Ultimate Attraction System – John Alanis



Ultimate Attraction System – John Alanis


Ultimate Attraction System – John Alanis

Actually, there IS something better… much better. What if you could, on demand, literally create AND maintain any type of relationship you wanted with any woman, any time any place, whether it’s a steamy night of passion, an “adventure partner” type relationship, or even a long term “committed for life” relationship with that one special woman who makes every part of your life brighter who gives you (and ONLY you) her undying love, devotion and loyalty?

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Ultimate Attraction System - John AlanisWhat would your life be like if you had total power and control over ALL your relationships with women, if you could NEVER have your heart broken again…

“A Completely Different Approach to Dating, Women, and Relationships that Allows Me to Create Any Type of Relationship I Choose with Any Woman, Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere, Literally on Demand, Completely Devoid of Emotional Turmoil, Rejection, Heartbreak or Misery”

And I’m Convinced Any Man can Quickly and Easily Copy What I’m Doing, Once You Understand It, No Matter Your Looks, Age or Income. Why would any sane man reveal this kind of secret, if it was true? Read my message and find out…
Dear Friend,

What could be better than having beautiful, desirable women boldly approach you first, walking right up to you, and begging you for a date on the spot, no matter your looks, age or income?

Actually, there IS something better… much better. What if you could, on demand, literally create AND maintain any type of relationship you wanted with any woman, any time any place, whether it’s a steamy night of passion, an “adventure partner” type relationship, or even a long term “committed for life” relationship with that one special woman who makes every part of your life brighter who gives you (and ONLY you) her undying love, devotion and loyalty?

In other words, what would your life be like if you could create, design, and control your own outcomes with women—at will? Don’t believe you can do it? Skeptical? I don’t blame you. These are bold, almost outrageous statements, yet, they are 100% true… keep reading and I’ll prove it to you beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Have you ever said to yourself, “I’m a great guy. I may feel awkward and nervous at times, but I know, deep down, I have a lot to offer a woman. I can make her feel really, really good like she deserves to feel. But I just can’t seem to find that special one who’s attracted to me, who likes me ‘for me.’ If only she understood the ‘real me,’ I could make her truly happy.”

When you know how to make a woman feel “it,” she’s yours forever

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Women aren’t attracted to the men they “should be.” They’re attracted to men who make them feel a powerful sense of attraction, whether that man is good for her or not. And if you can’t make her feel that, you won’t attract women. Simple as that.

Even the Wealthiest, Most Handsome, “Physically and Financially Gifted” Man Will Lead a Life of Emptiness and Desperation IF He Doesn’t Know How to Make a Woman Feel the Way She Truly, Deeply Wants to Feel!

And if you’re anything like me, you’re not even close to that type of guy. My name is John Alanis. In some circles I’m known as “The King of Let ’em Come to You.” Many of you reading this know who I am. Others may not. In case you’ve forgotten, I’m a 5’7”, balding, bad dresser who drives a beat up red 1992 Buick Regal, and yet, despite these handicaps, I continually experience the types of relationships with women even the truly rich, truly powerful can only dream about… and I can teach you how to do that too, no matter your looks, age, income, race or any other factor you might think may be holding you back from success with women.

Why? Because none of that matters. When you know how to make a woman feel what she truly deeply wants to feel, what she’s dreamed about feeling ever since she was a little girl, then the world of women is truly at your feet.

And they will line up to meet you. They will fight with each other to meet you. They will come from far and wide to meet you, to spend just a little, tiny part of their lives with you so they’ll know they got to experience “it.” And other women will be insanely jealous of the time they spent with you, desperate to feel “it” too.

What is “it?” Simply this: the one, almost indescribable feeling, that beautiful, desirable women spend their lives looking for in a man, yet rarely experience.

One woman (Christina, from Seattle, more about her later) described it to me this way. She said, “John I can feel you in my teeth, I can feel you in my breath, I can feel you in my bones. You make my soul glow in a way no man before or since you ever has. And I will never forget the impact you had on my life and the beauty you brought into it. You showed me what it was like to live, to truly be alive, and for that I will forever be in your debt. You have my undying gratitude.” And this was after we’d spent only three days together. Three days!

