The Passive Income Unlocked Protocol – Jeff & Ben

Original price was: $150.00.Current price is: $49.00.

The Passive Income Unlocked Protocol – Jeff & Ben

Original price was: $150.00.Current price is: $49.00.

Learn the exact process that we’ve used to grow our niche sites to over 1 million pageviews and $50,000+ per month.


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Learn the exact process that we’ve used to grow our niche sites to over 1 million pageviews and $50,000+ per month.

Create a Recurring Passive Income Stream

Learn the exact process we’ve used to grow our niche sites to well over 1 million pageviews and $50,000 per month.

Grow Your Traffic Organically

Use our reliable, step-by-step process that we’ve used to consistently grow the traffic on every single one of our sites, with no paid traffic.

Learn From Our Case Study Site

See our exact techniques using real-world examples from our our case study site (site #6 in the image), which is revealed and analyzed throughout the course.

Learn How to Build Informational Niche Sites

Step by step, from niche selection to monetization
Learn using real examples from, our case study site (revealed in the course), and a sample site built from scratch
Monetize with display ads, affiliate links, and digital products to create multiple income streams from a single niche site
 No link building necessary
 No dealing with customers
 No managing employees
What Others Are Saying

“I was very impressed by the quality of training for such a low price. If you’re a complete beginner you will benefit from this course. A passive revenue-producing website is within your reach – you just need to do the work.

Even if you’re not a complete beginner, you’ll find a lot of value in Passive Income Unlocked. Their keyword research strategy I found to be very useful and will be implementing it myself on all my sites, along with some other helpful tactics that I learned in this course.

So yes, it gets a passing grade from me. I give it an A.” 

“Passive Income Unlocked is still a new course, but I’m happy to recommend it.

The strategy that Jeff and Ben teach is sound. They’ve laid it out clearly and concisely. And they’ve made it all available for a very low price, especially compared to other courses that teach the same business model.

I also appreciate that their training puts an emphasis on creating quality content.

Overall, I consider The Passive Income Unlocked Protocol to be one of the best-value courses we’ve reviewed to date. If you like the idea of building and monetizing informational niche websites, definitely give it a look.” –

What’s Included?

10+ hours of video lessons

Go through 50+ over-the-shoulder videos showing you everything you need to know about building a successful niche website.

Step by step walkthrough of our process for building sites

Use the Passive Income Roadmap to keep you on track as you work through each step of the course, from beginning to end.

Access to multiple templates and checklists

Download and use several checklists and templates that we’ve created over the years that have helped us streamline our processes.

Access to our private community

Learn from others who have already built successful websites. We’re active and participating in the community regularly as well. See the FAQ below for more details.

Access to updates and changes

Immediately access new or updated content as changes happen in the industry or our strategy shifts over time.

Course Curriculum

Course Overview

Welcome to The Passive Income Unlocked Protocol(1:48)START
A 10,000 Foot View of Our Approach(1:18)START
Using the Passive Income Roadmap(4:52)START
Using the Workflow Tracker(4:52)START
Accessing and Using the Private Community(12:04)START
A Quick Overview of the Sites Used During the Course(2:26)START

Choosing a Niche

Why Niche Selection Is So Important(5:21)START
How to Use the Niche Selection Checklist(18:43)START
How to Choose a Niche(8:17)START
Generating Niche Ideas with ChatGPT(7:10)START

Finding Topics Within Your Niche

How to Find Topics(17:08)START
Creating a Topical Map(10:42)START
Using Topic Clusters(10:52)START

Finding Keywords Within Topics

Finding Keywords(10:43)START
4-Part Keyword Research: Step #1 (Optional)(6:07)START
4-Part Keyword Research: Step #2(24:13)START
4-Part Keyword Research: Step #3(33:40)START
4-Part Keyword Research: Step #4(44:46)START

Analyzing the Competition

Competition Analysis Overview(1:35)START
How to Use the Competition Analysis Checklist(3:03)START
Evaluating the Competition(49:02)START
How to Use the Competition Analysis Checklist 2.0(8:55)START
Identifying Red Flags(8:38)START
Evaluating the Competition (Using the Competition Analysis Checklist 2.0)(71:41)START

Naming Your Site

Choosing a Domain Name(2:24)START
How to Use the Domain Name Selection Checklist(3:47)START
How to Come Up with Domain Name Ideas(3:31)START
Generating Domain Name Ideas with ChatGPT(5:39)START

Purchasing a Domain Name and Hosting

Getting Started with Bluehost(23:08)START

Installing and Configuring WordPress

An Overview of WordPress(7:53)START
How to Choose and Configure a Theme(17:17)START
Configuring the Basic WordPress Settings(11:34)START
Installing and Configuring the Must-Have Plugins(31:34)START
Creating the Basic Pages(15:32)START
Creating the Navigation(16:00)START
Adding a Sidebar(9:56)START

Publishing Posts

Creating a Post(15:59)START
The Basic Structure of a Post(20:51)START
How to Write a Good Headline(23:47)START
Adding External Links to Your Posts(14:59)START
Adding Internal Links to Your Posts(41:13)START
Using the “New Post” Checklist(30:29)START

Adding and Optimizing Images

Images Overview(2:21)START
Downloading and Adding Images(3:15)START
Tracking Which Articles Need Images(3:33)START

Monitoring and Tracking Progress

How to Monitor Your Progress(3:45)START
Configuring Google Search Console(8:38)START
Configuring Google Analytics(5:55)START
Getting the Most of the Workflow Tracker(12:18)START
Updating the Analytics Tab on the Workflow Tracker(6:08)START

Growing Your Traffic More Quickly

How Long It Typically Takes to Rank a Brand New Site(2:07)START
How to Request Manual Indexing(1:58)START
Alternative Sources of Traffic(2:48)START
Creating Topical Relevance on Your Site(2:44)START
Attracting Social Shares and Backlinks(2:06)START
Increasing Pages per Visitor Using Tag Pages(9:52)START
Finding Low-Hanging Fruit with Search Console(10:07)START

Creating a Logo

How to Create a Logo for Free(4:18)START

Creating a Custom Homepage

How to Create a Custom Homepage(35:19)START

Outsourcing Content

How, When, and Why to Outsource Content(19:14)START

Improving Page Speed

Page Speed Overview(4:04)START
How to Check Your Page Speed Scores(5:54)START
Improving Page Speed with Plugins(6:32)START

Monetizing Your Site

Ways to Make Money from Your Site(5:39)START
Display Ad Options(8:58)START
How to Increase Your Display Ad Earnings(3:30)START
Adding Amazon Affiliate Links(1:40)START
Other Ways to Earn Affiliate Income(3:19)START
Creating a Digital Product(18:26)START
Improving Monetization with Ad Inserter(23:00)START

Improving Your Old Content

Improving Old Content(3:01)START
Tracking Your Changes with the Workflow Tracker(3:52)START

Next Steps

Where to Go From Here(0:52)START

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