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Digital course

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Digital Course - Boxskill Net

What is digital course

Digital courses are online educational programs that you work through on an online platform. They are accessible to people across the globe. Digital learning increases access to education and knowledge while empowering students with a mindset and capabilities that set them up for success in their present and future.

So what exactly is a digital course? Well, a digital course, or eLearning course, can take many shapes and vary depending on how they’re constructed. There are plenty of basic eLearning courses that teach its users through slideshows of information and insight as well as the use of simple quizzes designed to keep the reader engaged. More premium eLearning can be fully web-based and offer an immersive experience through sights, sounds, and full interactivity. There are also plenty of software and application-based digital courses that are designed to comfortably perform on many platforms and on the go.

How we work

Boxskill is one of the market leaders in the increasingly popular online education field, with a website boasting some 29,000 courses developed by ‘Instructors’ that have signed up to the site.

For a relatively small fee, users can pick up a course on Boxskill with concentrations in the most esoteric of fields. From learning to ‘master the Rubik’s Cube in four days’, to ‘building sacred relationships that stand the test of time’, all the way through to ‘how to make soap – homemade soap making for beginners.’ With websites like Udemy, it seems that anyone can find their niche.