Igor Ledochowski – The power of hypnotic gifts

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Igor Ledochowski – The power of hypnotic gifts

Original price was: $59.00.Current price is: $17.10.

Quite simply, hypnotists who can show what hypnosis does by giving someone a life-long hypnotic resource in just a few minutes have a BIG advantage over everybody else… because if you can do that, it also means you can:


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Igor Ledochowski – The power of hypnotic gifts

Igor Ledochowski - The power of hypnotic gifts

If you’re ready to discover the most exciting way to show anyone you meet the power of hypnosis in only 5 minutes… while leaving them completely stunned and amazed… then… this will be the most important letter you will ever read…

Here’s why:

I’ve had to learn the hard way that trying to explain hypnosis to someone who has never experienced hypnosis…

Is a lot like trying to describe what water tastes like.

It just doesn’t work.

The only way to explain what water tastes like, is to hand someone a glass of water!

Likewise: giving someone a taste of hypnosis is a THOUSAND times more effective than a long-winded explanation of how or why it works.
The Problem?

Most hypnotists don’t have a “go-to” strategy to QUICKLY and efficiently demonstrate the power of hypnosis in a way that leaves a lasting impact.

What kind of lasting impact am I talking about?

Sit back and imagine for a moment what would happen if the next time someone asked you about hypnosis, you could simply:

TRANSFORM their mood in an instant
Make any difficult or unpleasant task FUN and easy
BOOST their immune system so they quickly bounce back from health issues
Improve their sleep so they fall asleep EASIER
Allow them to master any skill FASTER
Empower them to make BETTER decisions

It would leave them speechless, wouldn’t you agree?

That’s exactly why I developed and refined a system you can use to…
Show Anyone (Even Total strangers)
The Power of Hypnosis In 5 Minutes

What makes hypnotic gifts so special?

Quite simply, hypnotists who can show what hypnosis does by giving someone a life-long hypnotic resource in just a few minutes have a BIG advantage over everybody else… because if you can do that, it also means you can:

Quickly demonstrate what hypnosis can do instead of having to explain how it works
Leave people feeling AMAZING!
Build and improve personal and professional relationships by offering something incredibly valuable to anyone you meet
Give others lasting hypnotic gifts they can take home and use every day
Use birthdays, weddings, holiday parties (or any occasion!) as a chance to leave others with a lasting “feel-good” memory of you
Increase your status and reputation as a hypnotist
Gain more clients or advocates for you as others RAVE about the incredible impact you’ve had on them
Be the person others line up for a chance to talk to
Help someone FINALLY stick to their New Year’s resolutions or go after their dreams without fear

And in return you’ll gain influence, prestige and respect!

Pretty great, right?

Now, you might be wondering, isn’t this similar to Street Hypnosis?
The short answer is yes… and no.

Because just like street hypnosis, you can use hypnotic gifts as a “low-risk” way to demonstrate hypnotic phenomenon to anyone you meet (even strangers) within minutes.

But unlike street hypnosis, a hypnotic gift leaves someone with a LASTING and meaningful “hypnotic resource” they can use to improve their life over and over again.

See the difference?

In fact, hypnotic gifts are THE simplest, fastest and most effective way to get someone “on board” with hypnosis.

What’s more, the unique method I’ll reveal to you in this program shows you exactly how to TAILOR your gifts to the person in front of you… so you’re able to…
Give Anyone You Meet a Gift With The
Power To Change Their Life

And now YOU can master how to give hypnotic gifts without self-doubt, anxiety or worry (even if you’re a total newbie).

In fact, here’s a small peek into the hypnotic gifts you’ll be able to give anyone, anywhere once you go through the program:

