Simple Money Emails – John Bejakovic

Original price was: $197.00.Current price is: $67.00.

Simple Money Emails – John Bejakovic

Original price was: $197.00.Current price is: $67.00.

If you can spare an hour, then I can teach you how I write:
“Simple Money Emails”
… so you can make more money from your list today and keep your readers coming back tomorrow


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If you can spare an hour, then I can teach you how I write:
“Simple Money Emails”
… so you can make more money from your list today and keep your readers coming back tomorrow
• Revealed: My simple, “hypnotic,” 1-2 process, distilled after close to 2,000 sales emails
• Requires no unusual creativity, no special writing skill, no previous sales experience, but only a willingness to follow a few simple instructions

My name is John Bejakovic. Ever since 2015, I’ve been writing daily sales emails, both for clients and for my own businesses.

Some of these sales emails have mailed to lists of hundreds of thousands of readers. Others regularly sold between $4k and $5k worth of products, every day, for years at a time.

In case you would like to own this valuable skill yourself, then I’d like to invite you inside an offer I call “Simple Money Emails.” Here’s what’s included inside this offer:

1. My Simple Money Emails training. This training breaks down Simple Money Emails into two easy steps, and shows you how you too can write such emails on demand, starting today. The training is delivered online, in a members-only area of my site. It’s mainly text — beautiful text that you can read, scan through, and search. And yes, there are also a few pictures to lighten the mood.

2. Simple Money Email Swipes. This is a swipe file containing 51 of my simplest, most effective money-making emails. These include all the emails I reference in the core SME training, plus many more — all highlighted and marked up to show you the relevant ideas or concepts in action.

3. Quick & Dirty Emails That Make Money. ??This is a presentation I gave in 2021 to Igor Kheifets’s $97/month mastermind. I talked about my experience writing daily emails to two large lists made up of ecommerce buyers — which were each making $4k to $5k in sales with each email, day after day. In many ways, this one-off, exclusive presentation was the forerunner to the complete Simple Money Emails training.

4. 9 Deadly Email Sins. This training sums up the 9 most frequent pieces of copywriting feedback I’ve given to the successful business owners and course creators who have paid me multiple thousands of dollars for one-on-one coaching. I sold this training for $100 when I put it on live, but it’s yours free as part of Simple Money Emails.

5. The price for the Simple Money Emails, parts 1-4 above, is $197.

IMPORTANT: I do not offer a money-back guarantee. Simple Money Emails is a great course, and I’ve described it accurately on this page.

Either decide to get Simple Money Emails, go through it fully, and make the information work for you… or decide not to get it at all. I’m okay with either decision.

At the same time, I understand that you might wonder whether you can trust me when I say I’ve put together a great course… and whether I deliver on the promise of showing you how to write simple, money-making emails that keep readers reading day after day.

So let me share the feedback I’ve gotten from a few people who have gone through Simple Money Emails already:

“I printed the pages out and keep them next to my desk”

Put simply, this course is probably the most straight-forward and practical approach to writing emails I have yet to come across. I valued it so much that I printed the pages out and keep them next to my desk for regular study.

(As a point of comparison, next to your course, on my desk, are Ben Settle’s Skhema Book, and Daniel Throssell’s Email Copywriting Compendium — I’m sure you likely have both of those courses yourself — and I now consider these three documents my personal “email writing bible”.)

For anyone who is struggling to actually get started writing emails for their biz (especially daily emails) I think Simple Money Emails takes the cake, and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

— Paul Morrison, book editor

“… pinned it on the corkboard next to my desk”

I’ve been racking my little brain trying to figure out how I would improve SME. Can’t think of anything, sorry.

I think you illustrated all your points well with the examples you used. And I even had an “ah-ha” moment when you explained about making the opening relevant to the sale, and how that makes the “transition” part of an email easy or even unnecessary. Also, the list of all the different ways an opening can be relevant is very handy. I wrote it out and pinned it on the corkboard next to my desk.

One last thought – I wish everyone else made their “swipe files” the way you do, with the highlighting and notes. Makes things easier to break down and understand.

– James Harrison, freelance copywriter

“The eight bullet points to me were gold”

I really enjoyed SME. A few parts which were refreshers, a few which were a new take on stuff I’d already come across, and some stuff which was brand new to me.

I actually found the most useful part of the course to be the small section at the bottom of page 2. The eight bullet points to me were gold. I came into copywriting through a Stefan Georgi course, so I learnt his RMBC method and only then came onto daily emails, which I found to be much more my thing. I always struggled to see how daily emails “fit” with other copywriting models (RMBC, PAS, AIDA etc) and this section has made it super clear for me. Now when I send my daily emails I use this list, and make sure I’m ticking off at least one in each email (and ticking them all off over time).

— Tom Grundy, career coach

“… has taken me from being a complete email copywriting newbie to feeling ready”

Of the many different courses (free and paid) that I have taken. Simple Money Emails is the only course that has taken me from being a complete email copywriting newbie to feeling ready to take on client projects after completing the course.

As for my feedback on the course I’d say it is very detailed and meaty even though it looks like a short course initially. What tied everything together is the video interview you did with Igor and I’d say for future versions of Simple Money Emails I’d like to see more video content for visual learning (and faster consumption).

I haven’t gotten through the swipe files yet but I think they’re the cherry on top and I definitely will use them as a base or inspiration for the emails that I am going to write for my clients.

— Shingi Gwatidzo, freelance copywriter

“I was able to make my emails much better performing and more direct”

I have put some of the Simple Money Email concepts into practice and the results have been astounding.

Thanks to John’s suggestions, I was able to make my emails–in just one week–much better performing and more direct.

In addition, week after week, I noticed that:

– the email open rate has increased;

– the number of clicks increased;


– the number of people writing to me for more information about the direct response marketing concepts I talk about in my emails has increased.

It’s really a great course!

This course should be studied both by people who are just getting into copywriting now and by professional copywriters who want to improve their email writing skills.

— Carlo Gargiulo, in-house copywriter

If you’d like to join these folks and find out how I write Simple Money Emails and how you can too, then click on the button below and fill out the form on the next page. You will then get an email from me with your login information for the members-only area of my site where you can jump on the actual training.

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