Soulprint Healing For Affluence

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Soulprint Healing For Affluence

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Soulprint Healing For Affluence - Carol TuttleIntroducing An Extraordinary Healing Course To Support Your Soul’s Expansion

Discover A Powerful Healing Framework To Eliminate All Old & Outdated Energetic Influences And Turn On A Life Of Affluence & Contribution That You Truly Deserve

Join Master Healer Carol Tuttle On This Journey To Affluence — A 12-Week Soulprint Healing Course Packed With Advanced Strategies To Unlock The Life You’re Meant To Live

This is a 12-week program that heals a core part of your life every week. It creates remarkable shifts for those who:

1) feel stuck in their ability to attract affluence,

2) have a certain level of affluence but lack direction or

3) want to teach others how to heal their soulprint for affluence.

If You Want To Stand In The Light Of Your Power… This Is For You From Carol Tuttle – Master Energy Healer

Have you ever felt an invisible force blocking you from living the life of your most fulfilling dreams?

It almost feels like you’re bound by a contract of lack, pain and struggle that you can’t violate.

Anything you do to decline this “pain contract” would only cause you to lose things — whether it’s people, money or your own health.

And as days go by, new “clauses” keep getting added to this contract that makes it harder and harder to change the course of your destiny.

It’s almost as if you can’t get the suffering to end, no matter what you do.

What if there’s a way out?

A way to…

Immediately break this contract of lack, pain and struggle

Get on a new contract of affluence, ease and joy…

And connect to the core essence of who you are as a soul…

… using a revolutionary new healing technique called Soulprint Healing?

Now, that’s a big claim. But let me tell you why it’s not only possible but it’s the easiest way to end the vicious cycle of unhappiness.

First of all, let me start with this:

You Did Not Choose Your Lack And Struggle In Your Life

What if I told you, this contract of lack and struggle, of not living your soul’s true desire, of pain, anxiety and struggle… was not your decision?

Yes. It’s true. It has nothing to do with you, because you had merely inherited it.

But you’ve never been told about it. There aren’t many people teaching it. And very very few healers in the world have even discovered it for themselves at all.

What’s more — you’ve had it since before you were born. This is why you have never seem to have had any control over it.

It’s Your Cultural & Ancestral Energetic Imprint

Here’s what this is about:

The “pain contract” you inherited is nothing but your cultural and ancestral imprint of lack and struggle. It’s been dominating your soul since before you were born.

It is exactly what has been causing you pain, anxiety and stress.

It’s what stops you from living in your pure, natural state of soulful expression where you feel 100% true to yourself at all times.

It suppresses the light of your soul from guiding you and giving you wisdom when you need it most, leaving you feeling lost and directionless.

It prevents your soul’s true energy from aligning with the universe and manifesting the life of affluence you desire and deserve.

Instead, it forces you to struggle and settle for “just getting by.” This leaves you feeling afraid and anxious about the future. It causes you to make decisions based on fear. Causing you to “play it safe.” It causes you to sabotage your relationships, your happiness, and your affluence. And as you grow up, this negative energy builds up within you until you start to clear it out.

Here’s the good news…

When you do the right kind of healing work this old contract can be broken very, very easily.

A healing work known only as Soulprint Healing.

So what is a Soulprint?

Your Soulprint Is The Expression Of Your Soul In The Mortal World

Like your thumbprint, your soulprint is unique to you.

It is the lens through which your soul shines through, that guides you to your heart’s every desire without fail.

It represents what your soul truly desires for you, and it is extremely powerful at manifesting affluence in your life.

However, for most people on this planet, this Soulprint is blocked.

That’s reason for all the misery we see in this world — you can never be happy if you can’t express your true essence.

And unless you do something to unblock it, your soulprint will be hidden forever.

That’s where Soulprint Healing comes in.

Soulprint Healing — Perhaps The Most Effective Soul-Clearing Program Ever

Soulprint Healing is perhaps the most powerful technique to clear the energies of lack, pain and struggle that are binding your soul.

One of the reasons we feel like we are stuck in patterns of lack and struggle is due to what is called a soul contract. What this means is our souls make a contract when we’re born into this world. And we choose the experiences we need to help us grow spiritually.

Soulprint healing helps us break these “soul contracts.”

Additionally, Soulprint Healing helps us get rid of the harmful inner child stories silently sabotaging your flow of affluence. It clears out negative cultural and ancestral imprints for struggle lingering in your personal energy system.

Now, the question you may ask right now is… who am I and how did I discover this?

This Is Why Soulprint Healing Is Such An Effective Program In Shifting Your Life

Soulprint Healing is the most advanced understanding in energy healing we have today.

You can effortlessly experience a beautiful life of affluent bliss and contribution when you set your soul’s energy free and let it shine through your authentic Soulprint.

It unifies all of the ancient healing arts and goes beyond to unleash the most powerful energy source we have:

The pure energy of our souls.

It is a healing program which focuses on really connecting the soul realm to hear their messages and let them operate through you.

It helps us harness the power of our unique Soulprint.

