Master Excel Power Query -Beginner to Pro (including M) – Leila Gharani

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Master Excel Power Query -Beginner to Pro (including M) – Leila Gharani

Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $68.00.

This course is perfect for anyone that works with data from different files and struggles to create meaningful reports.


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If you have a corporate job and work with Excel, then knowing Power Query is must.

This course is perfect for anyone that works with data from different files and struggles to create meaningful reports.

There are easier ways than VLOOKUPs and formulas. Sign up now and start to use Excel in the Power mode.

What you’ll achieve

 Make your working life easier and more enjoyable

 Learn techniques to solve problems with less effort

 Optimal ways of preparing data for reporting

 Headache-free approach of combining data from multiple sources

How This Single Button Changes Your Life

Make Your Excel Life Easier with Power Query

Inside your Microsoft Excel window sits a magic button.

Those who have pressed this button are familiar with the relief it brings.

If you’ve never clicked this button, keep reading, because this will be the most important message of your day.

This magic button? It’s called the “Refresh” button, and it looks like this:

You’re probably asking…

“Okay Leila, you’re making a big deal about this button. What makes it so special?”

Because, my dear, just one click of this button can replace hours and hours of manual labor.

It can save you from pulling your hair out as you clean data. And it allows you to ship reports to your boss and colleagues faster – winning you praise and promotions.

We’ll revisit our magic button shortly. First, let’s visit a typical day in the life of an Excel user.

”Here’s Your Data Dump. Enjoy!”

Ugh ??

Is there anything that spikes your blood pressure more than being sent a massive data file you’ll need hours to clean?

You reply to your colleague through gritted teeth:

“Thanks! Will have you those reports asap!”

You stare at the file the same way you stare at that closet you haven’t cleaned in seven years.

“I’m afraid to even touch it.”

Yet, you must. So, you open the file…

“My gosh, it’s even worse than I thought.”

You’re staring at a crime scene.

It is indeed a great course that gave me tons of practical knowledge on how to process data. Had I known those techniques, my life would have been way easier.

“I’ll try copy & pasting…”

Is copying and pasting your method of choice? It makes sense.

After all, a quick Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V and voilà! Everything is perfect, right?

In our dreams.

Copying and pasting is fraught with problems:

It’s frustrating, especially if you’re dealing with multiple sheets and workbooks
It’s too easy to make a mistake and leave data behind (Repeat after me: “No data left behind!”)
Each time you receive new data you must repeat the copy/paste over and over and over and over…
What if the data is in a text file which has more data rows than Excel can handle?

Get my point?

But Let’s Say You’re Able To Get The Data Into Excel.

Off to the races? ??


It’s one thing to have data in Excel, it’s another to have clean data in Excel.

Oh, how we wish all data could be delivered to us on a silver platter. We’d give our colleague a warm, “Thank you!” and maybe even a hug.

Instead, we groan…

“You put the data in a PDF? Really?!”


“Why the heck would you put the customer ID and the customer’s name in the same freaking column!?”


“Why does your SAP export have leading spaces?“

But you push your frustration down deep, check how many days are left til’ Friday, and soldier on…

I underwrite value on mobile home parks and RV’s.

99% of the time, the books and records come to me as PDF documents. If it wasn’t for Power Query, I would spend more time converting than actually doing my core job of underwriting.

James W.

“Let Me Add A Helper Column”

You get to work cleaning and shaping the data ??

It’s like ironing a crumpled suit you found in the back of that long-neglected closet.

You need a tool.

“I’ll add a helper column,” you say to yourself. “That will help me remove these dang spaces.”

You add a helper column. Then another, and another.

Next, you start adding complex formulas. You’re hoping they will do the heavy lifting and iron out your messy data.

They do, but at a cost.

After lunch, you sit back down at your desk and re-launch your Excel file.


Excel freezes for a split-second, and then finally, your file opens.

“It’s slowing down.”

All those lengthy formulas and helper columns bloated your file.

“If I send my boss this 40MB file, she’ll kill me.”

You look down at your coffee mug and decide it needs refilling.

