Yoni Yoga – Sofia Sundari

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Yoni Yoga – Sofia Sundari

Original price was: $487.00.Current price is: $89.00.

Yoni Yoga – Sofia Sundari

This disconnect results in numbness, which is one of the main reasons why we don’t feel pleasure. That’s why so many women don’t feel satisfied with their sex life.

The majority of women simply don’t know how to change their situation, and so they end up giving up on their pleasure altogether.


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Do you want to unlock your orgasms and establish a deep intimate connection with your femininity?

Discover the Power of the Yoni Egg and Awaken Your Erotic Nature and Orgasmic Aliveness

Tantra teacher Sofia Sundari reveals Yoni Yoga: A sacred 5 week online journey into your liberated sexuality through mastery of the Jade Egg practice

Let’s talk frankly…

  • Do you want to bring more magic into your sex life?
  • Would you like to experience life changing multi-orgasms?
  • Do you want to expand your radiance and feel more sexy?
  • Do you want to learn how to use the Jade Egg to nourish your entire being?
  • And do you want to feel self confident and deeply connected to your body and sexuality?

All this is available to you!

Every woman is capable of standing fully present in her power and experiencing exquisite orgasms.

So if that’s true, why are so many not there yet?

It’s because we are taught not to. Sexuality in the 21st century is still something that is repressed, we’re not supposed to speak about or claim for ourselves.

There is a lot of conditioning that makes many people believe that sexuality is dirty, and we all carry a degree of shame around it…

Many women live a life disconnected from their vaginas.

This disconnect results in numbness, which is one of the main reasons why we don’t feel pleasure. That’s why so many women don’t feel satisfied with their sex life.

The majority of women simply don’t know how to change their situation, and so they end up giving up on their pleasure altogether.

The answer to the ‘How’ lies in a wonderful practice that was developed thousands of years ago in ancient China.

There it was known that in order to be a powerful leader and live a healthy and prosperous life, members of royal families needed to harness and master their sexual energy. Women were encouraged to hold a crystal in the very core of their being, close to their womb. This practice was kept secret for many years.

But today this long kept secret is no longer hidden. And it is accessible to you!

It is called the Yoni Egg practice.

What is this powerful Yoni Egg you might be asking?

  • The Yoni Egg is a small egg shaped crystal made out of Jade.
  • Yoni is the Sanskrit name for female genitalia. Literally it means ‘holy temple’ .
  • The Yoni Egg is meant to be placed inside the vagina. We perform special practices while holding it in.
  • These practices strengthen your entire being from the inside out.
  • The Yoni Egg is a very practical tool for feminine empowerment and transformation.

And practicing with it the way Sofia teaches in this Online Course results in numerous amazing benefits for our expanded sexual and orgasmic nature.

With practice you sensitise your body. You connect deeply with your Yoni. You revitalise your entire being. You boost and harmonise your sex drive. You balance your hormones (say goodbye to PMS and menopausal symptoms). You awaken to your mystical sensuality. You start feeling your feminine power. You heal sexual trauma. And you open up to a whole new dimension of orgasmic pleasure!

In this course you’ll be taken on a journey of holistic sexual empowerment.

To unleash the erotic you, the powerful you, the orgasmic you, and to connect with the feminine and the sacred you.

Your Instructor: Sofia Sundari

Hi, this is Sofia. I am a Tantra teacher and the creatress of Mystical Femininity. I am fully dedicated to my path of the feminine mystic. On this path I never stop expanding my horizons, and I welcome those who are ready to join me with open arms.

In my work I offer people an expanded view of what this human existence can really look like. I invite my students to question beliefs that are deeply ingrained in society. These are beliefs about the nature of our sexuality, emotions, relationships and life in general. I offer an alternative to confused mindsets and habits. I bring a space in which our darkness stops being shameful, and actually nourishes our light, where spirituality and sexuality are one.

“Sofia Lives What She Is Talking About. Her Gift Is to Create a Sacret Temple.” ~ Bianca

  • At some point my life radically transformed from the one of a lawyer working in Moscow to the one of a yogini and tantrica living on a tropical island.
  • The dance floor and the bedroom with my lover are the two most enjoyable places in the world to me.
  • I can have an orgasm from almost any part of my body.
  • I lived on an island paradise practicing 5-6 hours of meditation, Hatha Yoga and Tantra every day for 5 years.

There are many things that I teach people, many powerful techniques and practices. But I see my role mostly in providing a sacred and safe space for people to be able to tap into things they already knew but maybe never had permission to express.

The Yoni Egg transformed my life from inside out

The biggest shift of my life happened when I discovered Tantra, began owning my sexuality and started experiencing deep orgasms. That was when I discovered the Yoni Egg practice.