Inner Smile: what if you could… change your mood in an instant, anytime, anywhere?
Happy Sage: what if you could… make any difficult or unpleasant task easier & more fun?
Dr Tao: what if you could… boost your immune system & bounce back from injuries/health issues more quickly
The Sanctuary: what if you could… have a place you could go anytime you needed a break from the world, a place to think, recover and feel good?
The Success Trophy: what if you could… face any obstacle or setback and find a way to succeed?
The Mask: what if you could… be like someone you really admire whenever you needed to?
Secret Therapy: what if you could… overcome problems before you even knew you had them?
The Chamber of Sleep: what if you could… fall asleep peacefully anytime, anyplace
The Wall of Wonders: what if you could… calm your body for the perfect night’s sleep
The Cave of Gratitude: what if you could… stop obsessive thoughts that block sleep (and feel great!)
The Future Wall: what if you could… turn your sleep into a vision board to build a better future
The Wall of Awakening: what if you could… wake up fresh & energised without an alarm clock
The Museum of Memories: what if you could… relive a charming memory you haven’t thought of in years
The Pool of Remembrance: what if you could… find & feature memories for unconscious success
The Elths & the Arrs: what if you could… develop a deeper set of success memories for the most important areas in your life
The Master’s Hall: what if you could… develop skills fast!
The Meditation Space: what if you could… feel peaceful and re-invigorated whenever you want
The Reading Room: what if you could… study and learn better
The Skills Room: what if you could master any skill you find important
The Boardroom: what if you could make better decisions when it counts
The Mirror of Virtue: what if you could… develop your virtues
The Statue of Power: what if you could… get in touch with a well of inner power
The River of Flow: what if you could… get better at conversations unconsciously

In this program, I’ll reveal to you my proprietary method for giving each of these lasting and life-changing hypnotic gifts in a unique way adapted to ANYONE you speak to in just 5 minutes… all while leaving others feeling like they’ve unlocked amazing new areas of potential within their mind.

To prove to you that the above statement is true, here’s a glimpse into what you’ll discover in the 11 hours and 40 minutes of in-depth video training across 10 modules:
Module 1: Hypnotic Gifts Foundations & The Hypnotic Laws and Principles That Make Gifts Powerful

You will discover:
How hypnotic gifts give someone a resource they can use for the rest of their life
Where hypnotic gifts fit in the “hypnotic spectrum” so you know exactly when and how to use them
Leave anyone you meet in awe by revealing the power of their mind using magic moments
What it takes to create the ULTIMATE magic moments
Hypnotic gifts I’ve personally used for close to 30 years to leave people with long-lasting experiences they never forget
The skill that lets you give others memorable (and even life-altering) experiences in JUST 5 minutes
How 5-minute hypnotic gifts help someone instantly grasp what hypnosis is all about (and want to tell others about it too!)
The key to selecting the RIGHT hypnotic gift to give your subject
Discover how Milton Erickson himself used the power of hypnotic gift giving
Follow this GOLDEN RULE so your hypnotic gifts are fun and spontaneous without ever feeling like a chore
What MUST happen if you want your hypnotic gift to work successfully
Why symbolic imagination is the doorway to hypnotic gift giving
How to activate your subject’s symbolic imagination (and when to use this impressive technique!)
How to elevate the significance of the symbolic reality you create with convincers
The key difference between covert and overt hypnotic gifts… and when to use each one
How to give a covert hypnotic gift (PLUS specific language you can use to frame your subject’s experience)
Knowing THIS means you can give hypnotic gifts in ANY context
How to use the Law of Successful Approximations to give your subject a “taste” of success
The SHORTCUT to get your subject in the right frame of mind so they readily accept your hypnotic gift
How belief and doubt impact reality (this is a must-know for hypnotic gift giving)
How to create the right hypnotic context for hypnotic gifts each and every time

Module 2: Creating Your Routine For Hypnotic
Gift Giving

Increase your confidence with a hypnotic gift giving routine (I’ll show you how to create your “go-to” routine)
Minimize the activation energy you need to get started so giving gifts becomes easy and effortless
What to say so you can frame your gift giving without mentioning hypnosis
How to set the right context for your subject to receive your hypnotic gift (all while infusing your subject with motivation and desire!)
How to move someone from a social reality to a hypnotic reality (you MUST do this before you give your hypnotic gift!)
Specific techniques you can use to easily place your subject into a hypnotic reality and prepare them to receive your gift
Why simple and direct language is MUCH more effective when it comes to hypnotic gifts (I’ll give you plenty of examples of this kind of language)
Demonstrations of how to get the right context in place before giving your hypnotic gift
In-depth feedback on making the process smooth and effective so you can seamlessly guide your subject through an incredible experience in just 5 minutes
How to figure out a routine that works best for you and fills you with confidence and enthusiasm
Step-by-step breakdown of the words and phrases used in the demonstrations so you grasp how it works on an intuitive level
Examples of exact scripts you can use for hypnotic gift giving