Your Excel Life Doesn’t Need To Be This Way!

If you regularly import data into Excel, please, let me make your life easier ??

I have two words for you: Power Query

Often overlooked because Microsoft tucked it away inside the “Data” tab back in 2016, Excel users worldwide are finally waking up to the gift that is Power Query.

Because you’re not alone in your struggles to add and clean data in Excel. Not by a long shot.

Before graduating from our Power Query online course, our students felt the same way.

I swear, using Power Query must be the same feeling people had 100 years ago when they drove a car for the first time. It lets you go fast ??

In that spirit, it’s time for you to trade in your horse & buggy and enter the Excel fast lane.

Data To Dashboard in 60 Seconds

Need to send a dashboard to your boss or colleague?

Ah, we finally return to that magic refresh button. Because do you want to know the best part of Power Query?

It’s not that it can connect to almost any data source, even data sitting on a webpage.
It’s not Power Query’s ability to clean data with a flick of its wrist.
It’s not how Power Query eliminates complex formulas, liberating you from having to become Severus Snape, Excel potions master.

Yes, those are all wonderful benefits provided by Power Query. But its best feature?

It’s this: Power Query remembers.

Yes, you can record the steps you take to import and clean your data. That way, when a new batch of data arrives, all you need to do is click “Refresh.”

Instantly, your data is imported, cleaned, and beautifully presented.

No more copy & paste. No more helper columns. No more mixing together complex formulas.

You simply click that magic button. That’s how you go from data to dashboard in 60 seconds.

This has saved me quite some time which I used to spend doing things manually.

I have prepared some other reports by combining data from multiple files in a folder. Any time a new file was added to the folder, I would see the latest numbers in my report.

I helped a colleague with a CAPEX report using Power Query, and she told me that I saved her one whole day of work.

In the words of José Carlos (a student of ours) – “Can we call that magic :)?”

Wave “Goodbye” To Manual Work Inside Excel.

Enroll today and make your Excel life faster & easier.

How Many Hours Are You Losing By Not Fully Harnessing Power Query?

If you regularly import data into Excel, it’s a no-brainer.

Your time is too precious to not use Power Query. But in my experience, even most daily Power Query users are only scratching the surface of what’s possible.

For example, they don’t realize Power Query allows them to:

Connect directly to websites and fetch data
Remove duplicates in an intelligent way
Hunt down errors inside columns (for example, when different date formats are used in the same column – don’t you love that?)
Combine data from multiple Excel workbooks into a single Table (or Pivot Table)
Consolidate data from all files in a folder (and make exceptions as you need)
Connect your Excel workbook to Microsoft Outlook

Not to mention the file-shrinking wonders Power Query provides. Look at this experiment I ran…

Without using Power Query, the size of this Excel file was a whopping 41MB. After Power Query?

The file size shrank to 5MB!

Would you rather send a 41MB or a 5MB file to your boss?

I Avoided Power Query For A Long Time

If you’re new around here, I’m Leila Gharani, founder of XelPlus.

I avoided Power Query for a long time. I had watched multiple videos and I thought,

“This is a Power Tool. I don’t work with millions of rows of data. I don’t need this.”

But then in 2018, the Microsoft Team presented some updates they’d implemented in Power Query. And I realized, I had watched the wrong videos. There was an easy side to Power Query and an advanced side. I’d jumped right in with advanced techniques. No wonder I tried to avoid it.

You see, as a Microsoft MVP, I get invited to Redmond, Washington each year for the Global MVP Summit. In between the yearly visits, we have monthly sessions where the Microsoft Excel team gives us updates on the latest features (yes, it’s pretty cool).

It was on one of these calls where I saw the easy side of Power Query in action for the first time. My initial reaction was, “Wow! That is incredible.”

I also realized my mistake. You see, at first, the name Power Query fooled me.

Judging by the name, I thought it was a tool for power users. When actually, it’s a power tool – for everyone.

Power Query is not reserved for Excel masters. Rather, it’s a powerful tool that can benefit even the Excel beginner. At the end of the day, Power Query is nothing more than a series of clicks.

