Metaphors in My Attic – Andrew Austin

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Metaphors in My Attic – Andrew Austin

Original price was: $115.88.Current price is: $32.00.



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Section 1. Introduction

In which we explore what we actually mean by metaphor and just why this rather silly notion is actually, really, really important.  Some might even say life-changing.

Introduction to Metaphors of Movement (length: 12.29mins)
  “Walking a tightrope” exercise
A Minor Abreaction (length: 6.34mins)
  “Mistaking effect for cause.”
The First Question (length: 18.25mins)
  “What is that like?”
Metaphor Examples (length: 22.10mins)
  “Typical metaphor examples.”
Neurological Rationale for this Approach (length: 13.45mins)
The brain stuff.
Kinaesthetic Denial – UPDATE (length: 26.12mins)
Why a happy ending isn’t necessarily a good thing.”
“And what is that like?” – UPDATE (length: 10.12mins)
“Discussion on why it doesn’t take so long to get to metaphor any more.”

Section 2.  Developing Themes

By developing the theme of the metaphor, we get to delve deeply, really deep into the mind of the other person.  If you get good at this, which you will, you will end up seemingly psychic as people are astonished at how you can possibly know so much about them.

Developing the Metaphor and Issues of Scope (length: 14.09mins)
  “The four directions – finding what is left…”
Boundary Violations and Chronicity (length: 11.45mins)
  “When client jumps category.”
Eliciting the Coping Behaviour (length: 12.27mins)
  “Applying behaviour to the metaphor.”
Creating Idioms for the Metaphor (length: 29.43mins)
  “Tell, don’t ask.”
Recapping: “It’s all about Feet!” (length: 14.26mins)
 “Changing state is never enough.”
The Issue of Outcomes (length: 34.24mins)
  “Finding out where you stand.”
Boundary Violations – 3 UPDATES (length: 66mins, 72mins, 36.40mins )
   x3 audio files developing the themes of Boundary Violations
Session Structure – UPDATE (length: 23.44mins)
   “How to structure an MoM session.”

Section 3.  Container Metaphors

The coolest thing about container metaphors is that we can take what has been a lifelong problem and transform it during a single session. This isn’t something that we can necessarily do with the other category of metaphors.

  • An Introduction to Container Metaphors (length 3.40mins)
  • Relationships as Containers (length 2.50mins)
  • Self as a container (length: 7.50mins)
  • Fulfilments – UPDATE (length: 14.27mins)
  • Childhood Themes (length: 9.42mins)
  • Growing Up (length: 6.54mins)
  • The Finer Points of Growing Up (length: 18.51mins)
  • Bubbles (length: 10.38mins)
  • Bubbles (ii) – UPDATE (length: 4.51mins)
  • Containers – UPDATE (length: 14.21mins)
  • Partial Containers – UPDATE (length: 6.57mins)

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Section 4.  Status

You know that guy who thinks he is above you in the world, well, he isn’t alone.

  • Status (length: 32.26mins)
  • Centre of the Universe (length: 12.34mins)
  • Status – UPDATE (length: 15mins)

Section 5.  Stages, Treadmills, Objects and Obstacles

These are the metaphors in which we are going nowhere fast.  Given the context of some of them, this is no bad thing as no one really likes going over the edge. But what do we do when something gets in our way? Smash it down? Let’s find out…

Stages of Life (length: 10.00mins)
 “Putting on a performance.”
Stages and Awkward Positions (length: 5.58mins)
  “Under the Spotlight.”
Treadmills (length: 12.16mins)
  “The art of not getting anywhere.”
The Object of Guilt (length: 20.39mins)
  “A burden to be carried.”
Dependency (length: 12mins)
Obstacles (length: 13.46mins)
  “Things getting in the way.”
Edges (length: 10.51mins) 

Section 6.  A Testing Time

In this section, I present brief client metaphors for you to work with. You may surprise yourself at how well you do. Like with all the videos each of these has a comments section for your answers.

  • Introduction to the tests (length: 6.05mins)
  • “In a hole.”
  • “Feeling a bit of a jerk.”
  • “Having an inclination.”
  • “A gut feeling.”
  • “In a goldfish bowl.”
  • “Shouldering a problem.”
  • “Donkey on the beach.”
  • “Judgement day.”
  • “In a cage.”
  • “In a mess.”
  • “Hanging around.”

Section 7.  Demonstration Sessions and Discussions

Professionally filmed on location in Boulder, Colorado, USA

• Client Session and Discussion: “Hanging Around.”  (length: 50.00mins)
Following up on a workshop experience that provided some very gruesome imagery.
• Client Session: “Facing Monsters.” (length: 50.28mins)
Having clawed her way of the pit of despair, this client is faced with dealing with monsters in her life.
• Client Session and Discussion: “Taking it to the Top.” (length: 38.15mins)
In this session, the client has an idea he wants to take all the way to the top.
• Client Session: “When it Hurts to Be You.” (length: 82.55mins)
At times this slow-moving session can be quite uncomfortable to watch.
• Client Session: “A Divided Self.” (length: 66.22mins)
Issues of identity can be some of the most painful aspects to deal with in therapy.
• Discussion: Skills to develop for MoM therapists. (length: 20mins)

Andrew Austin’s Metaphors of Movement is a fascinating exploration into the world of Metaphor. If you have done anything with ‘metaphor work’ before you will learn new insights and revelations that only someone with the real-world experience of working with dozens upon dozens of clients can provide. This is a very well put together course, with many layers of learning. Excellent Value!”  Colin G. Smith

“I have followed Andrew T. Austin’s work for many years with great interest. His “Metaphors in the Attic” is truly fascinating and the best yet –  a rare truly creative and very practical set of tools invaluable to anyone interested in developing their communication skills. The presentation is first class and I will certainly recommend this material to students and colleagues alike.” Nick Kemp

I’m not quite sure what it is that Austin does in Littlehampton HQ but he presents a brilliant body of work here, adding to and fleshing out, not to mention making practical a lot of the work of Lakoff. This work should be more than double its price. I told him to change it but ignored me  – AGAIN.” Alan Whitton.

Get Metaphors in My Attic – Andrew Austin, Only Price $37

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