Module 3: Creating Hypnotic Conditions Simply,
Easily & Quickly

Why gift giving is ALL about your subject – not about proving yourself as a hypnotist (remember this, and you’ll be much better at any gift you give)
The KEY to fitting your hypnotic foundation and context into the 5 to 10-minute window
Simplicity as the main ingredient of successful gift giving (you’ll get plenty of feedback on how to get this right)
The hypnotic gift giving toolkit you’ll be able to bring with you anytime … anywhere
FULL demonstration on how to easily create the right hypnotic conditions
The 3 questions you’ll want to answer when working with hypnotic phenomenon
The Inner Smile demonstration… instantly switch someone’s attitude and dissolve any tension
In-depth feedback from hypnotists on what receiving hypnotic gifts feels like (you’ll love their reactions!)
How to use visualization to mentally prepare and improve your technique
Discover Lavish Gifts… and WHEN to give them
Demonstration of a fascinating gift you can give to make someone feel healthier, energized and stronger… in only 5 minutes!
Using hypnotic gifts to decrease stress and activate the “rest, digest and heal” response
The incredible impact IMAGERY has on your body (it’s all about activating the mind-body connection!)
Using the mind to boost the immune system with the “inner smile” technique
Demonstrating the Law of Successive Approximation to create a large impact over a series of small steps
How to build up your subject’s symbolic imagination and create an inner sanctuary they can visit whenever they want to heal or feel empowered
Working with stacked symbols to introduce even more powerful experiences into your hypnotic gift
How to give the Inner Smile, the Dr. Dao and the Sanctuary gifts

Module 4: Adding Additional Layers Of Symbolic Imagery To Your Gift

The reason symbolism creates a web of meaning for your subject and ELEVATES everything you do
Why seemingly simple images and symbols can have a long-lasting impact
How to supercharge the benefit for your subject by “folding in” layers of meaning into your hypnotic gift
The key to making sure your subject is truly engaged with your symbol (this guarantees your gift will seep MUCH more deeply into their unconscious mind)
The Success Trophy Gift — give this whenever you want to deliver a feeling of progress and competence
How to discover your subject’s hero and understand what qualities they most admire (this will come in handy for your gifts!)
Integrate your subject’s hero qualities into your hypnotic gifts – PLUS a demonstration of how to do this.
Review the 5 hypnotic gifts you’ve covered so far and the layers of symbolism in each one
Step-by-step demonstration of how to give a gift that lets your subject learn and improve without even realizing it
Demonstration debrief so you get useful insight into what your subject might experience
Side-by-side look at linguistic and symbolic trances (and when you should use each one)
Quick and easy demo of the Law of Compounding Effect

Module 5: Introduction To The Power of “The Rooms Of The Mind” & The Room Of Sleep

The 3,000 year old technique you can use to improve your memory… and why it remains incredibly effective even today
Why hypnotic gifts are an ideal way to demonstrate the power of hypnosis… without doing a lengthy therapy session!
What it means when someone isn’t ready to accept your hypnotic gift (and why that’s perfectly okay)
The incredible benefit YOU get as the hypnotist when you regularly give hypnotic gifts
Review of the gifts you’ve covered so far and how they fit together
How you can create variations and build on the gifts you’ve already covered to make them even more effective
The role of imagery and visual representation in memory (knowing this improves your hypnotic gifts!)
How you can create dedicated spaces in the mind to achieve different goals using “Hypnotic Rooms”
Demonstration of giving the Room of Sleep Gift so your subject can fall asleep easily whenever they choose
The simple way to convert the inner smile hypnotic gift into a NEW gift that is personalized to your subject
Full demonstration of how to give your subject the Wall of Wonders Gift so they can calm their body for the perfect night’s sleep (PLUS a full breakdown of the techniques!)
Demonstration of how to combine the Room of Sleep with the Wall of Wonders hypnotic gifts to create inner calm and peace
Empower someone to solve problems while they sleep with the Future Wall Gift (they’ll be able to turn sleep into a vision board to build a better future!)
How to take a simple gift… and elevate it to a LAVISH gift with extra layers of meaning
Complete demonstrations of compounding your gifts with detailed feedback on how to layer them together in a natural way

