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The Wedge for Technology – Randy Schwantz


Complete access to over 9 hours of self-paced video training (6 1.5-hour lessons), including a couple of bonus videos which go into depth on a few important topics.



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Think of the contracts you lost just in the last twelve months alone – you know, the ones you really could have won. How much do they add up to – tens of thousands or perhaps even hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Imagine what it would feel like – right now – if you had simply closed one-fourth, one-third or even one-half of those sales?

Things would be a lot better, right? You’d probably have to worry a lot less about:

  • hitting the next payroll
  • this month’s sales numbers
  • losing your even less-than-desirable clients because you need the revenue
  • how to price the next job so you won’t lose it, even though it compromises your company’s long-term viability

Now imagine what it would be like if you were able to almost magically wrangle part of your competition’s client list away from them? How much would that be worth in real dollars, and what would that do for your confidence level?

Master Growth Coach for over 20 years, Randy Schwantz, author of The WedgeHow to Stop Selling and Start Winning, can help you to do just that – all in this one, self-contained, self-paced workshop.

That’s right – no conference fee, no traveling out-of-town, no selling down-time, and no seminar brain-overload – because you learn at your own pace in an environment that works best for you. All you need is a computer.

Think about it: There are only three main sales tactics to drive up your revenue:

  • Sell more to your existing clients. I assume your sales team has been down this path already, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep on top of things.
  • Sell more to companies who have never purchased technology solutions before or who have already fired their tech firm. You can probably count the number of these on one hand. To find them, though, you might need to enlist the services of Miss Cleo and/or Sherlock Holmes!
  • Pick off your competitors’ clients, one by one. Yes, legal poaching.

Now let me take these tactics one at a time and show you your biggest vulnerabilities:

  • How do you know you’ll keep all your existing clients? Sure, you should probably ditch the ones you’re wasting time with and who aren’t profitable, but what makes you so sure that your competitors aren’t bearing down on your cash cows and doing what they can to steal them away from you? (Hint: you shouldn’t be so sure, and your competition is likely doing just that!) My question to you: what are you doing about this vulnerability right now? (Yes, you can lose your cash cows. I’ve seen it over and over again – especially with a change in decision-makers or a sudden new emphasis on the “bottom line.”)
  • If you’re selling to brand-new prospects, how can you make sure they’ll see you in a much more favorable light than your competition? What do you do to make sure you get the inside track that results in a signed proposal? If you don’t know the answer to this, you’re almost certainly flushing good money (and time) right down the drain.
  • How’s selling to your competition’s clients going for you? See if this scenario sounds familiar:
    1. You finally score a meeting with the client, after being told “no” many times. (Excitement!)
    2. You meet with a lot of reluctance during the meeting but they promise to give you a shot. (More excitement.)
    3. You spend hours upon hours developing a great proposal that comes in under the “target number” that you were also “leaked” in the meeting. (Everyone who reads the proposal loves it – even your spouse. Two thumbs-up.)
    4. You spend hours upon hours developing a great presentation to go with the great proposal. You spare no expense. (Drum roll…)
    5. During the presentation, you’re told your presentation and offer are impressive, and you head back to the office excited, because you heard the decision maker make a few remarks that seemed “forward-moving.” (Everyone during the presentation is all-smiles. They invite you to a nice lunch afterward. They pay!)
    6. On the day the decision is to be made, they don’t call. (You get a distinct queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach.)
    7. Phone calls. Messages. Emails. Voicemails. Repeat. Repeat again and again. (Tums. Maybe even Prilosec.)
    8. Finally, some underling reluctantly leaves you a voicemail that they’re maintaining their relationship with their current vendor – but they loved your solution – really – and thank you again for the time and professionalism. In fact, they may call you again in the future. (Defeat.)
      Guess what, man? You just got rolled. You just lost an awful lot of time and money. And a lot of dignity and self-respect, for that matter.

Unfortunately, that’s normally the way it goes when you try to sell against an incumbent relationship.

Without further ado, here’s the solution that will help you avoid all of these problems, disappointments, and stress:

The Wedge for Technology™ Workshop

The main objective of The Wedge Sales Process™ is to teach you to break incumbent relationships to win new business.

With this time-tested, yet rarely-employed sales technology, you will learn…

  • Where you are strong and your competition is weak – which leads to how the prospect is being underserved.
  • How to exploit the competition’s weakness to get prospects to see how they are being underserved.
  • How to test their ability to fire the incumbent and hire you.

In a nutshell, the Wedge works because… if what you bring to the table is the same as what they have, they don’t need you!

How to Stop Selling and Start Winning

When you go through the easy-to-understand principles of this workshop, you’ll also learn…

  • How to identify which products and services your company provides better than your competition (using what we call the “ladder of abstraction”).
  • How to develop proactive services that are tangible and concrete that will differentiate you – a lot – from your competition.
  • How to develop a Pre-Call Strategy™ that will have you knowing the prospect, the key players, etc., the incumbent technology firm, etc.
  • How to conduct a new business interview that will enable you to find and ethically exploit a prospect’s pain. (This is how prospects begin to realize how they are underserved – without you having to say anything bad about the incumbent!)
  • How to get a commitment in advance that they will fire the other guy and hire you if you can give them what they’re asking for.
  • How to get a proactive service timeline in place so that your top accounts continue to do business with you.

What You Get

  • Complete access to over 9 hours of self-paced video training (6 1.5-hour lessons), including a couple of bonus videos which go into depth on a few important topics.
  • One 40+ page workbook that accompanies the training, which you can use for note-taking, exercises, and brainstorming. Print it out and use it as many times as you like. (It’s great to use for annual planning preparation.)
  • Picture Perfect Recipe Cards for Technology (you’ll have to take the course in order to find out how valuable these will be in your prospecting and your post-sales efforts).

Yes, Randy! I want The Wedge For Technology

What You Get

  • Complete access to full video training modules ($1295)
  • Workbook that accompanies the training which you can use for note taking, exercises and brainstorming ($195)
  • Picture Perfect Recipe Cards for Technology ($45)

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