Don’t Just Sit There! – Katy Bowman

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Don’t Just Sit There! – Katy Bowman

Original price was: $37.00.Current price is: $11.00.

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Mainstream Media Warns: “Sitting Is the New Smoking!”

Just like smoking, prolonged sitting increases your risk for chronic diseases, including obesity and even death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. And, like smoking, sitting’s addictive nature makes it hard to quit! We’re quite literally “under the influence” of cushions and seat backs.

On the heels of this clever tagline, the standup desk movement has picked up steam, and workers are trading in their comfy office chairs for waist-level desks and all-day standing marathons.

But the solution is not as simple as sliding your chair aside and perching your monitor at standup height.

Standing Up to the Sitting Scare Isn’t the Answer

The problem is not sitting per se, it’s prolonged stillness and a lack of variation in your daily routine. If you stand there all day in one position you’ll be no better off than you were before…except you’ll be more tired, stiff, and sore!

And while we’re all for getting people out of their chairs and onto their feet, we know the prescription is a bit more physiologically nuanced than the standup desk movement and mainstream media would have us believe. The repetitive use of a single position (be it sitting, standing at a high-tech standup rig, or even sinking into the couch for the evening) makes us ill in a litany of ways.

For example, muscles adapt to repetitive positioning and unvarying load-bearing positions by changing their cellular makeup, which in turn leads to less joint range of motion. This muscle and joint “stiffness” can lead to a stiffening of the arterial walls within these muscles.

Don't Just Sit There! Get back in alignment and boost productivity with the following…

  • Don't Just Sit There eBook by biomechanist Katy Bowman.
  • Don't Just Sit There audio program so you can listen on the go.
  • 10 instructional videos to guide you to a better body alignment at work!
  • Detailed video discussion with Mark Sisson and Katy Bowman.
  • Amazing Feets! eBook to guide you on a more barefoot-dominant journey.

Study After Study Proves that Working Out Doesn’t Protect Against Chronic Pain or Disease Caused by an 8-Hour Sitting Day

Fancy yourself an athlete as you cycle through a 45-minute spin class or hit CrossFit 5 times a week? While we applaud your dedication to fitness, the genetically optimal physical challenges your body craves are not just the rote stuff like your daily walk or weekly session with a trainer, but spontaneous challenges that get your body moving in new and extraordinary ways. Humans evolved to participate in an assortment of daily movement and physical challenges. Unfortunately, the vast majority of humans aren't honoring this genetic requirement for varied physical movement. And being a fitness enthusiast, or even a serious competitive athlete, doesn’t give you a free pass here.

As breaking science has revealed with the active couch potato syndrome, even those who follow a devoted schedule of daily workouts are not free from the disease risk of sedentary living. By sedentary living we don’t mean just couches and potato chips. If the majority of your day is spent commuting and working a desk job, you also fall into the “sedentary risk” category, and your hour-long gym session isn’t doing much to protect you.

Active Job? That Doesn't Help Either.

Even those with active jobs—for example, a lineman for the utility company, a building contractor, or a shipping and receiving agent—are generally engaged in repetitive tasks that only mobilize a fraction of their joints and muscles. Furthermore, the grind of physical labor (particularly when using inefficient mechanics) can lead to assorted overuse injuries and health problems.

The solution here is not more visits to the gym or more miles on the road, or even installing a standup desk and carrying on. Every little step away from sedentary helps, of course, but we need to mix things up a little—make that a lot—in daily life.

Help is Here!

The good news is that, because we’ve all been sitting (static) the same way for decades, changing our static positioning (e.g., standing more) can indeed improve our health, as can moving intermittently throughout the day. It's important to nip your stillness issues in the bud, BUT…there's a right and wrong way to go about it. So, we brought in a movement expert.

Realign with a World Renowned Biomechanist!

Katy Bowman is a global leader in the field of biomechanics and how it relates to optimal human development and health—not only when working, but also during physical activity, and even while relaxing or sleeping. Katy's presentations and professional certification courses blend the "separate" sciences of biology, physics, and kinesiology with a practical, hands-on approach to working with real people. In addition to directing the Restorative Exercise Institute, Katy assists researchers with methodology and study design, instructs and certifies practitioners, and maintains a busy global travel schedule. She’s constantly working to educate and model a physiologically sound way of transitioning out of a sedentary lifestyle.

Together with Mark Sisson—author of the best-selling health and wellness book The Primal Blueprint and publisher of—Katy Bowman explores the biomechanics of sitting and standing and how you can best maneuver between the two.

Introducing the Don’t Just Sit There Program

An online multimedia program that gets you out of your chair, standing aligned, and sitting right

Say goodbye to aches and pains and hello to increased energy and productivity! Don’t Just Sit There is a comprehensive multimedia course that gives you all the information and guidance you need to move out of the sedentary-risk category so that you are finally sitting, standing, and moving properly. Katy Bowman will show you how to make your workplace healthier—which means more variation in desk positioning, more movement breaks, and better observation of optimal body alignment and body ergonomics.