Module 6: The Museum
Of Memories

How to blend and use hypnotic gifts in your everyday life without getting overwhelmed (you have an infinite number of hypnotic gifts to give!)
When and how to practice each of the hypnotic gifts so they naturally fit into your day
The number one reason people hesitate to try something new (and how to overcome this common block!)
Discover the Museum of Memories Gift you can use to PROGRAM success into your future
The 4 keys to a happier future and the technique you can use to achieve each one more easily
Demonstration of the Pool of Remembrance Gift to find memories for unconscious success
How to adapt the Pool of Remembrance to the person in front of you so it resonates with them more strongly (they’ll be in awe that you understand them on such a deep and personal level!)
After this module, you’ll intuitively know the right time and place to give someone a gift
How to help your subject remember anything they want, whenever they want using symbols from the unconscious mind
Step-by-step process you can use to layer hypnotic gifts together in just a few minutes (this method opens up infinite possibilities)
How to take advantage of the Law of Compounding Effect while delivering a hypnotic gift to “snowball” your subject’s success
Demonstrations of how to help someone construct their own Museums of Memories they can access “on-demand”

Module 7: The Masters Hall & How To Improve Any Skill

Discover the Masters Hall Gift you can give someone so they develop skills in any field faster
The critical difference between a social gift and a therapeutic gift (and when it’s the right time for each one)
Steal THIS technique from ancient Greek philosophers to set up your day for success
Demonstration of the Meditation Space Gift that helps someone’s day unfold with exciting meetings, wonderful coincidences and productivity
Give YOURSELF a hypnotic gift that sets a powerful intention for your day
How to observe your reactions so you avoid putting any unnecessary pressure on yourself
Demonstration of giving a gift that “imprints” the skills you want to master into the mind for effortless learning
Use the Masters Hall Gift as a “master metaphor” to contain all your other hypnotic rooms (this makes it easy to locate any skill you want to find!)
How to COMPLETELY take the pressure off yourself when giving hypnotic gifts
The Reading Room Gift that creates a mental space where you can study and learn with ease
Listen to a demonstration of the Reading Room Gift so you can experience it for yourself!
The Skills Room Gift you can use to master any skillyou find important
Full demonstration of how to give someone the Skills Room Gift… filling it with symbols that resonate with the unconscious mind
The fascinating Boardroom Gift that navigates your subject through challenges so they can make better decisions where it counts
How to use the Boardroom Gift to build greater WEALTH
Demonstration and detailed walkthrough of how to give The Boardroom Gift
How to begin with simple gifts…and work your way up to more elaborate gifts… so you can deliver each gift with ease and excitement

Module 8: How To Design Your Own Unique Hypnotic Gifts

TWO simple approaches you can use to design your own mind-blowing gifts
How to construct a more meaningful gift by uncovering what someone values
Co-create a gift with anyone you meet by drawing the symbols out of them (you cannot fail with this!)
Gifts you can “fall back” on when you’re not sure what to give someone… and STILL have a lasting impact on them
Universal symbols to use in your gifts that resonate with anyone’s unconscious mind
The ONE prerequisite that must have in place if you want to successfully give your gift in 5 minutes
Demonstration of hypnosis students giving gifts they created using the step-by-step formula revealed in this program!
Step-by-step feedback on how to improve your gifts and make sure they strike the right chord with your subject
How to turn your introductions into “hypnotic haikus” so you capture the essence of your message without making it too wordy
How to foreshadow your message early on in the gift giving process (hint: the unconscious mind LOVES this!)
Do THIS to absorb the conscious and unconscious mind’s attention so you can deliver a much more satisfying gift
Why being more direct with your language will work in your favor
Subtle languages that makes a BIG difference in your delivery
How to make sure the symbols you create do the heavy lifting for you
Feedback on how to refine and polish your gift so you can make sure it fits in 5 minutes

