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Have you wanted a distinctly feminine spiritual path that is embodied, ecstatic and fulfilling… and actually leads to the awakened life you desire?

Have you suspected that goddess worshipping traditions are working with REAL forces and energies rather than symbols and metaphors – forces that can liberate you into a wholly new way of being?

It’s no secret that religion and spiritual practices have tended toward the masculine for the last 5,000 years – often to our detriment.

Too often, traditional visions of spirituality have denied the body, contributed to self-judgment and emphasized ego-slaying in lieu of nurturing a truly divine life.

It’s time for a spiritual path that evokes, awakens and communes with the feminine forces of the universe that are always available to support you – if you can only learn to open to their power.

In Tantric lineages of the East, such a path has been kept alive but almost always taught from the perspective of male teachers. Only now have these ancient transformational traditions started to benefit all genders, thanks to powerful female teachers who bring a new dimension and depth to these ancient practices.

This new, inclusive path promises to create a sacred marriage of masculine and feminine qualities that leads to a life of reverence, ecstatic mindfulness and delicious fulfillment.

Drawing on the transformative power of goddess practices passed down for millennia, this path empowers you to awaken, recognize this world as an expression of the Divine, and move through it with greater power, integrity and clarity.

Advanced initiates through the ages have created a reverential relationship with different goddesses and experienced the beautiful, blessed current of sacred energy they bring.

By entering into these practices – whatever your religious or spiritual background – you can begin to relate to the unique qualities of goddess energy, both in the world and in your body.

A Feminine Path of Liberation

Wisdom%20Goddess%20Empowerment%20 %20Sally%20Kempton%2001(1) - BoxSkillAs respected integral philosopher Ken Wilber says, “goddesses are REAL.” When invited, they have the power to support your evolution relatively quickly and easily.

Through the goddesses, spiritual liberation is less harsh but no less effective than the traditional path, and rich in subtle eros, heartfelt love and fulfilled desire.

This path not only feels better to walk, it also leads to the kind of radiant life we all desire: conscious, alive, ecstatic, impactful and infused with grace.

As this path arises in the hearts and minds of a new generation of practitioners, the heroic ideal of yogis straining to break free of this world is shifting toward enlightened teachers who can bless, savor and nourish life into its fullest expression – and guide you to do the same.

If you are called to go beyond a spirituality that feels dry and remote and into something that is juicy, fecund and beautiful – then The Wisdom Goddess Empowerment has been created just for you.

It’s more than a virtual course; it is an actual ignition of sacred channels of energy that can – should you choose to continue and deepen the practices –bless your life for years to come with specific qualities, powers and capacities required for a divinely human life.

Seven sessions will reveal great blessing forces that are available when you invite each goddess to live in you – and permeate your body, mind and emotions.

These goddess “empowerments” have thousands of years of history and reverence behind them. And they each can liberate YOU to become the powerful, sovereign – even majestic – being you are capable of becoming.

Each module in The Wisdom Goddess Empowerment will help activate and deepen an inner channel that calls forth the blessings of a particular goddess. The sages of the Hindu tantric traditions recognized that to live an awakened life, you need the help of these inner feminine powers. So they developed sophisticated systems for invoking and opening to the powers Durga, Lakshmi, Kali – and lesser-known, but equally powerful Hindu goddesses like Lalita, Bhuvaneshwari and Dhumavati.

Miracles happen when you tune into a particular goddess energy. She lends you her power and love, and brings alive your connection to the evolutionary Self, to others and to the physical universe.

Once these channels are activated, you can continue to open and deepen the relationship over time, infusing the enlightened qualities of each goddess into your life in ever-profound ways.

By the end of the seven modules, you will emerge with a literal re-wiring of your brain around what it means to engage in spiritual practice, meditation, and contemplation. You’ll have a deep understanding for how goddess visualizations and meditations can empower you with healing and transformation and the ability to engage these practices for specific challenges.

