Repeatable – Ryan Lee

Original price was: $497.00.Current price is: $79.00.

Repeatable – Ryan Lee

Original price was: $497.00.Current price is: $79.00.

Turn tiny PDF’s into mighty dependable, monthly, recurring revenue


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Turn tiny PDF’s into mighty dependable,  monthly, recurring revenue 

Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) is feeling the overwhelm. We’re flooded with content and A.I. has only added gasoline on the overwhelm inferno.

Which is why right now is the PERFECT time to start a “small and mighty” recurring revenue program.

I’m serious. BUT, you must do it the right way..

Goodbye bulk, hello light.

The old days of pressure to build a massive, bloated membership site with never-ending videos, endless worksheets and handouts, useless bells ‘n’ whistles, and private groups are officially over.

The tide has officially turned.

They’re overwhelmed and looking for someone to organize, curate and just give it to ’em straight.

Fluff ‘n’ bulk are sooo 2005.

Light ‘n’ lean are is 2023 AND the future!

26,000 Members. $15/month. Evergreen PDF?

A long-time friend and client recently sold his health company and it was the perfect business model.

He had spent years building a complex membership complete with forums, videos and constant updates – but members weren’t signing up – and those did, were canceling. 

Not to mention, they were working hard to create new content every week and grow their community.

So he tested something different. He shifted to LESS.

He removed all the bulk and complexity and got it down to exactly what they wanted… a simple, monthly PDF. 

But here’s the kicker – it was 100% evergreen.

He created a PDF ONCE and automatically dripped it to members once they joined.

Not only did his workload decrease by 90%, but both his conversion and retention skyrocketed.

His health PDF program had 26,000 members paying $15 per month.

Not too shabby.

The Undefeated, Compounding Power of Repeatable Revenue

Around 17 years ago, I had a continuity program with 2,778 subscribers paying $97 per month… and it was a simple publication which took me 3 hours a month to run.

But I screwed up, got distracted and started to drink my own kool-aid, so I shifted to complexity (big, multi-million dollar mistake!).

Removes Pressure of Living Launch to Launch

Going from product to product, or coaching client to coaching client gets old real fast.

But a rock-solid recurring revenue program changes the game.

You no longer start each month back to zero. 

You breathe easier knowing you have money coming in, no matter what.

Maybe you have a $29 per month niched curated newsletter. Or a $29 per month evergreen workout program.

Just 100 members is $2,900.00 per month. 

500 members balloons to $14,500.00 per month.

And at 1,000 members, you’re looking at a cool $29,000.00 per month.

Again, this is at a super-affordable $1 per day.

This is where the market is going…

The Shift Away from “high-ticket”

High-ticket courses and coaching sales are falling off a cliff.

Pricing pressure continues to bring the prices down while conversions are at an all-time low.

People are looking for HIGH-VALUE over high-ticket – and a lean continuity program is a perfect offer.

I’ve been creating recurring revenue programs online since 1999, have seen the trends, run businesses through 2 different recessions and know a thing or two about ’em…

What 3 of the world’s top marketers say about Ryan Lee and Repeatable, Recurring revenue… 
Gettin’ Nichey With it!
The “window of opportunity” in all markets

When positioned correctly, these low-lift “pocket publications” are no-brainers for every market.

You might be saying, “But Ryan, my market is saturated!”.

And to that I say, “it’s saturated with crap. It’s saturated with fluff. It’s saturated with overstuffed offers”.

Niches are WIDE-OPEN because your competitors are trying to deliver a heavy Vegas buffet when all people want is a grab-n-go donut and coffee.

These are just a few where you can carve out a nice recurring income…

Health and Fitness Markets

Business and Marketing
Personal Development

Hobbies, Sports and Skills

Money, Finance and Investing

your 4-week live coaching program.

My name is Ryan Lee and I’ve been creating digital, one-person continuity programs since 2001.

It all started with the world’s first sports training membership site and since then – I’ve personally created over 50 different continuity income programs.

But what I’m most proud of is the 1,000+ continuity programs I’ve help run from behind the scenes.

But now – for the first time, I’m leading a group of rockin’ entrepreneurs through a LIVE, 4-week training program showing you how to turn your passions, skills and hobbies into LEAN continuity income.

Here’s just a taste of what we’ll cover in these 4-weeks together…

How to get your first paid member within 24 hours.. even if you have NO list!
Should you offer a trial? The answer might surprise you.
The new continuity pricing strategy that increased member retention by 6X.
Discover how to get your program up and running in less than 17 minutes, guaranteed!
How to turn any topic into evergreen for true “set-it-and-forget-it” recurring revenue.
The biggest marketing mistake membership owners make (and why it’s killing their growth).
The TRUTH about getting affiliates for your continuity program.
And so much more..

Oh yeah, we’re just getting started. Check out some of the models we’ll explore.

Small Programs, BIG income.

The magic of “lean continuity” is turning small, low-lift programs into something your members will love.

High value = high profits.

Here are some models we’ll explore during these 4 weeks together in REPEATABLE…


How to turn a simple PDF into a monthly continuity income stream.


If you love research and organizing, this model is perfect for you!


Create it once and put it on 100% autopilot. World’s best biz model.


If you’d rather “host” than be the expert, then this is right up your alley.


How to create recurring revenue by simply giving it all away. Big heart, big income.


Tap into the super-hot trend of niched paid summaries.


How to run a continuity program with just email.

Turn A.I. into repeatable, recurring revenue 

The A.I. genie is out of the bottle, but rather than fear it – let’s embrace it’s power.

We’re going to explore the EASY way to have A.I. do 95% of the heavy lifting to create recurring revenue.

Just wait until we open it up and start creating recurring content together – in real-time.

We’re going to build right before your eyes.. together!

You’ll get my best prompts that create mind-blowing content your members will love.

Get Your First Member in 24 hours… even if you have no list! 

The last time I taught my continuity income system, student’s started getting their first member within an hour!

You’ll see how to get paid members – even if you don’t have a list.

In this training, we’ll go over the most powerful, proven traffic strategies that work like magic.


My programs work. My students are happy. They get results. 

And while some marketers brag about 20% refund rates, mine are .005 (that’s 1/2 of 1%!). 

Let’s create small programs that deliver big recurring revenue

So here’s the deal… 

This is a 4-week LIVE group coaching program focused 100% on creating, running and growing your own small continuity programs that deliver MIGHT monthly income.

The first class begins on Thursday, August 3rd and we hit the ground running.

Every class is 100% LIVE delivered via ZOOM group meetings and there’s always time to have your questions answered.

You’ll also have lifetime access to all the recordings, handouts and special bonuses.

The investment?

Don’t worry, it’s not $2997, $1997, $997 or even $497

HUH? What’s the Catch?

You might be thinking, “Ryan, this is the kind of stuff people charge $1K, $2K or even $5K for… why are you offering it for such an affordable price?”.

First, because I still make a majority of my income through my health and fitness companies – so “teaching” business is fun and I’m under no pressure to squeeze every dollar from my peeps.

And second, I truly love helping and always think long-term. The reason I’ve been around for 25+ years is because I always over-deliver.

If you don’t love it, you don’t pay. sound fair?

Go through the FULL 4-week REPEATABLE training program and if you don’t feel it was worth 10x your investment, you’ll get a full refund.

If you no happy, me no happy.

your 4 “WTF” bonuses

Let’s face it, most bonuses are lame.

They’re a bunch of free reports with little-to-no value with an inflated price of $999!

So how about we cut the crap and give you some bonuses that eliminate all your excuses to succeed, mmmkay?

When you join REPEATABLE today, you get…

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