If you could make a woman feel like that, how many women do you think would be attracted to you? The answer is simple: All Of Them! Every Single One

Why? Because all women want to feel that way, they want to feel “it.” And when they think a man can make them feel even a tiny piece of that powerful emotion, they will forego friends, they will forego family, they will forego existing relationships, they will give up everything they have just to be with that man, just to experience that feeling.

Maybe you’ve known a woman like that. Someone who was beautiful, intelligent, and desirable beyond words… and yet she almost threw her life away chasing someone who you knew was a complete loser, a total jerk, a traitor! Why would she do this? Because the “loser” stumbled upon a way to make her feel a little slice of “it.”

The ability to make her feel “it” is a tremendous power. And, if you qualify, I’ll show you step by simple step, how you can make any woman feel “it” and…

Give You Absolute Power, Control and Choice Over ALL Your Outcomes With Women for Life!

Are YOU Finally Ready to Step Up to the Big Leagues and Put This Incredible Power to Work For YOU?

However, before you answer that, there is one thing you should know: the power to create incredible attractions, the power to create “it” for a woman must be used very, very carefully. Or you will wind up hurting a wonderful woman for no reason for a long, long time. Attraction is actually very easy to create… but difficult to control.

And that is why I will teach only those who qualify the responsible way to use this power for good, for creation of incredible feelings, while avoiding the awesome destruction misused attraction can cause.

I see it happen all the time: treacherous men (stupid little boys, really) with dark, twisted souls, and evil intentions towards women stumble across a tiny piece of the power to create “it.” And they leave a trail of destruction in their wake, a path littered with broken women who only wanted to feel “it” but wound up victimized by stupid, evil, unknowing jerks who just wanted to “get even” with women for imagined wrongs. If you’re a guy like that, stop reading this letter immediately and go see a competent therapist. This is NOT for you.

However, if you’re a guy who wants to make a woman feel truly amazing, better than any man has ever made her feel (or will ever make her feel), no matter if it’s for a night of passion, or a long term relationship, then you might just qualify to learn how to make a woman feel “it”.

And when you are able to make a woman feel “it” then guess what? YOU are able to fully experience “it” as well. Look, I can’t describe “the indescribable” in a letter. It’s just not possible. But think of “it” this way: if you were to imagine the best feeling you ever had with a woman, that light of new attraction, the smoldering fires of passion, the “butterflies in your stomach,” and then multiply that feeling by ten times… a hundred times… a thousand times… you might begin to get the idea of what “it” feels like. Maybe.

But why simply imagine “it” when you can experience “it” along with a truly wonderful woman… or women? See, the great thing about being able to make a woman feel “it” is you are not constrained to one woman. Sure you can spend all your time with one if you want to, but you can also spend it with more than one if you want. It’s your choice. And that’s what’s important here…

Your RIGHT to Choose Your Own Outcomes, not Have Them Chosen for You!

See, so many guys are sex starved or relationship starved that they’ll “settle” for ANY woman that comes around. I believe it was Henry David Thoreau who said, “Most men leads lives of quiet desperation.”

And that is absolutely, 100% true to this day. But I’ll take it a step further: Most men lead lives of quiet desperation with women. I know. Because I’ve been there.

Let me tell you my story. I think it’s important you get to know me, and where I came from so you can fully understand the power of my “system,” and how you can put it to work for you.

The Amazing Story of How I Went From Complete Desperation, Sexual Starvation and “Forced Celibacy” to Rejecting Woman After Desirable Woman Simply Because There Was Not Enough Time in the Day to Spend With All of Them!

Do you know what desperation feels like? For a long time I was that way. I remember in high school secretly lusting after the prettiest, most popular women only to watch them moon over idiot jocks whose best year of their life would always be their senior year in high school

I thought if I was nice, kind, and sensitive women would like me “for who I am.” “Just be yourself.” my female friends always told me. Yeah right… if that worked, how come they were always just “friends” instead of passionate lovers? And how come whenever the resident high school jerk came calling, they immediately ran off with him, knowing they were going to be dumped as soon as someone prettier and more popular came around?

