Viral Persuasion Secrets – Paul Mascetta



Viral Persuasion Secrets – Paul Mascetta


Viral Persuasion Secrets – Paul Mascetta

This “20 Years In The Making” Viral Persuasion Strategy Is Guaranteed To Make Your Message Spread Like Wildfire Giving You Instant Authority & Power Status

Learn How You Can Swipe And Steal The Exact Content Formula I Use To Craft Viral Content & Persuasive Messages That Influence The Masses

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Viral Persuasion Secrets - Paul MascettaThis “20 Years In The Making” Viral Persuasion Strategy Is Guaranteed To Make Your Message Spread Like Wildfire Giving You Instant Authority & Power Status

Learn How You Can Swipe And Steal The Exact Content Formula I Use To Craft Viral Content & Persuasive Messages That Influence The Masses

April 01, 2021

Dear friend,

I want to let you in a little secret.

The fastest way to become influential is by multiplying your persuasiveness.

You see, persuasion is an element of influence.

Persuasion is when you get people to comply and do what you want them to do.

This typically involves a process of some kind.

It could be a presentation, a conversation or a negotiation.

But a process takes place that results in the other person cooperating and complying.

Do that enough times and you start to become influential.

Let me explain..

Having influence is when you have such an impact on people that they do what you want them to do without really even asking them.

Or without the “persuasion process”.

In other words you don’t really do anything to persuade them. They just become part of your tribe.

The Secret To Increasing Your Persuasiveness & Becoming Influential Without Doing Extra Work

What if there was something you could do to your persuasive message that would instantly make it reach more people without adding more to it or having to go through the persuasion process more times?

  • Maybe you’re a business owner. What if you should get your products in the hands of more people?
  • Maybe you’re a salesperson. What if you could close more sales faster and easier without doing more prospecting or cold calling?
  • Maybe you’re a coach or consultant. What if you could have clients knocking at your door ready and willing to pay your premium fees inserted of you chasing them down?

The secret lies in the “viral effect”.

The more viral your content or messaging becomes the more people are exposed to it.

As more people become exposed to it, your sphere of influence grows.

I experienced the power of the viral effect first hand when I launched my course The Code of Influence.

As part of my launch strategy I had numerous partners promoting the course to their tribes.

At one point we had 200,000 people visit the site.

The result?

Within one week I nearly quadrupled my income, by email list and my reach.

And I’ve continued to grow since then.

Now I actually get paid tens of thousands of dollars to teach these strategies to others.

Take The Luck Out Of “Going Viral” With My Personal Step-By-Step Persuasive Playbook…


A Complete 10 Step Video Training Course That Will Show You How To:

  • Create Organically Shared Viral Messages
  • Establish A Cognitive Connection With Your Audience
  • Unlock The “Market Secrets” Behind Shares, Likes, And Sales
  • Tell “Must See, Must Share” Stories
  • Use Audience Beliefs To Strengthen Content
  • Insert Subliminal “Action” Messages In Content
  • Tap Into The Power Of “Like-Mindedness”
  • Seduce Your Audience Into “Buying” Your Message
  • And Present In-Person With Ease

Here’s EXACTLY What You’ll Discover As You Learn How To Create Viral Content And Messages…

  • The 7 components behind almost every single viral message, how you can create them, and an message creation essential that makes your marketing, your ideas, or your “brand” seem organic to your audience (PLUS, I’ll share how this will pay off)…
  • An instantaneous “they don’t ask themselves why, they just have to share it” secret behind crafting viral messages that allows you to achieve a massive audience 100x more eager to click “like, share, and comment…”
  • 3 components of a viral message even 78% of marketing firms miss. Putting each of these step-by-step components in action will allow you to take the luck out of getting your message to take off…
  • Reception and acceptance revealed, explained, and detailed—learn how to get your message out there AND get your audience to understand and accept what they are seeing and hearing…
  • 1 authority figure relationship FACT, 2 reasons real life messages work better, 2 ways to make your stories vivid, and a 1 step strategy guaranteed to elicit emotion from your audience (all of these immediately applicable tips are right in the first audio)…
  • The K + P + C = VIRAL CONTENT formula that’s been tested, proven, and re-tested hundreds of times online, offline, and in almost every format (I’ve guarded this secret closely for 20 years and it STILL works with Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook)…
  • How to create a nearly instantaneous mental connection with your audience with a 9 step strategy that works with your very first piece of viral content and only increases in effectiveness over time…
  • One proven method to “get them to think the way you want.” Skip straight to this if you want to understand how to create an instant always comes back for more connection with someone…
  • Why “the unseen enemy” strategy works, what it is, and WHY it isn’t what you think—FOLLOW THIS to create a pain point for your audience that requires a solution (don’t worry, you’ll also be providing the solution, and that’s exactly why this works)…
  • The reason you need to tap into the subconscious mind and how you can get people to act without even thinking about their actions (it’s like flipping an internal switch consumerism has programmed into our minds)…
  • Ever wonder how TV Commercials get you to hum a jingle, repeat a catch phrase, or keep a brand popping up in your mind? I’ll show you how …
  • 9 secrets of the market you can’t miss (HINT: This is the reason you call tissues “Kleenex,” clear tape is “Scotch Tape,” and why pre-mixed epoxy is “Super Glue”)…
  • Publicity building, putting context first, learning why the trigger herd mentality works, and tapping into hidden messaging cues that get people to react positively to your message…
  • Repetition VS. Repeating Yourself – Two things that sound that same and you don’t actually know the vital difference. You’re about to learn exactly what I mean in the 4th audio of this series…
  • Small messages can have small ideas or they can have big ideas. Learn how to create a big idea in just a few words, why small messages work, and how just a few viral pieces can carry your brand…
  • The “Not All Stories Are Created Equal” key to storytelling and the 8 steps of mythical storytelling you can follow step-by-step to create a message that sticks with your audience…
  • Creating the “hero” of your viral story and why your hero or subject doesn’t need to be a person but still needs to be “heroic…”
  • What a hook really is, why you constantly get your hooks wrong without knowing it, and how you can instantly make your message beneficial for your audience and profitable for you…
  • One area where you may already be burning bridges with your audience. Learn this and avoid creating messages “too powerful” that actually end up turning people away…
  • 6 secrets of subliminal messaging including one way you can build tension without your audience noticing they are hooked until it’s too late to take the action you want them to take…
  • Learn when vague is good, why less can be more, and how to embrace the cool “just a few words” messages that you’ve tried before but have never worked for you (skip right to part 7 to see what I mean)…
  • The power of like-mindedness, building common connections with a subject, and how to get your audience on the “same page” as you by tapping into their personal aspirations and creating the “ideal identity” they are looking for…
  • How sex sells (but not the way you think) and how one seductive language game of “show and tell” you’ll share with your audience triggers a frequently used but never satisfied enough segment of their brain that leaves them begging you for more…
  • Manipulation Vs. Seduction – I’d ask if you know the difference, but it’s so subtle you don’t (don’t worry, most people without a PhD in psychology don’t either). You’ll have to skip to audio 9 to learn this…
  • The art of live presentations (in 9 steps) including what to do with your eyes, body, and words. You’ll learn how to make a short presentation wind even when long presentations are expected and how to handle opening, closing, and everything in between…
  • And Much, Much More!

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