Your Indestructible Core – Bashar


Your Indestructible Core – Bashar


My family is in a religious cult. Can you help me deal with this?

Do dreams come in the service of health and wholeness for individuals and the society?



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  • My family is in a religious cult. Can you help me deal with this?
  • Do dreams come in the service of health and wholeness for individuals and the society?
  • When we dream is that a way of healing ourselves?
  • How can I help people?
  • I have been doing stock options trading for ten-plus years, but I lose more money than I make. Why would an intelligent person like me keep doing it for ten years?
  • About parallel realities, if everything is happening all at once, then there’s another me somewhere having a life? And that’s all happening at the same time?
  • What distinguishes my consciousness in this time-space reality?
  • Then why can’t I see myself when I was in Atlantis?
  • Are there any options for new experiences in my future? Should I try many things?
  • Right now I prefer to stay home, but I wonder if my future involves world travel?
  • What is achievement?
  • Have I been contacted by aliens? Can I go on the ship some day?
  • When we dream, is the world that we go to another dimension? What does the process serve us for our lives?
  • What’s the difference in frequency between the love for people and the love for things?
  • How do changes with the Moon affect our feminine principle?
  • What is this thing about the sick Sun, and is our Sun actually shifting? Is it changing?
  • I’m involved in a big legal battle. How can I stay positive?
  • I am Japanese. We honor our ancestors. I’d like to know the relationship with my life and our ancestors’ karma.
  • Some people say if we do healings on other people, we get their bad spirits. Is this true?
  • Will my granddaughter be able to convince the therapist that she was really molested by her father?
  • To which level of consciousness does “you exist” refer? What happens to a frame of existence once it’s been experienced?
  • When people connect to a dead person through a medium, what are they actually connecting to? Does that person know they’re dead?
  • Given that we are all connected and one energy, All That Is, do we have the ability to tap into another aspect of Creation and perceive from that other aspect?
  • I had an encounter in Sedona in 2000. Was this your people? What was the purpose of this experience?
  • What is my connection to the Ya’yel?
  • Does my connection with a female counterpart have anything to do with my relationships in this reality?
  • Are there higher-dimensional alien beings who are helping to guide your race?
  • Since everything is in the present, what is history?
  • In Buddhism they talk about the gods of the Sun and Moon. The Egyptians and Africans also believed in many gods. Do these exist?
  • You’ve talked about the economic system of the future, of an individual’s worth being valued rather than a currency transaction. Can you talk more about that?
  • In Australia, I understand that Ayers Rock or Uluru is a chakra or a strong vortex. Are there other strong vortices on the east coast of Australia?
  • What is your take on Burning Man?
  • Do you see a clear path of exploration for me to develop alien technology further?
  • Since my father passed away, my mother’s mental condition is getting worse. What can I do?
  • Three days ago there was a huge earthquake in Kumamoto, Japan. What message did it have?
  • What’s so special about Mount Shasta as the heart chakra of the Earth?
  • What’s your definition of life?
  • I’ve heard you say that we will begin to be able to perceive that we’re shifting between parallel realities when there’s a bigger difference. So how do we make that bigger difference?
  • If I’m working with the template-level reality and I want to jump to a certain frame, how do I know that I’m taking my body too?
  • If I’m flowing in my current, then how do I know that I’m not being controlled?
  • Do you know the questions I’m going to ask before I ask them?
  • When I wear the Essassani crystal are you and your people able to read my mind and experience what I’m experiencing?
  • When the Galactic Federation and the Ya’yel come up with plans to contact the humans here on this planet did they communicate with the consciousness of the Earth and also the consciousness of the Sun? Did they get their opinions on going forth with these plans? And if so, what did they say?
  • How are synthetic layers of dimensions created?
  • Do you believe that you exist beyond consciousness?
  • Is it possible to not be aware, outside the universe?
  • Do you believe it’s possible to exist outside of The One? Is it possible that maybe we’re infinite outside The One?
  • I’m working on building my business. Based on my energy now, does my team seem to be open to my ideas?
  • Someone made the comment that the very high quality of Van Gogh’s artwork was due to the fact that he had no ego. Can you comment on that statement?
  • If you shift to a world which you prefer, with a lot less negativity, who is going to inspire the people who haven’t shifted yet?
  • Do plants and animals also have an indestructible core?
  • So when we talk about sentience, and we talk about self-awareness, the idea is that all animals actually have a type of self-awareness?

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