$200k Book Blueprint Training – Richelle Shaw


$200k Book Blueprint Training – Richelle Shaw


You’re About To Discover The #1 Most Important Key To Generate ENDLESS Revenue with Your Self Published Book- EVERYTIME!  $200k Book Blueprint Training – Richelle Shaw


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$200k Book Blueprint Training – Richelle Shaw

Who cares about reaching Best Selling Author status on Amazon.com?

I think what you really want is what you THINK reaching #1 will get you – A BOATLOAD OF MONEY!

Do you want to know how generate $200k+ from a simple book?

You’re About To Discover The #1 Most Important Key To Generate ENDLESS Revenue with Your Self Published Book- EVERYTIME!

If you’ve been told the most important key to selling thousands of books is to just go into a huge niche, rank for popular keywords, or spend hours and hours marketing to get more people to see your book… you’ve been LIED to!

Now don’t get me wrong, all of those things are important. But they’re not going to matter at all if you don’t take care of the #1 key for your book’s success.

Want to know the biggest key to your book’s success? Here’s a hint…

If You Don’t Know How To Make MONEY from Your Book, You Have Almost NO Chance Of Extending Its LIFE and Generating More Than the Initial Launch Amount

Let me explain…

Back withinside the early days of Kindle, you may post any vintage ebook and you can have made a respectable quantity of income due to the fact kindle turned into emblem new. Since kindle is owned via way of means of Amazon – you may turn out to be a satisfactory seller. There wasn’t a great deal of opposition so so long as you observed some primary steps, you’d see a stage of success. The vintage provides away copies or deeply decreased ebook prices – you’ve visible it.

Fast ahead to 2014 and the opposition is OVERWHELMING. Kindle is turning into saturated with self-posted authors all looking to combat for identical readers. If you’ve posted something on kindle recently, you’ve in all likelihood visible this yourself, right?

But it’s now no longer all terrible news…

There are actually greater new readers shopping for kindle gadgets than ever earlier than making this the satisfactory time to construct your kindle business – however you need to do it right… otherwise, you threaten being “simply another” self-posted creator that nobody cares about.

Can you spot why you want to be unique from all of the different wannabe authors?

I’ve observed the only and maximum effective manner to try this and…

The LAST Book I Published Has Become A Bestseller and Generated $211,744 Because I Understand TheOne Simple ThingThat I’m About To Share With You!

The crazy part is, I didn’t start out as some book master or author. I tried the first time and FAILED miserably. Only generating a miserable $17,000 over 18 months for me. WHAT?? Then, I set out to uncover these secrets.

Now I don’t want you just to take my word for it. There are a lot of self-proclaimed “gurus” out there without anything to back up their claims, aren’t there? Actually Google has 530 Million entries for people trying to show you how to get to #1 – BUT, I caution you – Getting to #1 is not YOUR goal.

The Biggest Secret To My Success Is That I Know How To CaptivateMy Target Market’s Attention And Get Them Uncontrollably HOOKED Onto What I’m Offering!

I’m capable of doing that is due to the fact I apprehend one easy fact – in case you don’t intrigue someone and lead them to need extra than your ebook, they’ll pass proper alongside in your competitors’ books.

But what if there’s a manner to pressure people to recognition for your information? Wouldn’t that provide you with a massive advantage?

There is a manner! And I even have located the great manner to seize a captive target market and hold them shopping for and shopping for and shopping for.

Imagine in case your ebook generated $211,744 in 18 months might your commercial enterprise appearance different?

I Found 5 Simple Business Growth Tricks That Are GUARANTEED ToMakePeople Buy More than Just Your Book!

Pretty cool right!?

The way I discovered these five tricks was through failing BADLY!!!

But I didn’t just stop with failing, I tested on both my own book and for my private clients.

I Became Obsessed With Applying the MILLION Dollar Equation to the Book Business Because I Know NOTHING Else Will Help You Build the BEST Business EVER!

This obsession led me to do something I haven’t seen ANYONE else ever do.

I spent countless hours…

  • Documenting everything that I did for my book
  • Looking for what all the best ways to create the book
  • Finding “copy n’ paste” templates that could be used to effortlessly create great marketing and PR pieces
  • Creating the ultimate guide to writing a book THAT GENERATES MONEY….

Now You Will Discover All The Secrets I Found Writing The MILLION DOLLAR EQUATION and books for my clients!

And the best part is, YOU don’t have to spend countless hours doing the research! Isn’t it nice to have someone ELSE do all the boring research so you don’t have to?

I’ve done it all for you and laid it out in the most user-friendly and complete guide ever created

I’m calling: The MDE 200k Book Blueprint:

Inside This Training, I’ll Show You How to DESIGN the BUSINESS from Your BOOK

You’ll discover…

  • How Being #1 should not be your goal
  • The 5 Sneaky Ways to get more readers – and WHY they work!
  • 3 key questions readers have your title should answer. Although answering #3 is optional, it’s my secret weapon for going from good sales to astronomical sales!
  • Copy N’ Paste templates to quickly and easy jumpstart your title ideas!
  • The only proven way to ensure you have a winning business!

What’s Included:

  • Scheduled Group Trainings over 100 Days!
  • Templates for Intro and Closing chapters of your book (the most important)
  • My Sample Press Kit to attract media
  • My favorite places to grab media
  • Review certificates for 3 media pitches
  • My resources for book cover, editor, graphics inside the book
  • Help with the BACKEND and the roadmap to generating many more thousands
  • Checklists forSelf publishing checklist
    • Prelaunch
    • Launch Week
    • Post Launch
  • Daily traffic driver checklist

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