Sijo Emperado’s – World Kajukenbo Organization Instructional

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Sijo Emperado’s – World Kajukenbo Organization Instructional

Original price was: $99.00.Current price is: $29.00.

Format File: 10 avi File Size: 4.199 GB This compilation includes Kajukenbo “Emperado Method” Basics, Traditions and Belt rank requirements from White to Black Belt.


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Instructional MP4 Videos

Aloha everyone! Welcome to Sijo’s WKO Instructional video series. This compilation includes Kajukenbo “Emperado Method” Basics, Traditions and Belt rank requirements from White to Black Belt.

First for your information, there are now many methods, styles and organizations from the time of Kajukenbo’s development from 1947 – 1949. The Leoning lineage, Reyes lineage, Halbuna lineage, Asuncion lineage, Godin lineage, Gaylord Method, Ramos Method, Tum Pai Method, Chuan Fa, Wun Hop Kuen Do, Ken Ka Bo, CHA-3, Ken Ka Kung Fu, KSDS and many, many others.

Each of these have their own concepts, applications, etc. The Emperado Original KSDI method is represented on these videos. Sijo wanted to document the original techniques and concepts including Basic Traditions, Basic blocks, punches, kicks, etc., so they wouldn’t be lost in time. The idea is to use these in conjunction with your training. Consider them visual text books, so you can enhance your knowledge and understanding of Emperado KSDI Kajukenbo.

I hope you enjoy the knowledge and hard work that has gone in to these videos. The content is priceless. Thank you for your interest and support. Train hard, Kajukenbo Foreva!


During his lifetime Sijo Emperado saw his Kajukenbo system spread worldwide, evolving into four styles and several methods and sub-methods of those styles. Because of this it became very important to Emperado to preserve the original techniques that he and the other founders had created.

Although he encouraged creativity in the teaching of Kajukenbo, he always felt that the “Original Method” needed to be the base on which creativity occurred. He believed that the techniques of his “Original Method” could be added to, but should never be changed. To achieve his goal of preserving his original teachings, he and Sr. Grandmaster Gary Forbach founded the “World Kajukenbo Organization” in 1989. The main purpose of the W.K.O. was and still is, to provide Kajukenbo education to the martial arts community. Both Emperado and Forbach felt the best way to preserve the techniques of the Original Method was to video each technique and kata performed by expert Kajukenbo instructors.

The result of the Emperado/Forbach collaboration is a 8 volume set of videos that are the only Kajukenbo videos where filming was personally supervised by Kajukenbo founder and creator, Sijo Adriano Emperado. The only Approved and Authorized Curriculum for his Original Method. He appears on each volume, and personally supervised the filming of every technique.

In 1991, the International Kajukenbo Association which was the largest Kajukenbo organization in the world, adopted the WKO videos as the official record of Kajukenbo. The Worldwide Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute, Inc. has also endorsed the WKO videos as the true represention of the Original Emperado Method of Kajukenbo.

These videos are professionally produced and cover all the belt requirements of the “Original Method” of Kajukenbo from white to 1st degree black belt. All techniques are demonstrated by high ranking Kajukenbo black belts; Senior Grandmaster Gary Forbach – 9th degree, Senior Grandmaster Joe Davis – 9th degree, Grandmaster Allen Abad – 9th degree, Grandmaster Joe Tarango – 9th degree, Grandmaster Mark Vorbau – 9th degree, Professor Joe Stubbs – 8th degree, and Sigung Bill Rodriguez – 7th degree.

This is the system from which evolved: “Karazempo Goshin Jitsu”, “Kenkabo”, “Shaolin Kempo”, “CHA-3 Kenpo”, “Universal Kempo”, “Nick Cerio’s Kenpo”, “Ken-Ka Kung Fu”, “Hawaiian Kenpo”, and many others.

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