The Importance of a Sacred Guide

The crucial call for human beings to awaken and live in a new way can be answered in part when we understand the role of these sacred feminine energies in spiritual evolution. And there is no better guide into these mystical realms than author and renowned spiritual teacher Sally Kempton.

Sally is the author of Awakening Shakti: The Transforming Power of the Goddesses of Yoga, a book that has transformed the practice of many women in the yoga, business, academic and artistic worlds. She is a deep, transmitted practitioner of the Hindu goddess tradition and brings alive the wisdom and awareness of these deity figures.

Sally offers unique insights into both the dark and light sides of our relationship to the divine feminine. Her students attest to her ability to transmit a direct experience that can bring these energies alive in your own life.

During the seven modules of the Wisdom Goddess Empowerment, Sally will lead you into the powers and mysteries of these goddess energies through a radical transmission of the living practice of the Indian tantric tradition.

You’ll learn how to invite and invoke these energies and embody the qualities of the empowered feminine. Because goddess energies are at the heart of ALL life, theirs is a path to extraordinary aliveness and the emergence of your own divine nature.

By connecting with the powers and qualities these goddesses carry, you will:

  • Begin to experience deeper and subtler levels of reality around you
  • Discover hidden sources of spiritual power within your body and mind
  • Become initiated into the ancient tantric understandings of Hinduism through the lens of an accomplished teacher
  • Become skilled at invoking fierce goddess energies for both protection and liberation
  • Enhance your creativity and powers of manifestation
  • Identify and begin to release deep-seated karmic patterning
  • Discover a healthy and empowered vision for the sacred feminine in your spiritual life
  • Expand the sense of beauty in yourself, and harness it as a tool for creative expression
  • Speak with more authenticity, power and grace
  • Increase your skills of discernment and ability to recognize real wisdom
  • Experience deeper levels of bodily fulfillment, opening currents of bliss in your cells
  • Transform your relationship with disappointment and failure, finding the hidden power within them
  • Develop a specific set of practices that connect you with the goddess energy that is most important for you

Wisdom%20Goddess%20Empowerment%20 %20Sally%20Kempton%2004 - BoxSkillWhat You’ll Learn in these 7 Modules

In this 7-module spiritual journey, Sally will guide you through seven goddess activations as they manifest in the world, in you – and as personified archetypes of wisdom and grace.

Each contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to understand how to walk the line between manifestation of desire and surrender to the stream of Shakti.

Module 1: Opening the Inner Path of Love, Wisdom and Power 
Making Direct Contact with the Goddesses of the Hindu Tantra (Recorded on August 26, 2014)

In this module, we’ll uncover the unique qualities of the goddess who empower our spiritual and worldly path. We’ll begin to identify how goddess energies work in your own life, and how to call forth a conscious recognition of the goddess’ presence.

You’ll discover:

  • The secret pathway of empowered deity meditation
  • The individual goddesses and how they carry your hidden powers of will, knowledge and action
  • Sacred feminism as a pathway to the soul
  • The Goddesses Rule: How the universal energies of the Goddess enlivens and empowers the inner and outer worlds, and why their power is necessary for self-discovery
  • The Tantric Paradigm: Reality as consciousness and bliss/Shiva and Shakti
  • Your personal goddess energies – both inside and outside
  • The Durga Myth: Invoking the cosmic warrior goddess for protection, fulfillment and awakening
  • Empowerment Meditation: Invoking Durga, Goddess of Protection and Empowerment

Module 2: Embracing the Goddess of Creative Possibility (Recorded on September 2, 2014)

Wisdom%20Goddess%20Empowerment%20 %20Sally%20Kempton%2005 - BoxSkill

Bhuvaneshwari is the ultimate mother-energy, a spacious presence that gifts us with the ability to manifest whatever we want and need. In this module, we’ll learn how to uncover her energy as a source of grace, and discover her in the world and in our own mind. Bhuvaneshwari not only holds and protects us on the journey, she also unfolds our innate creativity.