What You’ll Get Soulprint Healing For Affluence 12-Week Energy Healing Program

In the Soulprint Healing For Affluence program, I have combined over 20 years of energy healing experience across all of the ancient healing arts to bring about the most holistic, powerful and permanent energy healing program I have ever released. It focuses specifically on liberating your soul’s own energy to guide you and manifest affluence in your life.
It is a beautiful, magical experience to live true to your soul’s purpose…
Throughout the course of these 12 classes, I’m going to use proven healing techniques such as Chakra Clearing, Meridians, Soul Contract Clearing and all the best methods I know, to give you healing in many different forms.
In addition to weekly soul readings trainings and soul contract clearings, here’s how you will be liberating your soul’s energy when you enroll for this course:
Week 1: Heal Your Family Story Of Lack & Struggle
We inherit our family story which is imprinted in our personal energy system that keeps us in a pattern of lack and struggle with money and life in general, and the experience of just getting by. This is the most common experience — one of mediocrity.
I’m going to show you how to identify what your personal family story is, what you heard in your childhood, what your ancestors did in relation to their wealth (including personal examples) and guidance in identifying your own story so you can start to clear that story using Root Chakra clearing.
This is very important as it is one of the deepest layers of negative energetic influences sabotaging your success.
Week 2: Heal Your Energetic Core
There is an energy field which influences you at a conscious and subconscious level, and this in turn affects your level of affluence.
I’m going to heal your inner energy system, so it resonates with the collective energy of affluence and prosperity.
When your energy system is coherent with the energy of affluence, it will effortlessly manifest in all areas of your life.
Week 3: Release Your Personal Soul Contract Of Lack & Struggle
Our souls have agreed to certain life experiences. Our souls come into the mortal world to experience the range of human experience from a low-vibration experience to a high-vibration experience.
So you may still carry these old soul contracts in your personal energy system or your energy field and if these energetic contracts have never been released, you will always struggle with wealth building and affluence, and often life in general.
Even though your soul now wants to take you into living a life of affluence and soul purpose, there may be some old contracts that need to be energetically released, so I will take you through a soul contract clearing to release any contracts that are keeping you stuck in these old patterns. This will make your transition to affluence much easier, and of course, help retain this high energy state.
Week 4: Heal Your Energy Set Point For Flowing & Accumulating Money & Affluence
I’m going to teach you how to check what set point you are at internally. You see, there are two ways which we acquire wealth and affluence. One is through flow, allowing and opening our energy and letting things flow to us.
Money is a currency — which means it has a current.
Your meridians need to be flowing in the right direction. If your meridians are flowing backwards, your money system can crash on you. So by healing that set point for flow, you correct the flow and create more currents or channels of money to flow towards you.
The second set point is for accumulation — that is, keeping money. I will teach you how to check your set point for keeping money using an energy testing method, and you’ll be given guidance to start to notice when your set points are low. And you’ll be ready to do some exercises a few weeks later to change those set points.
These may be imprinted from a family system energy that has held you at that set point, and we will fix that for maximizing and maintain affluence.
Week 5: Heal Your Chakras That Are Programmed For Lack & Struggle
In this week, I’ll teach you what each chakra represents, and reprogramming them for creating money and affluence. Once these chakras are working FOR you, and flowing in the direction of money and affluence, your soul will never attract financial problems into your life — only abundance.
Week 6: Heal The Top 6 Daily Practices That Create Lack & Struggle
There are some common habits — lifestyle habits most people are not aware of — which can reset their vibration to be held in lack of struggle on a daily basis.
This is very damaging, because you may be doing all this work, raising your vibrations, but if you don’t notice these very simple daily habits and choices you’re making, you’re countering what you’ve done. Your energy then goes back to the lower vibrational state, which keeps you in the familiar predictable experience you’re used to: one of lack and struggle.
It is really important that we eliminate these habits that sabotage our flow of affluence.
Week 7: Get In Touch With Your Soul’s Spiritual Needs
In the Age of Aquarius, the lessons now are about affluence, prosperity and joy. You have learned the lessons of living in lower vibrational states. There’s nothing to learn anymore.
The lessons your soul is seeking now are ones of expansion, contributing and creating wealth. It wants to really have the resources we need to live a life of comfort, and support us in pursuing our soul’s work.
The energy of our soul is activated and embodied in our physical expression of self. We’ll also go deeper into connecting to your soul and discovering its true nature.
I will share with you a fallacy that most abundance programs present about everyone needing to become millionaires.
Affluence is a personal goal. Your affluence is unique to you, and the closer you align with it, the faster it will become your reality. It is what your soul needs to support you financially on this life journey.
Week 8: Activate Your Soulprint For Affluence
Having connected deeper with your Soulprint, we will start using healing techniques to recalibrate your energy to flow toward wealth, aligning your meridians with what we learned from your soul.
In this way you’ll naturally tend toward building wealth in your life, without being “money hungry,” without chasing money, your soul will simply attract abundance to you — with ease and pure simplicity.
Week 9: Create More Energetic Space For Affluence
In this week, we will create more energetic space for affluence. This means space for what is possible in belief, what is possible for holding wealth in your energy field, looking at what you turn away from, and what keeps you playing in a small space when it comes to your lifestyle.
Week 10: Activate Your Soul’s Language & Feelings Of Affluence
If your soul could speak, what would it say? If you could hear your soul as your personal coach, how would you speak? What language is your soul’s language for affluence? What feeling states are feelings of affluence?
I’m going to introduce people to connecting more to their soul with breath work, to make a strong connection to their soul with their Crown and Heart Chakra. In this week specifically, we’ll be activating the Throat Chakra to speak the language of affluence your soul speaks.
Week 11: Raise Affluent Children
Your children’s personal energy system is already open — they come with this Soulprint for affluence already activated. We need to honor that by learning catching up with them so we can raise children now who are true to who they are. And that’s so powerful, because children get it so quickly. And I’m going to teach you several ways to do it, and how I did it with my children.
Week 12: The Six Pillars Of Affluence
I’ve used these for 20 years. And when you live true to these six pillars, you will shift your life and raise your vibration to new states and experiences of affluence, as I have experienced in my own life over the last 20 years.
These have taken me from being $45,000 in debt, to having the affluent life that we do — not only do we have money and we travel, but we have very rich rewarding relationships with our family and friends our health is excellent and we have affluence in all areas of our lives.

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