This program features a series of 10 instructional videos, a comprehensive eBook (over 50 pages), a detailed shopping guide for ergonomic products, an audio recording of the book (narrated by Katy herself), and an assortment of bonus material to help you learn everything you need to create a healthy, variable, well-aligned workplace. Don't Just Sit There will help you manage one of the worst health disconnects in modern life—the prolonged sedentary periods that characterize a typical day for most of us: commuting, working in an office environment, and engaging in digital entertainment on the couch in the evenings.

Your Day isn't a Simple Endeavor

Don’t get hoodwinked into thinking that adding movement to your day is a simple endeavor. Think you can outwit the fallout of standing all day by cleverly opting for a treadmill desk, thereby keeping movement going, your muscles engaged, and your health safeguarded? Think again! In Don’t Just Sit There, Katy explains how treadmill desks, while great for providing some of the mental and physical benefits of movement, actually have drawbacks (due to the unnatural muscular activity generated by "moving in place") that can negatively impact your musculoskeletal health.

The adaptation to sitting that happens on a deep, cellular level means that reaping the benefits of "not sitting so much" requires more than just swapping one static position for another, and more than doing 8 treadmill miles a day while you type. It requires an entire overhaul of the way you think about and move your body. The Don’t Just Sit There program guides you through this process one step at a time…because “sitting is NOT really the new smoking,” and standing isn’t the easy fix other experts may have you believe.

Here's What to Expect

If you’ve made it this far, you are probably super motivated to sit less, and we’d like to help you transition appropriately. In order to do that, you need a deeper prescription for combating excessive stillness and introducing more movement and variation into your daily routine.

All it takes is the four-part formula presented in the Don't Just Sit There eBook. You'll learn…

  • How to Build a Perfect Workstation: Katy will respect the constraints of a traditional office environment, and while she'll look at some of the latest, greatest contraptions, she will also respect your budget with some easy do-it-yourself options.
  • How to Sit Better: Katy will give you a "Sitting Makeover" to learn how to get your spine in optimal alignment and alleviate chronic pain and discomfort.
  • How to Stand Better: Katy will teach you how to stand properly, with an 8-step alignment check that gets you balanced from head to toe!
  • How to Work Out on Company Time: Katy presents exercises to de-chair your body on your movement breaks, and she will teach you how to exercise your body while you are simultaneously working—no extra exercise time required!

Don’t worry, there will be no shortage of ideas and even edicts presented in this program, but taking action is up to you. Stay engaged and integrate new habits and we promise—creative movement will become second nature! And that’s just in the eBook…

You'll Also Get Unlimited Access To:

Instructional Videos!

In addition to the photos and diagrams that guide you through the exercises and physiological effects of sitting and standing, we've included 10 education and movement videos which you can play on repeat and watch at your leisure. You'll learn how to perform subtle stretches at your desk without anyone even noticing, you'll learn a series of large movements that help counteract your fixed position stints, and you'll even learn special therapeutic exercises for your eyes and neck.

The course includes a special bonus video. It's not an "instructional video" like the others. It's an interview with Mark and Katy. They discuss everything from the problem of excess sitting in modern life, down to the nitty gritty details of what you can do about it.

Audio Additions

Because we want you to be able to take your learning outside and away from your computer. You don’t have to sit there to learn—you can get moving right away!

Calm Inflammation, Eliminate Tension, and Increase Mobility with Dr. Dawn McCrory & Coach Kimmie Smith

Dr. Dawn is an expert in the field of physical therapy, movement dysfunctions, and physical fitness, and she and her associate Coach Kimmie are sharing their knowledge with you in Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball instructional videos, 6 of 10 instructional videos in the Don't Just Sit There program.

Yoga Tune Up® is geared toward releasing the fascial restrictions and adhesions that ultimately lead to injury, pain, and reduced mobility. These adhesions are bands of painful rigid tissue that usually form in muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and can be caused by chronic tension or tightness, overuse, and injuries. Adhesions can block circulation and cause pain, inflammation, and limited mobility and can affect overall performance and quality of life.

Let's Recap the Course Highlights:

All eBooks are delivered in PDF format for your reading pleasure!

  • Katy Bowman's comprehensive eBook Don't Just Sit There, featuring illustrated diagrams, explanations, and a comprehensive ergonomic products shopping guide.
  • Don't Just Sit There audio book (unabridged), read and recorded by Katy Bowman.
  • 10 instructional videos to make sure you're outfitting your workspace and sitting/standing correctly…as well as supplementing with proper alignment exercises and stretches.
  • Don't Just Sit There Discussion, a detailed talk show-style discussion with Mark and Katy about all aspects of healthy movement. You'll get the big-picture philosophy about movement and variation and adopt the proper mindset for your intensive studies.
  • BONUS! Mark Sisson's new eBook Amazing Feets! A great primer to safely maximize all the benefits of an active and varied movement lifestyle.

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