Tube Journey To Freedom – Roope Kiuttu

Original price was: $597.00.Current price is: $119.00.

Tube Journey To Freedom – Roope Kiuttu

Original price was: $597.00.Current price is: $119.00.

Make a Life-Changing Income Online &


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Make a Life-Changing Income Online &

Welcome to Tube Journey To Freedom
& Make Money on YouTube!

=> Watch my video below to get the full details!

My program is designed to help YOU to make a life-changing income on YouTube and live the life of FREEDOM.

You can join whether you’re a complete beginner or you already have a YouTube channel.

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Tube Journey To Freedom Prgrogram


– Learn the steps to go from 0 to making a life-changing income on YouTube

– Master the 3-Step System to Succeed & Make Money on YouTube

– Learn 5+ Ways to Make Money on YouTube

– See the YouTube Secrets That Nobody Tells You

– Learn to Use the MOST POWERFUL YouTube Tools in the Universe

– 1-CLICK Strategy to Make Money on YouTube

– Join Tube Journey To Freedom Community with Roope & Other Success-Minded People

– Set Up AUTOMATIC INCOME STREAMS That Will Make You Money 24/7

– Steps That Helped Me to Make Over $30,000/Month on YouTube

And Much, Much More!

I’m Roope Kiuttu
& I’d like to Invite YOU to
a YouTube journey with me!

I know what it takes to go FROM:

– 0 views & 0 subscribers

– Without ANY video skills

– Without ANY video equipment

– Without ANY confidence in creating videos


– Helping 1,000’s of People Worldwide to Make Money Online

– 100,000+ YouTube Subscribers

– 1,000,000’s of Views

– 20+ Automatic Income Streams

If I can do it, You can do it.

5 Fun Facts About Roope Kiuttu

1) I help every day 1000’s people to make money online through my YouTube channel, Udemy courses, and other training.

2) I have educated over 495,000 students on Udemy.

3) My mission is to make the world a better place through my work.

4) #7 Strongest Chess Player in Finland. I Represented Finland in the World Youth Chess Championship, European Youth Chess Championship, and other international chess tournaments.

Won the U-20 Nordic Chess Championship at age 16.

5: I love to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle

Why YouTube?

1. Ultimate Freedom
2. 24/7 Automatic Income
3. Do What YOU Love
4. Impact 1,000,000’s of People

What else can you ask for? 😉

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With YouTube have the Privilege to:

•Live Anywhere YOU Want
•Work Anytime YOU Want
•Take Vacations When YOU Want
•Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

=> Enjoy your life to the fullest!
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Create Multiple Passive Income Streams

Tube Journey To Freedom

YouTube secrets that you learn in this program may be worth $1,000’s, $10,000’s, or even $100,000’s during your YouTube career.

You’ll learn immediately:

– 3-STEP SYSTEM to Succeed & Make Money on YouTube

– How to Optimize Your Channel CLICK-BY-CLICK

– How to Do a Market Research on YouTube in Less than 5 MINUTES

– How to Build a NEW YouTube Channel Even in Less Than 60 SECONDS

– How to Do Comprehensive Keyword Research to Get UNLIMITED IDEAS for YouTube videos

– Tricks That Will Give You an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE on YouTube

– 1-CLICK Strategy to Make Money on YouTube

– How to Set Up AUTOMATIC INCOME STREAMS That Will Make You Money 24/7

And much, much more!

You have nothing to lose and everything to win.

Join NOW Before It’s Too Late!

Who Is This For?

If you answer “YES!” to any of the following questions, this is created for you:

•Do YOU want to start a new YouTube channel?
•Do YOU want to take your YouTube channel to the next level?
•Do YOU want to Make MORE Money on YouTube?
•Do YOU want to FAST-TRACK Your Results on YouTube?
•Do YOU want to get more views & subscribers?
Who Is This NOT For?

If you answer “YES!” to any of the following questions, this is NOT for you:

•You don’t want to learn anything new.
•You don’t want to put in any work.
•You want the “Earn $20,351 in 30 days!” Magic Formula.

I will simply show you how to build a real, successful YouTube business and you know that nothing great in life comes by snapping your fingers.

This is my personal invitation to a journey to grow your YouTube channel with me and other success-minded people.

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What Do YOU Get?

Since you’re joining my YouTube program, I want to show that I am 100% COMMITTED to helping YOU to succeed on YouTube.

Here’s what you can expect from Tube Journey To Freedom.

See Step-By-Step How to Make Money on YouTube

Here’s what I’ll show you:

How to…

1) Get more money

2) Get more subscribers

3) Get more views

4) Get money while you sleep

5) And much, much more!

Become Part of our Successful Community

•Learn From Others
•Share Your Victories
•Ask Questions
•Be Inspired!

You can enter Tube Journey To Freedom as a complete beginner or as an experienced YouTuber. My commitment is to build a community of wildly successful YouTubers worldwide.

Would you rather try everything alone OR connect with other success-minded people to FAST-TRACK your results?

Are YOU Ready to Succeed on YouTube?

Now that you’ve read my COMMITMENTS to help you, I’ll simply ask:

“Are YOU COMMITTED to Take Your Life & Business to the Next Level?”

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Here’s What You’ll Learn Immediately

HUGE OPPORTUNITY! Get Started Today!