No one could really tell me much about exactly what to do with it. But I was so fascinated by the Yoni Egg that I kept researching, developing exercises and practicing daily. It didn’t take long (only a matter of a few days of practice, really!) until the pleasure I was experiencing in sex sky-rocketed, and even my partner after one of our passionate love making sessions told me: “Wow, your Yoni feels amazing, what did you do to her?”

I began feeling more. I began reclaiming my Yoni as the powerful and sacred place that she is.
I am so honoured and excited to be able to offer you a complete step by step guide into this mystical practice

Why should every woman wear her Yoni Egg on a regular basis?

Because you embrace the mystical power of your own Yoni. And that’s where feminine empowerment should start. It is so crucial for all women to develop a deep relationship with our Yoni. This is how we can own our power. This is how we can access our deepest wisdom and intuition.

On the physical level your pelvic floor muscles will be toned and activated. And our pelvic floor serves as the base to all our vital organs. Yoni will be naturally wetter, stronger, more flexible, and more immune to any kind of bacteria.

On the energetic level you will clear your system and your Yoni from all past traumas and unhealthy experiences around your sexuality. Your sex drive will be boosted or harmonised.
On the emotional level you will experience healing of past traumas, more balanced emotions, and your PMS or menopausal symptoms will be greatly alleviated.

On the spiritual level you will establish a sacred relationship with your own self and everything around you. On the orgasmic level you will begin experiencing those really big mind blowing orgasms!

Yoni Yoga offers a deeply empowering practice that enables every woman to awaken to her erotic nature. You will be holding a beautiful powerful crystal in the very core of your being.

In Yoni Yoga we unite the erotic and the holy.

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What you will get out of this journey

This direction is for girls who need to to experience a deep reference to their erotic selves. It’s for girls who need to reinforce their Yoni and pelvic floor. It’s for girls who need to move deeper into their sexuality and revel in effective existence converting orgasms. It’s for girls who need to harmonise their hormones and feature lighter menstruation or a smoother transition into menopause. It’s for girls who need to boom their power and longevity. It’s for girls who need to be in track with their femininity. It’s for girls who need to find out their personal sacredness.

You will be taken on an empowering journey:

  • Learn everything about the Yoni Egg practice
  • Learn magical secrets of your erotic nature
  • Heal past trauma that is stored in your vagina and holding you back sexually and in your life
  • Perform energetic purification of the Yoni
  • Overcome numbness of the vagina, shame and discomfort so you can enjoy pleasure deeply, alone and with a partner
  • Get to know and work on all the reflexology zones in the Yoni
  • Make your breasts more sensitive and beautiful
  • Learn how to have breast-gasms
  • Perform different variations of breast massage
  • Breathe from your ovaries and uterus
  • Get to know the anatomy of feminine arousal
  • Develop a profound relationship with your Yoni
  • Learn how to use the Yoni Egg for your orgasmic expansion
  • Dive deeper into your feminine core
  • Discover and connect with your own sacredness

For the erotic you:

  • Feel aligned with your erotic nature
  • Learn to claim your sexuality and heal traumas
  • Feel connected to yourself

For the orgasmic you:

  • Have deep ecstatic orgasms
  • As well as breast-gasms
  • Give amazing pleasure to your partner with your vaginal muscles alone

For the sacred you:

  • Learn how to create a sacred space
  • Come into alignment with your true self

For the powerful you:

  • Feel confident as a woman
  • Feel energised on all levels
  • Boost or harmonise your sex drive
  • Work on reflexology zones in the vagina

For the feminine you:

  • Learn to embody your feminine side in daily life
  • Feel the intuition of your Yoni
  • Discover the part of you that knows surrender

Explore The Course Curriculum​

Week 1: I am Erotic

  • Eros Is Not What You Do, but the Space You Enter
  • Yoni: Get to Know Her
  • Delicious Breast Massage: Foundation
  • Yoni Egg: Foundation

Week 2: I am Powerful

  • Step into Your Power – Own Your Sexuality
  • Sexual Healing
  • Delicious Breast Massage: Expansion
  • Energetic Purification of the Yoni
  • Ovarian Breathing

Week 3: I am Orgasmic

  • Orgasmic Expansion
  • Self-pleasure as a Gateway to Yourself
  • Breast-gasm
  • Delicious Breast Massage
  • Yoni Egg: Sitting

Week 4: I am Feminine

  • The Feminine Core
  • Anatomy of Feminine Arousal
  • Create Your Altar
  • Delicious Breast Massage
  • Yoni Egg: Standing

Week 5: I am Sacred

  • See Divine Within
  • What’s Next?
  • Yoni Egg: Integral
  • +Bonus

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