You’ll discover:

  • The vast feminine creativity within you
  • Bhuvaneshwari, the creator of worlds and the secret womb of creativity
  • How Bhuvaneshwari reveals the magnetic power to manifest through receptivity
  • The Mother of Mothers: Bhuvaneshwari and the power of self-mothering
  • Activating the World-Soul: The living face of the Goddess in the physical world
  • The secret of holding space, and the power that arises when you know that you are held
  • Discovering and trusting the inner Mother, even when we have been disappointed by our human mothers
  • How Bhuvaneshwari kindles meditation and contemplation
  • Empowerment Meditation: Invoking Bhuvaneshwari to empower your innate gifts

Module 3: Empowering Your Liberation 
Kali the Awakener & Dissolver of Karmic Knots(Recorded on September 9, 2014)


As we begin to see the infinite possibilities within us, we inevitably recognize the blocks and obstacles that keep us from acting in a truly empowered way. In this module, we discover the power of the fierce goddesses to dissolve our obstacles, protect us from missteps, and awaken our inner power for transformation and service.

Here’s what you’ll experience:

  • The fierce goddesses and why we need them
  • Kali’s secret for removing karmic blockages
  • How to invoke Kali for awakening and liberation
  • An understanding of the energetics of inner awakening
  • Why it is important to collect inner power, and how Kali helps us to do it
  • Awakening the inner Shakti kundalini through the power of goddess Kali
  • Why it is crucial to collect inner power, and how we do it
  • Empowering and enlivening inner space
  • Sexuality as a power source for your life
  • Empowerment Meditation: Offering your obstructions to Kali’s fire

Module 4: Receiving the Gifts of Life 
Lakshmi, Good Luck & the Power of Natural Abundance(Recorded on September 16, 2014)

Lakshmi’s gifts include every form of wealth and abundance. Of all the goddesses, she is the one who is most often invoked for ease in all aspects of worldly life. Lakshmi is the incarnate power of sensual joy and natural beauty, and her specialty is kindling feelings of self worth in the heart. It’s said that the best way to worship Lakshmi is to become Lakshmi. In this module we’ll explore the keys to receiving and holding the golden energy of Lakshmi, and how you can bring her qualities alive in your own heart.

In this session, Sally will guide you to:

  • Experience beauty as the sustaining force of life
  • Learn practices for attracting and holding true abundance
  • Dissolve your barriers to giving and receiving
  • Experience Lakshmi’s power of delusion, and how to see behind the veils of materialism
  • Become the goddess of Beauty and Good Fortune by creating a divine body
  • Explore Lakshmi’s secret of “having it all”
  • Empowerment Meditation: Receiving Lakshmi’s radiance into your own Body

Module 5: Your Word Is Fire 
Dancing with Saraswati, Goddess of Wisdom & Empowered Speech (Recorded on September 23, 2014)

The language of Tantra points to the most transformative spiritual technology we have. In this module, we’ll focus on the empowered word – diving into the secrets behind mantra, looking at what channeled wisdom really is, and addressing how we ourselves can learn to bring innovative knowledge down to earth. The goddess Saraswati is the mediator between the higher wisdom of the subtle worlds and the practical wisdom of everyday life.

You’ll discover:

  • Why harnessing the powers in language liberates your mind
  • Goddess as the source of knowledge and wisdom: Bringing the invisible world into physical reality
  • How to tell the difference between the knowledge that liberates you and the knowledge that snares you
  • What it means to channel higher wisdom, and how the goddess Saraswati can give you access to whatever you need to know
  • Mantra: mystical language and embodied power
  • An infallible methodology for making wise decisions
  • Empowerment Meditation: Mantra invocation for Saraswati and illumination

Module 6: Learning to Release 
Dhumavati and the Hidden Power Within Disappointment (Recorded on September 30, 2014)

For many women, (and men), disappointment is something to be avoided. Yet real freedom only comes when we can recognize the boons and blessings in disappointment. The smoke goddess Dhumavati holds the mystery of turning failure into liberation, and sadness into compassionate love.