I just couldn’t understand it. Why would women who SAID they wanted a “sensitive guy” run like cattle to the slaughter to a loud mouthed jerk they knew was going to “kick their teeth in?”

To tell you the truth I think I had one or two dates in high school. And the one I remember was so hideous I can’t even believe I let myself be seen with her in public. But I was leading a life of desperation with women and it showed. I wanted to have a pretty girlfriend so badly, and treat her so well, I was willing to try anything… even going out with a “beast” just to prove I was a “nice guy.” But that didn’t help. I was just known as the guy who dated the beast, and that certainly didn’t help me at all.

I didn’t even go to my senior prom. Nope, the woman I asked turned me down flat. I remember it plain as day. It was in Calculus, 3rd period. I asked her to go, and she said “Thanks, but I already have a date. We should really just be friends. I don’t think of you in ‘that way’.” And you want to know the worst thing, the most humiliating thing? I knew she was lying and I knew she would have a date… a “socially acceptable one.” Even worse than that, she was ALREADY a friend of mine. A friend who knew I was a “good guy”—and she turned me down flat, embarrassing and humiliating me in public.

So, a buddy of mine and I went and saw “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka” with Keenan Ivory Wayans on Prom night. Two losers, going to a movie on what should have been one of the best nights of my life.

At Least the Movie Was Funny

So, off I went to college. I figured I’d have better luck there, especially if I got in shape. So I started lifting weights and got big and strong. I went to school on a 4 year Naval ROTC scholarship so I figured the uniform would attract women. But it didn’t. Now, a lot of guys in my unit did very well with women, but they were all jerks… or so I thought. See, I got to know a few of these guys pretty well… and found out they weren’t jerks after all… they were good guys. But they treated the women they were with terribly… or so I thought.

Now, I want to call “time out” for just a second here and then I’ll continue with my story. Don’t think the key to attracting women, to making her feel “it” is being or acting like a jerk. It isn’t. Jerks, at times, tend to stumble on things that “flip” a woman’s “attraction triggers*”, but because they are jerks they wind up creating great emotional turmoil with the women in their life. And that’s just not something I’m interested in experiencing.

*Attraction triggers are female biological cues that, when turned on by a man, create a powerful sense of attraction in a woman. ‘Flipping’ these triggers is one of the keys to creating attraction to you.

Back to my story. Although my friends in the Navy were good at attracting women, I also noticed they had a lot of “women problems.” Oh sure they got laid a lot, but they also fought, quarreled and wasted a lot of time dealing with women who were really pissed off at them. So, they’d dump her and move onto the next one. As a result, they had a lot of women who were initially attracted to them, but later hated them.

And I took note of this, careful note. I liked the idea of being able to attract women. But not the idea of constantly fighting, which is what all these jerks seemed to do. Most of the time they were pissed at women, not happy. And I wanted to spend time with women where we both made each other happy.

So, I tried out some of the “jerk strategies.” And sure enough, I met a woman (Claire) at the end of my sophomore year, and we went out—for a little while. There were two things I liked about this. First off, she was hot. She looked like Snow White… long jet-black hair, and pure white skin. A fun, smart, beautiful girl. Secondly, she and I actually went to junior high together where she thought I was a complete nerd and loser. And now, I was going out with her!

How Sweet It Was… for a Little While

But then I started doing nice guy things. I didn’t want to do the “jerk” things and create emotional turmoil. I figured if I acted like a “nice guy” after I attracted her by acting like a jerk, I could have the best of both worlds… attraction with no emotional turmoil. I was under the illusion that I could “maintain the relationship” by being a nice guy. Maybe you’ve done this too, probably with the same results.

So, I started writing her letters, telling her how much I liked her, being sensitive and understanding—you know what all the “relationship specialists” and “romance counselors” say guys are supposed to do. (Boy do I feel stupid reading this now…)

Well, you can guess the rest of the story… she dumped me for a mop haired jerk of a guy who could barely lift a weight… and I could hoist 275 lbs on the bench press! But, she chose me over him even though I was strong and sensitive, and he was weak and rude. I was able to create the attraction, but I had no clue how to maintain it! As a result this “doofy wimp” (who I could have pounded into a pulp) stole her right out from under my nose. Man, talk about…

A Blow to the “Male Ego”

But again, I took note of this, careful note. Even back then I was aware of my surroundings, aware of certain processes. I noticed that if I did a certain thing, women were attracted to me. And I noticed if I did “nice guy” things they went away. I was starting to get a little better at reading “attraction signals”—the subtle cues women give off that let you know she’s attracted to you.