Welcome! Watch This First!(3:57)START
MUST WATCH: How Does This Program Work?(2:55)START
Tube Journey To Freedom Community(5:51)START
Lesson 1: Why Is YouTube Such a Great Opportunity(6:50)START
IMPORTANT TASK! Set a Measurable Goal for Yourself(12:31)START
TAKE ACTION: Goal-Setting ExerciseSTART
Lesson 2: 3 Steps to Succeed on YouTube(13:54)START
Lesson 3: “Magic Secret” to Make Money on YouTube(7:21)START

MODULE 1: Build a Successful YouTube Channel

OVERVIEW: Build a STRONG Foundation(2:52)START
Goals & Questions for Module 1START
Lesson 1: Choose Your Niche(26:39)START
Lesson 2: TRICK to Make Everything EASIER(15:01)START
Lesson 3: How to Create a New YouTube Channel from Scratch (in 60 SECONDS!)(3:07)START
Lesson 4: Keyword Research for Your Channel(22:24)START
ACTION: Let’s Build Your Successful Channel NOW!(16:21)START

MODULE 2: Create Successful Videos

Goals & Questions for Module 2START
Lesson 1: 4 Ways to Get UNLIMITED Video Ideas!(26:37)START
Lesson 2: What Should You Say? => PLAN YOUR VIDEOS STRATEGICALLY!(28:43)START
BONUS! My YouTube Video TemplateSTART
Video Equipment: From $0 to $5,000 Budget(4:00)START
ACTION! Record Your Videos!START
PROOF That You Can Build a Highly Successful Channel for 100% FREE!(5:56)START

MODULE 3: Upload & Optimize Your Videos on YouTube

OVERVIEW: Optimize Your Videos!(3:29)START
Goals & Questions for Module 3START
How to Edit Your YouTube Videos? -> EASY Options(12:44)START
The BEST YouTube Optimization Tool Ever Created!(15:37)START
The Single Most Important Thing on YouTube?(21:54)START
YouTube Monetization Tricks: 2X Your Revenue?(11:28)START
2 Things to Do After Publishing Your Video(10:31)START

MODULE 4: ANALYZE Your Audience!

OVERVIEW: The MOST IMPORTANT Part of Your Business(5:18)START
Goals & Questions for Module 4START
Successful Videos vs Unsuccessful Videos(23:32)START
Get People to Watch Your Videos Longer (WATCHTIME!)(19:03)START
Get MORE Views by Improving Your CTR!(16:45)START
WHO Are Watching Your Videos?(12:09)START
Create & Use PLAYLISTS! (Better Session Time!)(8:57)START
Optimize Your Channel HOMEPAGE IMMEDIATELY to Increase Subscribers & Conversions!(10:50)START

MODULE 5: Monetize Your YouTube Channel

OVERVIEW: 7 POWERFUL Ways to Earn Money on YouTube(12:32)START
Goals & Questions for Module 5START
#1 RULE for Making Money on YouTube(8:42)START
1-CLICK Strategy to Earn Money on YouTube (YT Ads Revenue)(43:06)START
Start Earning Money from Your First Video?(20:39)START
Get Paid BEFORE Creating Videos? (SPONSORSHIPS!)(16:33)START
The BEST Way to Make Over $100,000/Year on YouTube?(12:02)START
THIS Made Me More Money on YouTube Than Anything Else!(15:44)START
Making Money with YouTube Channel MembershipsSTART
Earn Money Selling Merchandise… But Is It Worth It?START

MODULE 5.1: Affiliate Marketing Mastery (Make Money Copy-Pasting Links)

4 PROVEN Ways to Find & Choose Profitable Affiliate Programs(47:22)START
Analyze Your Affiliate Campaigns & Update Your Gameplan!(33:40)START
Create a Successful Affiliate Promotion – Tips from the Field!(35:23)START

MODULE 6: Make Money & Grow Your Channel with YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts Update – SEPTEMBER 2023START
What Are YouTube Shorts?(24:45)START
How Will You Make Money with YouTube Shorts?(14:54)START
How to Create YouTube Shorts (Step-By-Step)(44:56)START
Tips & Tricks for Optimizing Your Shorts Creation Process(38:59)START
ANALYZE Your YouTube Shorts Results(47:36)START

MODULE 7: Guarantee Your Long-Term Success!

OVERVIEW: Why Do YOU Need a Long-Term Plan?START
Goals & Questions for Module 6START
Wanna Achieve MASSIVE RESULTS? => SEE How To Do It(5:17)START
Do THIS And You Can’t Really Fail!(7:03)START
3 YouTube Channels That Didn’t Quit & NOW EARN MILLIONS!(8:05)START
Most YouTube Channels QUIT TOO EARLY!(8:12)START
Become The “Go-To Person” In Your Industry(13:57)START

BONUS MODULE: Real-Life Examples of Profitable Affiliate Programs

The Purpose of This BONUS Module (Read Quick!)START
This Program Converts Really Well! (Over $10,729/Month Earnings)(12:35)START
Awesome Program for Beginners (My Record: $4484 in 7 Days)(13:22)START
This Program Pays Over $1,000/Sale (My Record Was $3,000 in 1 Day)(9:26)START
Great Worldwide Affiliate Program (Over 20M Users on This Platform!)(12:20)START

BONUS MODULE: Best YouTube Tools in the Universe

OVERVIEW: The Best YouTube Tools in the UniverseSTART
Get Started with TubeBuddy(8:53)START
My Favorite TubeBuddy Features in PRACTICE!(29:39)START
Get Started with VidIQ(2:55)START

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