Module 9: How To Dynamically “Co-Construct” A Hypnotic Gift


Why you MUST be crystal clear when delivering a hypnotic gift
Step-by-step breakdown of eliciting powerful symbols from anyone you meet
The formula for adding symbolic logic to your hypnotic gifts (with a full demonstration on how to do this)
How to “out-frame” therapeutic work so you can give someone a powerful gift… fast!
Why PURPOSE is the foundation of your gifts and 3 places to find it
How to uncover what someone wants to improve about themselves you can give a gift tailored perfectly to them
How to be “artfully vague” (this will serve you well in many areas of hypnosis!)
The MAGIC question that elicits symbols you can blend into your gift
How you’ll know when your subject has successfully constructed the hypnotic gift in their conscious and unconscious mind
Step-by-step breakdown of how to mine for symbols and find the ones that work best for your subject
How to take your subject’s metaphors… and turn them into meaningful insights
Full demonstration of co-creating a gift with your subject and delivering it to them (your subject’s mind does all the “polishing!”)
By the end of this module you’ll be able to construct gifts with someone else’s unconscious!

Module 10: Polishing & Troubleshooting
Your Hypnotic Gifts

How to frame silence into your gift giving so your subject feels comfortable and enjoys the experience without feeling awkward
The “refine, polish and repeat” formula for giving fail proof hypnotic gifts
3 phrases you can use to draw out symbols from your subject’s unconscious mind
The EASIEST way to fix broken gifts
How to know if you’re hitting the right mark with your gifts…or if you need to go back and polish them
Why hypnotic gifts make you a MUCH better therapist
Listen to real-life hypnotists explain why hypnotic gifts are THE Swiss Army Knife of hypnotic tools
How to get over performance anxiety so you relax into hypnotic gift giving (this makes everything much more fun and effective!)
Your library of hypnotic gifts becomes INFINITE with this complete hypnotic gift strategy

So there you have it.

A complete overview of my brand new Power of Hypnotic Gift Program — the MOST complete (and ONLY) training of its kind on the market.

So if being able to easily demonstrate your unique skills as a hypnotist anytime, anyplace, anywhere and gain a reputation for your ability to change someone’s life in FIVE minutes is something you find useful then…

You should at least take this program for a test drive on a risk-free basis.

I’ll tell you how in just a moment.

But before we get to that, let me tell you something else that’s important for you to know:

I’ve used these skills myself as a way to gain more hypnosis clients, build better relationships and be a force for good in the world… all because I know how to give someone a truly meaningful gift they can use over and over again.

How do I know you’ll get the same results?

Because the Power of Hypnotic Gifts Program takes you all the way through from first foundational principles to the EXACT techniques and processes you can use to give successful hypnotic gifts, along with in-depth feedback on how to “troubleshoot” and improve your gift giving.

Which means you’ll master hypnotic gift giving easily and effortlessly with step-by-step guidance.

I’ve used these techniques to live a more fulfilling, successful and confident life, and now it’s your turn!

For a limited time…
You Can Get Instant Access to This
BRAND NEW Program…

Here’s how:

The proprietary secrets revealed in The Power of Hypnotic Gifts Program are priceless because they can transform your success in hypnosis, improve your relationships and enhance many other areas of your life.

Which is why a fair investment for more than 11 hours of training over 10 modules of 30 videos and 23 Hypnotic Gift Demos with FULL transcripts would be $497…

However, because it’s the holiday season, I’m slashing the investment to just 3 simple monthly installments of only $59.


Get Igor Ledochowski – The power of hypnotic gifts download

Because I want as many deserving people to get their hands on it as possible.

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By giving you a…
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee


I’m so sure this program will transform your skills as a hypnotist… and… live up to every single promise made on this web page… that… I’m happy to offer you a “more-than-generous” guarantee.

Go ahead and test-drive it for 60 full days risk-free. If at the end of that time you don’t feel hypnotic gifts have made a difference in your life, we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

Now it’s up to you.

I highly recommend you seize this opportunity to give yourself a truly wonderful skill that will change your life and the lives of those around you.

So all that’s left to do is click the “Add-To-Cart” button below, follow the simple instructions and you will have instant access to begin the training right away.

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