After that meeting with the Microsoft team, I knew I must teach Power Query to our XelPlus audience. That’s when I started working on our online course.

Today, I’m excited to invite you to become a student in that course. It’s now helped thousands of Excel users shave hours off their workday tasks, and it can help you too.

Here’s Your Learning Journey

Leila Gharani introduces you step-by-step to Excel’s biggest time-savings feature.

You’ll be up and running with Power Query in just an hour. You can view the detailed curriculum below.

See anything that jumps out? Which lesson do you think you’d begin with?

Master Excel Power Query – Beginner to Pro

Start using Excel in the Power Mode. Just by finishing the FIRST hour, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with Power Query. It will give you tons of ideas on how to make your work easier.

This Course includes:

Over 18 hours of video content

Downloadable Workbooks and Templates

Challenges & Quizzes to test your skills

LIFETIME Access so you never feel rushed

Comment sections to ask questions and get answers from our friendly teaching assistants

CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion

English Closed Captions

BONUS Quick Reference eBook

BONUS Solutions Book

BONUS Training to Become PRO in Power Query

Section 1: Introduction

Applications of Power Query

Important: Excel Versions, Expectations & Course Pathways

(For older Excel versions) Workaround for Loading as Pivot Table

DOWNLOAD ALL Files & How to Use Them

Quick Check-in

Section 2: Power Query Essentials

What You Can Achieve by the End

What is a Proper Data Set?

(In case you need to) Links to Brush up Your Excel)

Section 3: The Power of Power Query

Analyze Large Data Quickly! Pivot Table or Power Query?

Power Query Overview: Import Large Data from Another File

Power Query Editor & Basic Transformation

Quick Insights on Data Quality & Distribution (Hidden Feature)

Formula Bar, Applied Steps & M Code

Close & Load Destinations (How to Change Them)

Refresh Data & PQ Refresh Options

Import CSV File & Extract Text Based on Pattern

Merge Data with Another File (Pivot Table from Multiple Files)

Old School Method: What if There Was NO Power Query?

Activity: Get Familiar with PQ

Section 4: Important Power Query Tips & Tricks

Uploading Data From Excel

The Hidden Table Method (Hidden Feature)

Handling Changes to Source

Data Types

Data Types vs. Formatting & Null Values

Power Query Navigation Shortcuts (Become Pro)

Finding & Correcting Errors in Data

More Data Views: Duplicate OR Reference Query?

Keeping an Eye on Query Dependencies

Delete, Manage, Copy Queries & Backup Results (Become Pro)

CHALLENGE – Find and Correct the Mistake

QUIZ – Power Query Tips & Tricks

Best Practice for Power Query

Section 5: Helpful Power Query Transformations

Text Transformations (Format, Extract & more)

Merging Columns & What to Watch Out For

Fill & Replace Values to Create Proper Datasets

Sort Data including Multiple Levels

Remove Duplicates including Multiple Columns

Number Transformations & What to Watch Out For

Working with Filter (AND & OR Conditions)

CHALLENGE – Can you Find the Mistake? Problem with Filter

Change Type & Remove Columns Trap

Key Takeaways – Helpful Power Query Transformations

Section 6: Powerful Power Query Transformations

Column From Examples – Extract Patterns Quickly

Allocate Data to Groups or Buckets (Become Pro)

Conditional Columns in Power Query

Aggregating (Grouping) Data on Multiple Levels

Group By for All Rows (Become Pro)

Unpivot Columns – Basics

Unpivot & How to Overcome Common Errors

Pivot Columns – Basics

Problem with Split by Delimiter (that’s easy to miss)

Split Column by Rows instead of Columns

CHALLENGE – Summarize Sales By State

Solution: Summarize Sales By State (Bonus Map Chart Included)

Section 7: Date & Time Transformations

Date Transformations (Extract Age, Weekday etc.)

