$100K Online Marketing – Staci Ann


$100K Online Marketing – Staci Ann


Are You Ready To Bust Through 6-Figures In Your Coaching Business? 

In under 1 year, I built my coaching business from ZERO clients to working with amazing women, just like you, all over the world. I was able to quit my job, retire my husband and travel the world when and how I wanted. And I’ll show you how you can build a 6-figure coaching business too. $100K Online Marketing – Staci Ann


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$100K Online Marketing – Staci Ann

Are You Ready To Bust Through 6-Figures In Your Coaching Business? 

In under 1 year, I built my coaching business from ZERO clients to working with amazing women, just like you, all over the world. I was able to quit my job, retire my husband and travel the world when and how I wanted. And I’ll show you how you can build a 6-figure coaching business too.

Here’s what you need to be successful…

1. Proven Marketing Strategy

With all of the ‘Shiny Object’ distractions out there getting you to try the latest and greatest marketing strategies, it’s tiring to try to keep up. Plus, you’re wasting $100s on these failed marketing efforts.

It’s time to ditch the distractions and focus on creating a marketing plan that WORKS!

With a proven marketing strategy, you will be 100% focused on enrolling new clients, making more money and growing your 6-figure coaching business. You will also get to enjoy more time with your family, have time for more exotic vacations and spend more time doing what you LOVE!

2. Kick Butt Promotion Plan

If you want to earn $100K (or make an additional 6-figures) this year, it’s time to stop using the “Oh Crap” promotion strategyyou’ve been using.

You know the one – you get an idea for a Black Friday sale Wednesday night and you think about the plan all through Thanksgiving even though you want to be spending time with your family. Then you work tirelessly all night to get your sales page up, write out your emails and schedule your social media posts.

Then when you open the sale on Black Friday…it’s crickets. No buyers. No money. No success. Oh Crap!

To build a 6-figure coaching brand, you need to plan out your promotional calendar in advanced so you’re not running around playing catch up all the time. You will be able to reach more people, sell more of your life-changing programs and spend more time coaching…less time on last-minute failed marketing.

3. More Visibility Online

Once you have a marketing strategy and promotional plan in place, then it’s time to ramp up your visibility online.

You see, right now, since you’re relying on broken marketing tactics and Oh Crap promotions, you’re not getting in front of the right people who NEED to work with you. You’re wasting precious time and resources trying to grow your business, but the reality is that your ideal client has no idea who you are and how you can help them.

With a solid marketing & promotional strategy, you can get in front of 1000s of the right people who can’t wait to learn more about how your business can help make their lives better.

To Help You Hit 6-Figures (Or More) In 2015, I’ve Bundled Everything You Need To Create Your $100K Marketing Plan In An Easy-To-Use Online Kit


The $100K Online Marketing Kit!

The $100K Online Marketing Kit was created for coaches, just like you, who are ready to grow their coaching business by an additional 6-figures or more in 2015. This step-by-step ecourse will walk you through how to create your 6-figure marketing & promotional strategy for the New Year.  If you want to make 2015 your best year EVER. If you want to increase your income, attract more clients and build a 6-figure business you love, you can’t just wish it. You need a proven plan to help you get there.  You can either waste hours Googling how to create your marketing plan and then waste $100s trying failed marketing strategies that just don’t work for your unique business. Or…


I have put together a simple, easy to understand course called the “$100K Online Marketing Kit” that will make you an expert at creating your 6-figure marketing & promotion strategy so you can stop chasing clients, and easily attract high-paying clients to your coaching business.

Each day, you will know EXACTLY what you need to be doing to grow your business without wasting precious time (and money) on failed marketing strategies and “Oh Crap” promotions.

Here’s What’s Included In The Kit:

  • $100K Workbook

    In this workbook, I give you my step-by-step system that I use to create my 6-figure marketing & promotions calendar.

    No more “Oh Crap” promotions that leave you exhausted and broke. With your proven marketing & promotions calendar, you will know exactly when (and how) you will promote your programs & products so you can easily hit your 6-figure goals.

    Your workbook includes 3 promotional & marketing plans for every business level – beginner, intermediate and advanced. I walk you step-by-step through how to customize each plan for your unique business.

  • 6 Video Tutorials

    With the $100K Online Marketing Kit, you’ll get 6 in-intensity academic motion pictures wherein I will take your hand and manual you thru the whole lot you want to forestall repelling your perfect customers and alternatively end up a effective magnet to high-paying humans you’ll LOVE to paintings with.

    Inside those motion pictures, I percentage my intently held secrets and techniques that assist me resultseasily release a couple of 5-discern education programs.

    Plus, I screen my actual method for a way I capture ‘misplaced dollars’ that maximum coaches depart at the desk after a application release.

