Twitter Growth Course – 100k followers in 10 months



Twitter Growth Course – 100k followers in 10 months


This course is everything I know about growing a following from 3 followers in March of 2019 to over 180,000 followers today. I’ll earn over $950k this year in side income through my work on Twitter. The tips, tricks, methods and rules I employ and live by on Twitter – at your finger tips.

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Twitter Growth Course – 100k followers in 10 months

Twitter Growth Course - 100k followers in 10 monthsI wouldn’t sell my Twitter account for $1million

Twitter is the country club of our generation – and where all the deal makers, investors, and entrepreneurs interact.

I have DM’d with billionaires. I’m in group chats with a group of 10 people all building media empires in real-time. I’ve added over 900 high net worth individuals to our deal distribution list. I have access to virtually anyone I want.

My company has raised millions from the people we’ve met there. Putting out content there makes me smarter and a better entrepreneur.

Twitter has been an enormous part of my success.

I’ve documented everything I know about growing a valuable audience on Twitter.

And I’m sharing it with you.

What You’ll Learn in the Course
These are a few of the key lessons you’ll learn.
For a complete table of contents, scroll to the bottom of the page! 
How to build a valuable personal brand

How to become a better writer (for the internet)

Who This Course is For

People just starting out
You don’t know where to start. How to write threads. How to get ideas. What to avoid. How to maximize your chances of success. By the end of this course, you’ll know exactly what to do.
People looking to level up
You’re not afraid of hard work. You’ve put in the time. But you’re seeing mixed results. This course will help you trim the fat and focus on strategies that work.
People who want a competitive advantage
I give you specifics of what to do and when to do it. If you want to stand out compared to everyone else trying to grow a following on Twitter, this is the course for you.

Here’s a list of everything you’ll get


  • What are 100k followers worth to you?
  • The mission
  • How not to tweet
  • My superpower on Twitter

The process

  • Rule #1: Become an expert
  • Rule #2: Give to get
  • Rule #3: No politics, ever
  • Rule #4: Vulnerability is power
  • Rule #5: Remember the lurkers
  • Rule #6: Quality over quantity
  • Rule #7: Tweets vs threads
  • Rule #8: Keep your eye on the prize
  • Rule #9: Why you should be yourself vs anonymous
  • Rule #10: The worthless retweet
  • Rule #11: It takes an army
  • Rule #12: Learn to use the tools at your disposal
  • Rule #13: The biggest badasses are the quietest
  • Rule #14: Setting up your profile
  • Rule #15: The dangers of building in public and how to avoid them
  • Rule #15 follow up
  • Rule #16: Clear and concise communication
  • Rule #17: The ultimate hack
  • Housekeeping

How to execute your strategy

What to do to get good at writing tweets.

  • Good writing vs bad writing
  • Practice good copywriting
  • Managing direct messages and making the most of them
  • Your Twitter is a funnel
  • Distribution and monetizing your audience
  • The key to good copywriting: The Hook
  • The most successful type of content
  • How to “workshop” your copy
  • Nick creating a thread – live!
  • 8 mins144 MB
  • How to overcome writers block
  • When to repeat yourself
  • Dealing with the haters
  • Closing notes
  • Community

Additional resources

Videos and additional reading.

  • Building in public, growth, and Twitter Mastery with Moses Kagan
  • Storyworthy: Engage, Teach, Persuade, and Change Your Life Through the Power of Storytelling
  • The Twitter masters you need to follow
  • A great morning routine for content creators
  • How to write well, by Julian Shapiro

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