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Aquaware 4.0 – Peter Schenk


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There is a secret to achieving the success and life changes you crave in your life that has been proven by thousands of customers around the world. The secret is you can harness the untapped power of your mind to magnify and achieve game changing results with your intentions.


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We are happy to announce the release of Aquaware 4.0 Energy. Empowerment. Healing. Software. today.

Edward Schenk, CEO Modern Day Mystic

About Aquaware 4.0

There is a secret to achieving the success and life changes you crave in your life that has been proven by thousands of customers around the world. The secret is you can harness the untapped power of your mind to magnify and achieve game changing results with your intentions.

The product behind the secret is Aquaware 4.0 Energy, Empowerment, and Healing, Software. Aquaware 4.0  is an incredible gift given to us by the very talented Peter Schenk, who is The Modern Day Mystic and a Pioneer and Visionary in the field of Spiritual Technology.

What exactly are intentions?

Intentions are a commitment to oneself to carrying out an action (or actions) in the future. Intentions are a mental activity and involve tasks such as planning and forethought. An example is, “It is my intention to lose 20 lbs!”

Why haven’t I been successful in the past with my intentions?

Take a minute to think of a good intention you wished to accomplish over the past year. It should be something specific like losing weight, making more money, or quitting smoking  so that you could judge, definitively, if and when it had been accomplished. As you think about it right now, how successful would you say you were in achieving that intention and why did you succeed or fail?

Chances are, your prediction for success was optimistic: however you are less likely to finish the intention than you think you are. People who set their intentions ordinarily believe they can achieve them at the time they make them, however when it comes to execution, many of us never achieve success. This further demoralizes us and allows us to buy into the notion that we are powerless and can not achieve much in life.

Furthermore, failure with achieving intentions leads to other low vibration events like lower confidence, lower self esteem, depression and in some cases suicide. Studies show that up to 96% of peoples New Years Resolutions (or intentions for the year) will fail.  With odds like this it’s a wonder anyone plays the “New Year Resolution” game any more at all.

Get Aquaware 4.0 – Peter Schenk , Only Price $29

Enter the game changer.

How to Achieve Your Most Wanted Intentions. Enter game changing Aquaware 4.0 Energy, Empowerment and Healing Software.

Peter Schenk, a gifted Mystic who has had an incredibly spiritual journey (See the Modern Day Mystic Story Series), has been empowered with the gift of sight and knowledge through the Akashic Records. (See MDM articles on the Akashic Records for more information on this.)

Peter’s mission is to awaken and empower people throughout the planet. (See MDM Mission Statement). He has been instructed to do this through the use of software technology. Using software Peter has been able to combine the work of several notable scientists and combine it into one software package with the sole purposes of providing people with more energy, empowerment and healing capability. (See the article How MDM Software works for more information on our technology.)

Let me break down in lay mans terms a very complex  piece of technology.  First of all the human mind is the most powerful piece of technology on the planet. An estimated 90% of what we do is controlled by the sub conscious which we hardly understand today. The human mind has achieved all kinds of amazing feats, well documented throughout history. Unexplained events like human beings physically lifting cars off of crushed people, physic occurrences, out of body experiences and more.  Modern Science barely understands a fraction of how the brain works.  But Peter has been emparted with knowledge of how it does work, and has developed a way for you to use your brain most powerfully as well.

Aquaware 4.0 will enable you to achieve your most wanted intentions, guaranteed!

The way Aquaware 4.0 works is simple in its usage but complex in how it works.. Peter uses the following technologies in Aquaware 4.0: 1) The Quantum Realm, 2) The Power of Intention, 3) Mind over Matter, 4) The Collective Consciousness 5) Water Programming and 6) Sourxe Energy to achieve results.

MDM leverages the awesome human “Power of Intention” using Quantum Physics, the Quantum Realm, and Source Energy, to enable you with unimaginable capabilities and power to achieve your most wanted intentions.

Thousands of people around the world are using Aquaware 4.0 technology today to achieve all kinds of results. See the testimonials page to read first hand from users around the world who have experienced the power of Aquaware in their lives and have transformed themsleves, myself included. (See the blog article, “How I lost 30lbs using software.”)

  • Aquaware is software that actually magnifies and manifests your most wanted intentions quickly and easily.
  • The Unlocking” of natural senses and abilities that have been dormant for thousands of years.
  • Creating your ultimate reality including Self-Empowerment and Self-Healing abilities.
  • Choose from over 700 pre-programmed intentions or create your own custom intention

Manifest your own transformation including Personal Power and Confidence, Quality Relationships, Sexual Performance, Abundance, Financial Means and Success from a list of 700 pre-programmed intentions or create your own custom intention today.

Join thousands of users around the world and achieve your own game changing results with intentions!

Energy. Empowerment. Healing. Software

Get Aquaware 4.0 – Peter Schenk , Only Price $29

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