Sally will guide you to:

  • Accept disappointment as your teacher, and why you need her wisdom for your evolution
  • Transform your understanding of failure and success
  • See the light that shines in darkness: How to find the wisdom in dark times
  • Discover the key to letting go (and when to hang on!)
  • See sadness as a gateway to an open heart
  • Empowerment Meditation: Turning sadness into Love

Module 7: Awakening the Soul of Fulfillment
The Sacred Marriage of Masculine & Feminine  (Recorded on October 7, 2014)

Wisdom%20Goddess%20Empowerment%20 %20Sally%20Kempton%2010 - BoxSkillIn the culminating module, we’ll tune into the inner balance of energies represented by the union of Shiva and Parvati, the sacred couple also known as Shakti and Shiva. Parvati is also known as Lalita, who represents the fully empowered feminine in union with her masculine other half. Here, we come to recognize why the path of the Goddess is the path of both liberation and worldly fulfillment, and how our dreams of the ultimate love affair are the key to the love that can’t be taken away. Finally, we’ll work with an ongoing series of contemplations for bringing goddess energies online in your life.

You’ll come to understand:

  • What it means to join the masculine and the feminine
  • How to walk the path of sacred romance
  • The role of Shiva, Parvati and the Enlightened Couple in your evolution
  • The goddess’ secret of devotion
  • How to create fulfillment and liberation (yes, you really can haveeverything)
  • Which goddesses to invoke based on your core Shakti, and how to bring forth other energies when needed
  • Empowerment Meditation: Discovering your inner Love Goddess

The Wisdom Goddess Empowerment Bonus Collection

In addition to Sally’s transformative 7-module virtual course, you’ll also receive these powerful training sessions with world-leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions are being offered to further complement what you’ll learn in the course – and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

How Do You Worship the Goddess? 
Audio Dialogue with Sally Kempton and Shiva Rea

In this special session, Sally is joined by world renowned teacher Shiva Rea as they unfold intimate details and insights from their own goddess practices. With great authenticity and personal honesty, they discuss the role of devotion, how and why a woman has a unique relationship with her root chakra, and how the path of Shakti is expressed in ordinary (and extraordinary!) life. This bonus dialogue is a must-hear, especially for women who want insight about the feminine approach to yoga practice.

Shiva Rea, M.A., is a yogini firekeeper, sacred activist, global adventurer and leading innovator in the evolution of prana flow yoga, transformational vinyasa flow integrating the tantric bhakti roots of yoga, Krishnamacharya’s teachings and a universal, quantum approach to the body. Shiva is known for bringing the roots of yoga alive for modern practitioners in creative, dynamic and life-transforming ways, and for offering the synthesis form of prana flow out in the world.

Feminine Spirituality, Goddess Meditation and the Brain 
Audio Dialogue with Sally Kempton and Joan Borysenko

In this bonus session, Sally talks with author, scientist and teacher Joan Borysenko about what a real feminine spirituality looks like, and how meditation changes the brain. This vibrant conversation will touch on many aspects that are vital to your ongoing journey, and ends with a beautiful meditation led by Joan.

Joan Borysenko’s work has been foundational in an international health-care revolution that recognizes the role of meaning and the spiritual dimensions of life, as an integral part of health and healing.

After graduating magna cum laude from Bryn Mawr College in 1967, Dr. Borysenko earned her doctorate in Medical Sciences from the Harvard Medical School, where she completed postdoctoral training in cancer cell biology. Her first faculty position was at the Tufts University College of Medicine in Boston. But after the death of her father from cancer, she became more interested in the person with the illness than in the disease itself, and returned to Harvard Medical School to complete a second postdoctoral fellowship, this time in the new field of behavioral medicine.

