Handmade Titan University – Renae Christine

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Handmade Titan University – Renae Christine

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Take advantage of your handmade skill to build an income you deserve


I’m Renae Christine.

Since 2012 I’ve taught over 80,000 handmade product based businesses how to grow and survive online through free YouTube tutorials.

I have over 2,000 successful students in my Handmade Titan University in every category including jewelry, crochet, sewing, stationery, upcycling, pottery, woodworking, wall decals, graphic design and even alpacas.


I was very happy in my own little world:

  • I ran a 6-figure stationery business from home.
  • I had a warehouse filled with $75,000 worth of stock.
  • I built an automated system so my assistants ran my entire business for me.
  • I worked for an hour each week to count up payroll for my assistants.
  • It was very much a dream world I’d created for myself in an industry that I absolutely loved.


My family and friends asked me to teach them how to do it but I said, “No. Who would take me seriously? I trip over my shoelaces and eat Easy Cheese for fun.”


My fear grew along with the crazy requests for help. Until I read Tim Ferris and read “What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.” So I tried to at least find a blog or book or link to send to these people who needed the help.


I quickly became very angry at what was out there. I was very offended by all the articles geared toward work at home moms about goal setting and balancing schedules or motivation. Blech.

These women wanted to learn how to build a business like I built and teaching them goal setting won’t help anyone. –These women needed a step-by-step proven system as in (step 1, step 2, step 3) to turn their handmade talents into a profitable flourishing designer business.


I put out 1 free training a day for exactly 365 days to help

I made silly little videos and then added serious webinars to help as best I could for free. I continued to make video tutorials even though I got massive commenters being cruel about the way I look. My hair color is wrong no matter what I do. Even my eye color, my nose, my voice and the size of different parts of my body were never right for the YouTube audience.

My skin had to grow an inch thick. I had to learn how to take the punches. I did. Because it was that important to me to help work at home moms build their businesses properly through substance.


Then, suddenly, I broke

One morning, I was faced with a very real divorce that left me feeling like I was hit with a semi-truck. I sat in my closet that day and all I could think about was how to explain to my 3 little girls that their daddy wouldn’t be living with them anymore. I had to break their whole world as well.

It was all I could do to turn on the camera that day and the days that followed to continue the tutorials. I became a little bit of a nut while my life was in ruins.

That’s when the haters came in full force. According to them, there’s no way I could know what I’m talking about because I moved my video recording to the comfort of my own closet.

Then one of my favorite YouTubers, one of my heroes that I looked up to and aspired to be like sent me a personal email that said I have to become more “coach-like” or I wouldn’t be successful. I became a hot mess and had a complete meltdown.


I shut down my stationery business because it reminded me of my previous marriage.

I shut it down, stopped filling orders and I even fired my assistants. I burned down everything in self sabotage and I was never going to get back up again.

After I sold my stationery company I realized that the money was running out fast and I had 3 little girls to support.

So what now? Do I get a job and turn my back on everything I knew about building a business? Do I dare take a chance with 3 tiny ones in the wings? Ending up on the street was a very real possibility because I didn’t have any family or friends to turn too if everything failed.

I decided to rebuild and dedicate this business to my YouTube Besties who support me at a ravenous level. By starting this second business I would really know if my first business was a fluke or if I really knew the strategies and formula to build another 6-figure business.


The ultimate system that takes you by the hand (as in step 1, step 2, step 3) to build and design the ultimate handmade business that makes competitors cry.


Module 1  – Sift

  • Get ahead of the business game before you even get started.

Module 2 – Build

  • Setup your business structure in a weekend.

Module 3  – Shape

  • Create an automated sales machine so all you have to do is pour in traffic to make money.

Module 4  – Welcome

  • Turn each customer into a repeat customer for life.

Module 5 – Know

Get your customers to buy when YOU want them to buy.

Module 6 – Plan

  • Build a product line that sells out like woah. –Even if they are one-of-a-kind products.

Module 7 – Prep

  • Get the press to showcase your product line … like within 24 hours.

Module 8 – Drive

  • The 12 step marketing timeline that makes 6-figure Besties.

Module 9 – The Lost Module

  • Secret goodness in this one

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