But, I still couldn’t piece it all together. See, I didn’t want to meet lots of women and have lots of turmoil like all my jerk friends. And I didn’t want to meet no women and have no turmoil like my “nice guy” friends. I wanted to meet great women and have great, good, fun times without any of the emotional bullshit.

I asked several of my friends who were in committed relationships that question: how do you set it up so that she is attracted to you, yet you don’t have any emotional turmoil, any fighting, in your life?

How Do You “Keep It Going” After It Starts Off So Well?

They all laughed when I said that. They told me that being in a relationship wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and that they actually spent a lot of time fighting. They said you had to “work” at a relationship. They said you had to “compromise” to be successful. And then they confided to me how they wish they’d stayed single. Many of these guys wound up with bitter, financially damaging, acrimonious divorces. Many more cheated on their wives while their wives cheated on them.

They all had emotional turmoil in their lives. None were happy with any of the women in their lives, not their wives, not their lovers. It was sad. What had started out feeling so good quickly went so bad, leaving behind nothing but hate, loathing and destruction. I never understood it… how could someone you professed to love just a year ago, hate you so much now? How could you hate them so much? Wasn’t a long term committed relationship with that one special woman supposed to provide joy and happiness? But it sure didn’t in all my friends’ cases.

And I took note of this too. Careful note. So, I avoided getting into a long term relationship in college. Heck, I was going into the Navy… no time for a relationship there. I was going to make it a career… in submarines. So, I was selected into the Navy’s Nuclear Power Program for officers, and slated to become a submarine officer. And my concerns about women went on the back burner.

But it was not to be. A few months before I supposed to be “commissioned” and report for active duty, they found a medical problem. And out the door I went. Oh, I got to keep all the money they gave me, so I got a “free education” but that was worthless to me. I wanted to be a Naval Officer, to be the best of the best. Maybe some of you guys reading this can identify with that—the desire to be “better than best.”

I’m not one to cry over the past, though. I took a job as a “field engineer” working in the Alaskan oil fields, and later on in Texas, Michigan and Oklahoma. Real tough guy stuff.

I Hated Every Miserable Second of It

But, when I worked in Michigan I met a woman named Renee. Actually, she approached me first. I was playing Roulette at a casino in Traverse City, Michigan when this stunningly beautiful woman walked up to me and started asking me questions. Now I was focused on my game, and ignored her, which only made her pester me more. So, I gave her an “assignment” to go around and look at all the blackjack tables, hoping she would go away (I was really “into the game.”) But, she came back, asking me more questions. So, I collected my chips, cashed them in, and sat down and started talking with her.

It Was the Beginning of a Torrid, Eight Month, Long-Distance Relationship

She fell for me. Hard. Even though she shouldn’t have. I wasn’t a nice guy to her. I was decent, but not nice. I’d learned my lesson. I liked her, but I didn’t love her. I told her that. What do you think that made her do? You got it, want me even more.

And I took note. Careful note. When she was around me, she was literally “in rapture.” She glowed. And she was a beautiful woman with a body the rich and powerful would kill to be with. But I knew from past experience that a long term relationship between the two of us would only lead to rancor, enmity and hate. We just weren’t well matched in certain areas, and luckily, I recognized this. So I created the conditions for her to “dump me.” And she did. And I was happy. Oh she hurt, but not as bad as it could have been. It didn’t destroy her life like it could have.

And I took note of this too. I was starting to figure some things out. Not everything, but some things. Things that not only I could use, but teach other men.

Well, life intervened after that. I quit the oilfield and started my own business. Met a beautiful Chinese woman with the first name of Sin. And she loved to sin! We had a fun passionate relationship, and then she moved out of town. But she’d been up front about it from the beginning… we had a great time, shared a wonderful connection and then it came to an end. But we both parted ways happy we’d been in each other’s lives, if even for a brief time. We never fought while we were together, we only enjoyed each other’s company.