  • Marketing Templates

    Also covered withinside the package are my most a success advertising and marketing templates that assist me to construct an engaged network that’s hungry for me to launch my high-give-up education programs. Yep, you may thieve my pinnacle social media posts, relationship-constructing emails, and Facebook ads… And I percentage WHY they paintings so darn nice and what factors you want to consist of to get the satisfactory consequences to your advertising and marketing campaigns.

But That’s Not All…

I’ll also throw in my Coaching Success Kit, which includes…

  • My ‘perfect coaching schedule’ calendar so you can grow your business AND enjoy more time freedom.
  • A 6-figure goal setting template so you can stop focusing on “busy work” and start creating goals that make your business work.
  • My top 10 marketing methods that help coaches, just like you, attract new clients like CRAZY!

Here’s What’s Waiting For You Inside Your Step-By-Step Video Tutorials…

Along with your workbook and marketing templates, I’ve created 6 step-by-step tutorials that walk you through exactly how to create your $100K plan. I have even included insider secrets and success tips to help you create and enjoy your $100K year!

1. 6-Figure Freedom

You created your education enterprise due to the fact you desired greater economic freedom and time freedom. But one in every of the largest troubles coaches have while looking to scale their enterprise is giving up time freedom in alternate for economic freedom. You don’t have to! You could have both and on this video I percentage how you may plan out your $100K yr whilst nevertheless playing time to revel in what you like maximum in life.

2. 6-Figure Goal Setting

Not all goals are created equal, and in this video I share with you little known tips on how to create goals that inspire you to take MASSIVE ACTION in your business. I will walk you step-by-step through setting your goals for the New Year.

3. igure Promotions

Let’s talk coaching programs, digital products and services you are going to offer to your clients in 2015. In this video we’ll uncover all of your best ideas for what to sell and when to sell them. No more last-minute ideas that flop!

4. 6-Figure Marketing Strategies

When it comes to marketing your business, the more people you reach doesn’t always mean more success. In fact, the biggest mistake coaches make when trying to grow their business is marketing to more of the wrong people. In this video I share with you marketing strategies that fit your unique business, and how to use them to attract your ideal clients.

5. 6-Figure Promo Calendar

It’s time to combine your promotions and your marketing to create your $100K Promo Calendar! In this video I share with you 3 proven Marketing & Promotion strategies that you can use to grow your business in the New Year. I uncover why these strategies work so you can customize them to your unique business.

6. 6-Figure Success Secrets

After creating your perfect promo calendar, I’ll share with you secrets on how to stick to your plan throughout the year so you can enjoy the wild success you deserve.

Create Your $100K Plan…TODAY!

Because I know you have a busy schedule, this course is 100% digital and you can go through the training on your schedule.

Once inside, you will have full access to all of the training materials…no waiting for content to be dripped to you over several weeks or months. You can just dive right in and have your 2015 marketing calendar ready…today!

After completing the $100K Online Marketing Kit, you will have your very own 6-figure marketing & promotional strategy so you can finally Quit Your Job & Make Even More Money As An Online Coach!


There’s Even More…

Because I need you to be WILDLY a hit in 2015, I’m consisting of these wonderful bonuses that will help you efficiently enforce your $100K plan withinside the New Year. These bonuses are best to be had for a constrained time.

FB Ads Unleashed

Once you’ve got your promotions calendar created, you’re going to want to force hundreds and hundreds of latest capacity customers for your offers. With over 1.8 BILLION users, Facebook commercials are the suitable manner to fast goal your perfect customers.

FB Ads Unleashed suggests precisely a way to create a hit Facebook advert campaign in your education business. From advert replica to pics and targeting, this application offers you an easy-to-observe blueprint to getting began out with Facebook commercials!

2 Tickets To Lady Boss Unleashed

Community is the key to your 6-figure success! What better way to connect with a community of high-achieving entrepreneurs than while learning how to double your online visibility from some of the top minds in the online business world?During this power-packed Lady Boss Unleashed event, you and a guest will join 50 other entrepreneurs for a weekend of learning, masterminding and FUN! And I’m giving you two FREE tickets to the event as my gift to you when you get the $100K Online Marketing Kit today.

Why Your Business Needs The $100K Online Marketing Kit

$1994 FREE!

The $100K Online Marketing Kit is s your easy-to-put in force marketing & merchandising blueprint that will help you attain 6-figures or greater in 2015.

With a step-by-step workbook, 6 videos training and professional templates, the $100K Online Marketing Kit is a complete fulfillment package that offers you the whole thing you want to devise out you fine 12 months EVER!

The $100K Online Marketing Kit will assist you…

  • Get out of your own head and create a marketing plan that WORKS!
  • Grow your coaching business with a proven business growth plan. Don’t just dream it – do it!
  • Create a strategy to help you attract more of your ideal clients to your coaching programs…with less effort!
  • Stop wasting time and $$$ on failed marketing.
  • Build a community of engaged members that YOU are the leader of!
  • Have more money to enjoy exotic vacations, buy luxury clothes, pamper yourself…live a life full of excitement, love and adventure!

Get this course now – Only with $23

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