her conviction that “You cannot bully fear” which is why tapping is such a powerful tool because it gives us a way to transform fear and anxiety into energy that can propel us forward into a bigger life.

She began her quest to help people find gentler ways to work with anxiety over 27 years ago as an accomplished Licensed Therapist, then as a Success Coach, and top EFT/Tapping expert. Her professional achievements include a five year run as a coach with the Anthony Robbins Organization. She is the host of the radio show “Tap Into Action: An Unconventional Path To Conquer Fear And Anxiety”, and is a featured presenter on The Tapping Insiders Club and The Tapping World Summit, as well as on several globally heard teleconferences.


Introduction and Overview of Anxiety Relief Program

In this module you will learn:

  • What makes anxiety different from normal stress and why we react to some situations differently than others
  • Why what you've tried before hasn't been effective and one change that will make a big difference
  • The three different ways anxiety may be showing up in your life
  • How your emotions can become more manageable with Tapping
  • A Tapping routine to help with constricted breathing so you can breath easier


Getting Ready To Change: The Three Keys to Set Yourself Up for Success

In this module you will learn:

  • How to set yourself up for success in this program
  • A step-by-step recipe to gauge your progress
  • A plan to take your practice deeper when you're ready
  • How to customize the Tapping to fit what you need
  • A Tapping routine to address fears and resistance to change
  • A Tapping routine to strengthen your confidence that change is possible

Additional Tap-Along Audios Include:

  •  What if this program doesn't work for me?
  •  I'm scared to change


Anxious Body: All These Feelings in Your Body

In this module you will learn:

  • Common ways anxiety shows up in the body
  • The effects of Tapping on the body
  • Finding the words to name the feelings
  • Strategies to increase your success
  • A Tapping routine to help relieve the anxiety in your body
  • A Tapping routine to help you feel comfortable feeling calm

Additional Tap-Along Audios Include:

  •  All This Anxiety in My Body
  •  Not Comfortable Feeling Calm


Anxious Mind: How your Thoughts Influence your Feelings

In this module you will learn:

  • How your thoughts influence your feelings
  • Why “changing your thinking” isn't enough
  • What changes when you do the Tapping
  • How the quality of your questions matter
  • A Tapping routine to help shift you into more resourceful states
  • A Tapping routine to build your confidence so you can handle whatever comes up

Additional Tap-Along Audios Include:

  •  All of These "What If" Thoughts
  •  Fear that Something Bad Will Happen and I Won't Be Able To Handle It


Anxious Acts: Looking at your Behaviors

In this module you will learn:

  • How we are all wired to want to avoid pain
  • The purpose of anxious acts and the ways they show up
  • How to work with Social situations
  • How to notice small changes
  • A Tapping routine to feel calm getting out there
  • A Tapping routine to break habitual patterns of behavior

Additional Tap-Along Audios Include:

  •  Fear I'll Make a Fool out of Myself
  •  Scared I Can't Handle My Anxiety Without ________


Moving Forward With New Awareness and Confidence

In this module you will learn:

  • The importance of having a plan for continued success
  • What to do when you get emotionally hijacked
  • Developing your own personal plan to get back on track
  • Other tools to add to your anxiety relief toolbox
  • A Tapping routine that will help you stick with it
  • A Tapping routine to get you past the obstacles to your success

Additional Tap-Along Audios Include:

  •  What If I Don't Stick With The Program
  •  It's Not Working Fast Enough


The workbook will helpguide you through the program, answer frequently asked questions, and give you tips and best practices for implementing this program.

This workbook will help maximize your results!


Extra Goodies

  •  Quality Question Cards
  •  Remember Affirmation Cards
  • Wallet Sized Tapping Points
  •  Full Sized Tapping Points

Get The Tapping Solution for Anxiety Relief – Mary Ayers, Only Price $25

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