XLT – Forex Trading Course



XLT – Forex Trading Course


This advanced course transforms the theory learned in Forex Trader into real world currency trading. You’ll observe and interact with an expert trader/instructor to identify, execute and manage Forex trades in live market situations. Choose your currency pairs then perform guided transactions in the global marketplace.


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This advanced course transforms the theory learned in Forex Trader into real world currency trading. You’ll observe and interact with an expert trader/instructor to identify, execute and manage Forex trades in live market situations. Choose your currency pairs then perform guided transactions in the global marketplace. The unique combination of analytic skill-building and practical application gives students the competitive edge needed for success in the Forex trading arena.



XLT Forex Trading builds upon the lessons taught in the Professional Forex Trader Course and provides you with the knowledge and skills to properly manage risk in trading currencies. This interactive course transforms powerful Professional Forex course information and theory into real world currency trading. XLT Forex Trading combines key skill-building sessions with practical application sessions in a live market environment. The skill-building sessions deliver advanced lessons that give you an important competitive edge needed for success in the highly competitive currency trading arena. You will gain the knowledge required to build an effective rules-based strategy focused on objective market information. Learning how to use a solid set of rules to operate in the live market gives you the ability to unemotionally identify trading opportunities and execute with the precision needed for successful trading.

The program is designed to tackle all aspects of FX trading in a Live Market environment with a consistent attention to all aspects of low risk, high probability, and high reward trading opportunities within the world of currency exchange. The course focuses on both Swing and Intraday trading, showing students how to methodically plan their trades and place their orders in advance in the "set and forget" style, while also detailing and analyzing the many possibilities within the FX Futures markets for Intraday trading techniques. Students will learn the mindset of a Professional Forex trader and will be guided through markets to gain confidence in developing their own objective analytical style and consistency in their performance. As an XLT Forex Trading student, you will observe and interact with an expert trader/instructor utilizing the trading tools taught in the course to identify, execute and manage trading opportunities in real trading market situations. Ongoing continuing education is the key step in the process of becoming a successful self directed Forex trader.


This interactive, live market environment course is for students of all experience levels, all personality types, all trading styles, who are serious about generating income and wealth in the currency market. The course is designed to shorten the learning curve of the new Forex trader as well as sharpen the skills of the experienced market speculator.

Program Format

  • Course is delivered using a live, interactive virtual online classroom, providing an environment for optimal learning
  • Approximately 42 sessions in the 3-month subscription (average of 14 sessions per month)
  • Sessions are approximately 2-hours in length
  • Approximately 35% of the sessions will deliver skill-building lessons that apply to all styles of trading
  • Approximately 65% of the sessions will apply the lessons learned, and focus on trading and analysis in the live markets.
  • Specific trading and analysis sessions will be dedicated to intraday trading
  • Specific trading and analysis sessions will be dedicated to swing trading
  • Live, interactive virtual classroom online, providing an environment for optimal learning
  • A community of students participating in an environment where teamwork and support is fostered and encouraged

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course you will:

  • Master the core foundational concepts including:
    • Advanced Price Action Support and Resistance
    • Advanced Use of Volume
    • Dynamic "real time" Trend analysis
    • Odds Enhancers and Correlations
    • Intraday trade management
    • In depth Risk Management planning
  • Application of additional trading tools to enhance decision making
  • Be able to consistently identify low risk/high reward opportunities in the market
  • Complete and implement your personal trading plan based on a simple rules-based strategy
  • Have a clear understanding of the markets, and time frames that best fit a style of trading to your personality, life style, and risk tolerance


Before attending this course, students must have successfully completed the Professional Forex Course as well as have a firm understanding of the basic operations of the Forex Markets.

Course Outline

With up to 4 sessions a week, the course allocates 3 sessions per week to scanning the market in real-time for trading opportunities. Taking advantage of the 24 hour nature of the FX markets, these trading and analysis sessions are held at various times throughout the week to take advantage of the Asian, New York and European sessions. In conjunction with these sessions there is also 1 lesson day per week which is dedicated to following a detailed curriculum to constantly develop the student's skill sets. Lessons will cover:

  1. Identifying Key Market Turning Points – An Introduction to Supply and Demand
  2. Trend, Multiple Time-Frame Analysis and Understanding the Supply/Demand Curve
  3. Risk and Trade Management and Setting Targets for Profit
  4. Odds Enhancers, Correlations and Forex Fundamentals
  1. Understanding the Uses of Moving Averages and CCI
  2. Confluences, Technical Indicators and further Odds Enhancers to the Trade
  3. Building a Trading Plan and Journal for Performance
  4. Introduction to FX Futures
  1. FX Futures in Practice – Execution and Trade Management
  2. Guest Speaker or Psychology Special
  3. "Train the Teacher" – Teach-back session
  4. Recognizing Momentum, Strength and Weakness in the Market and Advanced Intraday Trade Management

What You Will Learn

  • FX Trading Strategy

  • Learn and practice a simple rules-based strategy for momentum, swing, and position trading.
  • Market Turning Points

  • Use price charts and pattern recognition to identify turning points in the market with low risk/high reward trading potential.
  • Globalization

  • Understand how commodity/Forex market relationships offer long term Forex traders a potential competitive advantage.
  • FX Futures in Practice

  • Fine tune your execution and trade management skills by trading currency futures in the live market with your instructor.

Who You Will Learn From

Our staff of professional instructors is composed of the most dedicated people you will ever meet. They will teach you trading fundamentals and advanced techniques like no one else. Each has a unique personality that will keep you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next "golden nugget" of trading information.

What Students Are Saying

“The Professional Forex Trader course exceeded my expectations! I had no experience with Forex prior to the class and in one week I am comfortable to trade in my live account. Thanks to my instructor, Walker England, I was able to accelerate my learning beyond my expectations. Now I can easily go through numerous Forex charts within a short period using each core strategy step effectively. My learning has gone beyond the classroom within the first two days as I was able to follow along in the XLT courses, understanding everything in the videos. I highly recommend this course!”

Aaron Grijalva, August 2018

“This class was very useful in seeing the big picture. However, if I would have only taken this class I would never be able to gain financial independence. I am happy we continue to have support past the class, such as the XLT.”

Yecenia Castillo, August 2018

“The XLT Forex trading class instructed by Keith was awesome. A lot of hands on trading experience and guidance on how to be successful as a trader both short and long term.”

Leo Swope, May 2018

“The XLT Forex class was very professional and went deep into information. I know I will be a successful trader with all the tools I now have.”

Gwynne Arnold, January 2017

“OTA is, in my opinion, the best and most responsible institution around today that teaches trading. The resources are literally unlimited, and their programs are always fresh. The XLT programs are second to none. I will even go so far as to suggest that parents should bring their teenagers to classes with them, so they can understand how the markets work and be better prepared for their future.”

Johann Yung, June 2016

“Love XLT, it is like seeing private teacher every day whatever time you want.”

Serge De Kunin, April 2016

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