LPAT Logical Price Action Trading – Feibel Trading

Original price was: $1,500.00.Current price is: $99.00.

LPAT Logical Price Action Trading – Feibel Trading

Original price was: $1,500.00.Current price is: $99.00.

Regardless of experience, our courses have been designed systematically with an emphasis on delivering our unique strategies with simplicity; one of Feibel Trading’s core values.


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Regardless of experience, our courses have been designed systematically with an emphasis on delivering our unique strategies with simplicity; one of Feibel Trading’s core values.

 LPA – Logical Price Action 

The Complete Course



LPA our flagship education programme; diligently constructed over a period of 2 years by professional traders.

The course has evolved through beta testing from the participation of multiple traders throughout the world, spanning 4 continents. LPA incorporates a diverse range of setups, both bullish and bearish, applicable in various market conditions regardless of sentiment.

Including, but not limited to the following types of strategies: momentum trading, trend trading, pattern trading, market tops, market bottoms, market turns, breakout trading and much more.

?LPA is a fully comprehensive course, developed for new and established traders. The curriculum has been carefully assembled into a straightforward, linear approach, providing a smooth learning curve.

LPA provides a multitude of advantages over other systems. Primarily our methodology can be applied to any asset class or timeframe, enabling flexibility to the trader. 

LPA covers much more than the methodology; it includes, but not limited to money management, trade management, trading psychology, tools to optimize trading performance and the importance of a trading plan.

The entire course embodies 126 HD videos, 100’s of individual studies with a run time of 2012m (approx 34hrs) 

Each session has an accompanying PDF.


LPA – Logical Price Action

The Curriculum

Session 1



Content: 21 videos, 416m runtime

– Support and Resistance

– Axis Lines

– Trend Lines

– Trend Channels

– Confluence

– Apex

– Amalgamation Study

Session 2


Content: 4 videos, 153m runtime

– Bars vs. Candlesticks

– Spreads vs. Closes

– Context

– Shortening of the Thrust                      (extremes and closes)

– The Clustering of Closes

Session 3


Content: 5 videos, 146m runtime

 – The Importance of Volume

 – How to Read Volume

 – Bar by Bar Studies

Session 4


Content: 19 videos, 242m runtime

 – The Law of Supply and Demand

 – The Law of Cause and Effect

 – The Law of Effort vs. Result

Session 5


Content: 21 videos, 164m runtime

– Springs

– 2 Bar Bottom Reversals

– Tests (3 variations)

– Shakeouts

  (ordinary and terminal)

– Breakout Bars 

Session 6


Content: 16 videos, 183m runtime

– Upthrusts

– 2 Bar Top Reversal

– Tests (3 variations)

– Breakout Bars

– End of Rising Market

Session 7



Content: 15 videos, 205m runtime

– Hidden Upthrusts

– Hidden Springs

– Key Reversal Bullish

– Key Reversal Bearish

– Comparative and Relative Analysis

Session 8



Content: 14 videos, 187m runtime

– Disconfirmation and Confirmation

– Absorption

– Apex

– Change of Behaviour

– Waves

– Momentum

– Shell Divers Tragedy

Session 9


Content: 5 videos, 125m runtime

– Multiple Time Frames

Session 10


Content: 5 videos, 186m runtime

– Tying it all Together

– How to Construct a Setup

– Types of Practice

– Trading Plan

LPA is a recorded product with the active participation from a group of traders around the world. As a result course content has been enhanced due to unforeseen questions, leading to a bespoke, unique product. LPA 121 bonus session not included.

Benefits of LPA

 Our Professional Education Programme


        Develop mastery in trading

        Transparent approach to the trading process

        Simplification of the financial markets

        Learn an adaptable technique, enabling flexibility 

        A complete trading strategy  

        Enhance current skill set

        Improve trading consistency    

        Understand how markets move and why

        Advanced entry and exit strategies  

        Increase professional knowledge, adding value          to investors or clients

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