This Was the Way it Should Be!

And I took note of this too. I was getting closer and closer to being able to design and control my relationships with women, where I would experience only fun and joy with none of the emotional turmoil, hurt or pain.

I thought I was finally on the way… how to design and control the relationships I wanted with women without the pain and heartbreak. And then I met Christina.

She was one of the most amazing women I ever met. Someday, if you get to know me personally I’ll tell you the whole story. She made me feel things I’d only dreamed about feeling. She made me feel “it.” And I made her feel “it” too. Then she did the best thing any woman has every done for me: she broke my heart completely in two, bringing forth a pain and suffering I never knew a person could feel. “Deep cuts the knife,” they say, and this one cut me to the core. I couldn’t get out of bed for two days it hurt so bad. The pain was like a demon inside trying to get out. And strangely enough…

That Horrible Pain was the Greatest Gift Any Woman Could Have Ever Given Me!

Why? How could pain that deep lead to anything positive? The answer is simple: hurting that badly gave me the final key, the final piece of the puzzle to complete power and control over all my relationships with women. See, when I was lying there in bed, with my mind completely focused for the first time in years, it all came together at once. This terrible pain opened my mind and allowed me, for the first time, to clearly see how all of my experiences fit together. And it all made perfect sense. Finally.

Do you know what a Phoenix is? It’s the “firebird”—when it dies, it perishes in flames, yet from the ashes a new firebird arises. That’s what happened with Christina. Unlike most guys I didn’t holler, scream, jump up and down or get violent. I didn’t call her horrible names like “bitch” or “whore” or anything any of the other jerks did when their relationships didn’t end on “their terms.”

No, instead I did something completely different, something completely unexpected. I put together all the pieces of the “system” I saw so clearly while I was lying in bed and put it to use for the first time. And guess what? Something marvelous happened, something so totally unexpected, that even I was floored when it did. Our relationship literally “rose from the flames.” It was created in fire and ended in fire… but from the ashes something stronger and longer lasting emerged.

She introduced me to a friend of hers, and then she came back to me in a way I never could have imagined. She is in my life to this day and we have nothing but genuine warmth and appreciation for each other. Before my “system” there would have been nothing but hate and acrimony. How could this be?

How Could a Woman Who’d Hurt Me so Badly Come Back to Me, Even Better Than Before, As Well As Introducing Me to Her Friends?

I’ll bet you’d like to know. Imagine this: meeting a wonderful woman, and then if and when your relationship ends, instead of it ending in hate, pain, and acrimony, she introduces you to another woman (who may be even more wonderful), and then comes back to you IF you want her to. And even if you don’t want her back (because you’re with somebody better) she’s still in your life with warmth, happiness and appreciation, recognizing you as “the best ever.” How great would that be?

Would you like to know how to do that? I can teach you that, and many other secrets about creating and designing the relationships YOU choose with women. See, I’ve discovered there are actually five little known secrets that allow you to create any outcome you desire, with any woman, anywhere. And we’re going to talk about those, right now. Sound good? OK, here we go…

Secret #1: Exploding the Myth—Relationships do NOT “Just Happen” They are Created

I hear it over and over. When people get into a relationship—any type of relationship—both men and women say, “This is so wonderful, I can’t believe it’s happening to me.” When they’re not seeing anybody, they say. “I wish it would happen for me.” And when they break up, they say, “I can’t believe this happened to me.”

Attraction does not “just happen”… you can actually create it

What a bunch of baloney. See, when somebody says “it’s happening,” what they’re really doing is, leaving their outcomes up to random chance. In other words, they’re perfectly willing to let someone else control their own outcomes.

What if, instead of waiting around, hoping and praying for something to “happen” you were literally able to snap your fingers and “make it happen” at will? How great would that be?

See, the truth of the matter is, you can. Attraction, relationships, passion can all be created just by following a simple formula. As much as we’d like to believe in the “magic” of relationships, the truth of the matter is, they are governed by a “biological code” present in all men and women. But modern society has suppressed that code and tried to replace it with this nonsense of dating, romance, and courting. Yet it still governs all our actions, and knowing and understanding that there is a code, literally allows us to create relationships at will. It’s simply a part of survival of the species.