Creating Dates from Text or Columns (Become Pro)

Time Transformations (Calculating Hours worked)

Date & Number Errors When Importing Data (Locale)

CHALLENGE – Pivot Table for Hours Worked by Month & Week Number

Solution: Pivot Table for Hours Worked by Month & Week Number

QUIZ – Date & Time Transformations

Section 8: Custom Column & Basic M Manipulation

Important Basic Power Query M Logic

Why Use Custom Columns

Introduction to “Add Custom Column”

Custom Columns Type Compatibility & Intrinsic Functions

Skipping Steps in Power Query (Become Pro)

Adjusting FILTER & Conditional Columns to Reference a Dynamic Variable

Drill-Down in Power Query

Custom Formulas for Template Creation (Hidden Tip)

QUIZ – Custom Columns and Basic M

Key Takeaways – M Basics

Section 9: Power Query Data Sources (Online)

Connecting to different Sources

Import Data from a Website

Automatically Connect to Files on Websites (Hidden Feature)

Import Data from ODATA

Get Google Sheet Data with Power Query

Connect to Outlook Online (Microsoft Exchange)

Connect to SharePoint or OneDrive for Business

Pro Tip: How to Change Source from Local to SharePoint

CHALLENGE – Google Sheets Survey “Your Dinner Plans”


Section 10: Combining / Appending Data

Why Append Data? The Difference Between Merge & Append

Combine / Append Data from Multiple Workbooks

Combine All Files in a Folder (with Excel Tables)

Combine All Files in a Folder (Without Excel Tables)

How to Adjust Folder Path from Local to SharePoint Drive

Combine All Sheets in a File (Pivot Table from Multiple Sheets)

Overcome Potential Errors when Combining Sheets (Become Pro)

Consolidate Data from Multiple Sheets in the Current Workbook

CHALLENGE – Consolidate Data from Folder (with a twist)

Solution: Consolidate Data from Folder (with a twist)

Tips & Key Takeaways When Appending in Power Query

Section 11: PROJECT – Report on HR Data

Test Your PQ Knowledge by Completing This Project

Calculate Years Worked in Each Position

Calculate Years Worked in the Company

Split First, Last & Middle Names to Separate Columns

Key Takeaways – Data Analysis & Preparation with Power Query

Section 12: All Merge Options – Join Kind Options Explained

Overview of Merge Options and Join Kinds

Left Outer Join & Right Outer Join

Merge Based on Multiple Columns (Become Pro)

Can You Find the Mistake? Merging Text Columns

Merge Data to Get Multiple Match Results & Bonus Tip

Inner & Full Join in Power Query

Left & Right Anti Join when Merging in Power Query

How to Use Fuzzy Match in Power Query

Fuzzy Match with Transformation Table (Hidden Feature)

CHALLENGE – Someone Hacked the Salary File – Find Mismatches in Data

Solution: Someone Hacked the Salary File – Find Mismatches in Data

Key Takeaways – Power Query Merge Kinds

Section 13: When to Use Power Pivot & Load to Data Model

When to Load Data to the Data Model

Availability of Power Pivot

Pivot Table from Multiple Excel Tables

Power Pivot Table with Data Model & Power Query

Create a Calendar Table in Power Pivot

Pivot Slicers & TimeLine with Power Pivot & Power Query (Become Pro)

Key Takeaways – Data Model & Power Query

Section 14: Power Query Advanced to Pro

What You Can Achieve as an Advanced Power Query User

You’ve Come So Far!

Section 15: Solving Complex Data Analysis Problems with Merge

Learning Objectives for this Section

Messy Data from Multiple Rows to One Row (Create Proper Data Set)

Search and Replace Bulk Values

Calculate Value Difference to Previous Row

Approximate Match Lookup with Merge

CHALLENGE: Create a Report based on Multiple Parameters

Solution: Create a Report based on Multiple Parameters

Section 16: Advanced Problem Solving using the Power Query Interface

Learning Objectives for this Section

Assign Unique Number to Group

Advanced Unpivot Techniques

Advanced Pivot Techniques

Incremental Data Load & Self Referencing Query (Hidden Tip)

Key Takeaways: Advanced Problem Solving

Section 17: PROJECT – Create a Modern Excel Dashboard with Power Query & Pivot Tables