How the Mother and Evolution Dance Together 
Audio Dialogue with Sally Kempton and Andrew Harvey

In this dynamic and eye-opening session, Sally is joined by renowned author and teacher Andrew Harvey for a look at the role of the Great Mother in our individual and collective unfolding. Drawing on many diverse streams of spiritual wisdom, these two bright lights will help you move forward on your path with greater openness and understanding.

Andrew Harvey is an author, speaker and founder/director of the Institute of Sacred Activism, an international organization focused on inviting concerned people to take up the challenge of our contemporary global crises by becoming inspired, effective and practical agents of institutional and systemic change, in order to create peace and sustainability. He has written and edited over 30 books and received many awards, including the Benjamin Franklin Award and the Mind Body Spirit Award.

Goddess Practice and the Heart of Tantra 
Audio Dialogue with Sally Kempton and Rod Stryker

n this special session, these two powerful tantric practitioners engage in an intimate discussion of the path called “Right-Handed Tantra,” where cultivation of prana (life energy), self-inquiry and meditation help prepare you for the full awakening and unfolding of inner Shakti. This conversation touches deeply on what it means to awaken the Goddess as Kundalini, and contains a fascinating discussion of mantra. It culminates with Rod’s telling of how the goddess unfolds in the different centers of your body.

Rod Stryker, the founder of ParaYoga, is widely considered to be one of the preeminent yoga and meditation teachers in the United States. He is renowned for his depth of knowledge, practical wisdom, and unique ability to transmit the deepest aspect of the teachings and practices to modern audiences and students from all walks of life. Rod has taught for more than thirty years, training teachers leading corporate seminars, yoga retreats and workshops throughout the world.Here’s What You’ll Receive

Here’s What You’ll Receive

Seven Recorded 90-Minute Class Sessions with Sally Kempton

Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored and learn with pioneering contemporary spiritual teacher Sally Kempton – from the comfort of your own home. Each class session includes renowned guest faculty, and helps you create the specific skills and abilities to gain insight and transform the way you act in the world by having access to the levels of power via the goddesses.

Seven PDF Transcripts of Each  Class Session

In addition to the high quality MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format after each session is completed. This way you can review, print and highlight the most important insights and practices that you’ll learn

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

After each lesson, you will then have the option to do related exercises and answer questions in order to accelerate your learning and integrate each session

he Wisdom Goddess Empowerment Bonus Collection

  • How Do You Worship the Goddess? 
    Audio Dialogue with Sally Kempton and Shiva Rea
  • Feminine Spirituality, Goddess Meditation and the Brain 
    Audio Dialogue with Sally Kempton and Joan Borysenko
  • How the Mother and Evolution Dance Together 
    Audio Dialogue with Sally Kempton and Andrew Harvey
  • Goddess Practice and the Heart of Tantra 
    Audio Dialogue with Sally Kempton and Rod Stryker

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Wisdom Goddess Empowerment Virtual Program

We, at The Shift Network, feel deeply honored that Sally Kempton has chosen to partner with us on this exclusive online training. As you may know, this is a rare opportunity to learn directly from Sally Kempton, a respected scholar and spiritual teacher rooted in Hindu non-dual teachings whose recent book,Awakening Shakti, serves as a rallying call for a new wave of feminine mysticism that builds upon ancient tradition.

Through this powerful online format, you’ll not only save time and money on workshop costs (plus travel, accommodations and meals – which would cost thousands of dollars). But you’ll be able to benefit from Sally’s and her guests’ incredible teachings and exercises from the comfort of your home – at your own pace!

If you have secretly wondered whether all those beautiful goddesses in the pantheon of world religions might be more than wishful thinking and represent something not only real but profoundly relevant for our modern path (especially for women!), then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones – and our world – to take this one-of-a-kind training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

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