Look at what happens in all those nature shows you see on TV. No matter the animal, they all have a code that “creates relationships” (however brief) between the male and female of the species. We humans are no different, except in one aspect: we have created a society that actively represses that code, especially in men.

But… because it’s “repressed” doesn’t mean it’s not powerful… because it is—extremely powerful. And knowing and understanding that “biological attraction code” can give you, as a man, the power to create any type of relationship you want with any woman, anywhere.

See, once I turned into residing out my “formative years” I took cautious word of what labored and what didn’t in my relationships with girls. I knew what I wanted, and knew what I didn’t. As I had increasingly relationships, I began out doing the matters that labored for me, and stayed farfar from doing the matters that didn’t. As a end result I subsequently arrived at a “set” of sports that permits me to revel in tremendous pleasure and ardour with superb girlseven as warding off the ache and heartache that current society dictates we experience whilst a dating is over.

All girls reply to an age vintage organic enchantment code… placed this code to paintings for you, and that they can’t withstand you, regardless of if you’re vintage, ugly, fats or broke

See, nature didn’t intend for us to revel in emotional strife whilst a dating is over… that does NOT lead to “survival of the species.” Continuing the species is meant to a comfortable activity, now no longer one fraught with acheharm and humiliation. Those are imposed on us with the aid of using the society we develop up in, a lot to the pride of evil divorce lawyers.

Now, understanding there may be a code doesn’t cast off from the “magic” at all. No… in truth it provides to it, due to the fact understanding and know-how this easy code permits you to create relationships with girls that in no way might have befell if left as much as random chance. Understanding the “code” permits you to revel in the delight and keep away from the ache… easy as that.

Secret #2 How to Design “Attraction Systems” to Compel the Type of Women You Want To Approach You First, Already Attracted So YOU Get to Make the “Rejection Decision”

Understanding the “code” isn’t enough, however… you have to put it to use within the confines of modern society. And it’s not difficult to do, but you have to do it correctly.

Think about this: in nature, most male animals have all the color and “adornment” to attract the female of the species. Take the peacock for instance… the female is actually very drab and plain, while the male is full of color. He wags his tail, and she comes running. Now sometimes she’ll run away just to “test him,” but if he demonstrates strength, she’ll run right back.

The Species Survives Because the Female Approached the Male NOT the Other Way Around!

But think about men and women for a bit. Who gets all dressed up? The woman. Who gets “chased?” The woman. Who gets to make the “mating decision?” The woman. This is NOT natural. In all other species the male “rides herd” over a group of females… they ALL come to him.

Modern society has reversed the roles of men and women! Women are naturally supposed to approach men first, much like in nature, but society has “bred” it out of them. As men, we’re all conditioned from birth that we’re supposed to ask women out, to “court them,” to supplicate to them. But think about this: does the typical “jerk” ever go on a “date?”

Hell, no—women come to him first and then he does what he wants. Now, because he is a jerk, he creates great emotional turmoil… jerks know a tiny little portion of the “biological code” NOT the whole thing. If they did, they wouldn’t be called jerks… they’d be called “rare, magnificent men, great lovers of women,” etc. etc. Don’t get the idea that being a jerk is the way to create your own outcomes with women, because it’s NOT! Women respond to a few characteristics of the jerk, NOT the jerk himself.

How is all this useful to you? Well, keep in mind we live in modern society, and you as a man have to deal with that fact. However, once you understand that women respond to a “biological code” and are supposed to approach you first, you can put this knowledge to work to design what I call “attraction systems.”

Attraction systems are simply ways that put you and the woman you lust after in situations that activate her biological code, fire off her “attraction triggers”, and “point” the resulting attraction right square at you.

Guys, doing this is incredibly easy IF you know what signals to look for, and how to “engineer attraction situations.” They happen over and over again in every day of your life… you just need to know how to recognize and take advantage of them. And they work no matter your looks, age or income…

All You Have to Do is Be Male, Recognize the Situation and
Turn it to Your Favor!

Women are supposed to approach YOU first, not the other way around!

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