Excel Dashboard Project Overview

Prepare a Draft of the Dashboard

Import Master data from External Workbook with Power Query

Import Data from Text File with Power Query

Create the Data Model & Define Relationships in Power Pivot

Create Logic for Latest and Previous Month in Power Query

Setup Calculations with Pivot Tables for Latest Month

Link Excel Shapes to Data & Linked Picture Trick

Top 3 Sales Managers & Numbers (Sorted Excel Pivot Table)

Linked Table for Sales by Product Category

Excel Pivot Chart for Monthly Sales

Pivot Slicer Connected to Multiple Pivot Tables

Finalize the Excel Dashboard

Key Takeaways: Excel Dashboard Project

Section 18: Understanding M Formula Language (Let, Lists, Records & Improving Performance)

M Language – How M Thinks (let Expression & Values)

Defining & Invoking Custom M Functions

Reference Guide for Standard M Functions

Lists & Records and how to Reference a Specific Cell in a Table

Summarizing Brackets & Lookup Operators in M code

Creating Lists and Tables inside Power Query

Understand Each Keyword & the Purpose of _ (underscore)

Using Power Query Parameters

IF Then & Lookup Operators to Lookup Values in Previous Row

Error Handling – Bulk Replace Lookup with Try Otherwise

Speed up Queries: Table.Buffer & How to Test Impact (Hidden Tip)

Query Folding – Improve Performance for Relational Databases

QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge – Understanding M

Key Takeaways & Power Query M Formula Language Specifications

Section 19: Working With List & Table Functions

What You Learn in this Section

Create a Calendar Table From Start to End Date

Power Query Text Functions (Text.Contains, Text.Replace)

How to Use List Functions in Custom Column

Merge Values from Rows into One Cell

Section 20: Creating & Invoking Custom Functions

What You Learn in this Section

Unpivot & Consolidate Data From Multiple Sheets (with Custom Function)

Rank by Group (Nested Rank) with Power Query

Running totals by Month (Invoking functions)

How Far You’ve Come!

Section 21: Flexible Importing of Data with the Help of M Functions

What You Learn in this Section

Better Collaboration: File Path as Parameter in Power Query

Better Collaboration: File Path from a Cell (Formula.Firewall Error)

Import from Folder: Mixed Letter Case Headers & Trailing Spaces

Import All Sheets BUT Data Starts from Different Rows

CHALLENGE: Combine Sheets & Get Name from Cell Value

Solution: Combine Sheets & Get Name from Cell Value

Section 22: PROJECT – Power Query and Power BI

Project Overview of Power BI Dashboard

Install Power BI Desktop & Quick Overview

Upload & Transform Data with Power Query in Power BI

Setup Data Model & Create Relationships in Power BI

Create Your Dashboard & Reports within Minutes

Publish Dashboard to Power BI Service

Key Takeaways – Power Query & Power BI

Section 23: Final Words

Wrapping up & What’s Next

What You’ve Achieved!

Hide full outline

At this point, you might be asking, “Do I have the time to go through this course?”

First, here’s the question you should really be asking yourself: “Do I have the time not to?”

Because if you’re tight on time, Power Query is your answer. Yes, you need to invest the time up front to learn it. But the ROI will show up in less than a month. In many cases, the first week.

But I get it – online courses take time. That’s why we’re rolling out this new time-savings feature to all our courses, including this one.

We call it: The Topic Transporter:

Beam Me Up, Scotty!
Jump into the Topic You Need – Fast

As a Star Trek fan, I was always in awe of the transporter technology.

It blew my mind how Captain Kirk could spot a nearby planet, then instantly transport his team to that exact location.

I want your experience inside our course to be just as instantaneous.

Thanks to a new tool we created here in our XelPlus “laboratory,” now, when you want to find a topic, you can do so instantly.

We’ve gone through every second of every lesson and pulled out the key words & topics. Then, we created an interactive agenda which allows you to quickly locate exactly what you’re looking for.

Once you find your topic, it’s simply a matter of saying “Beam me up!” (not actually required). Click the link and you’ll instantly be transported to the correct lesson and timestamp.

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