Clubbell 5×5 – Alberto Gallazzi



Clubbell 5×5 – Alberto Gallazzi


Alberto Gallazzi, bodyguard to heads of state, Hollywood superstars, and fashion icons, proved to be far more than a strong shield. After many years of preparing teams of protection agents to replace him and protect some of the world’s highest profile individuals, he demonstrated that he was a master coach as well.


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Alberto Gallazzi, bodyguard to heads of state, Hollywood superstars, and fashion icons, proved to be far more than a strong shield. After many years of preparing teams of protection agents to replace him and protect some of the world’s highest profile individuals, he demonstrated that he was a master coach as well. Accompanying me from one nation to the next, in all levels, from special operations units to high security clearance government facilities, he assisted me in sharing TACFIT and Clubbell training around the world.

I watched him not only grow as a coach, but integrate his extensive and cross-disciplinary background to develop new approaches to developing strength in all functional angles and necessities. Clubbell 5×5 is more than a shield. It is an intelligently designed weapon for cultivating aggressive muscle mass and expressible power.

He will take us as a community in an untapped direction, and will change the industry with his quiet humility. I am very proud to bring you “The Captain” Alberto Gallazzi’s volcanic approach to strength training: Clubbell 5×5!


…to the days when I was serving as a close protection agent, I always trained to be stronger and more functional for my line of work and less for my physique.. Of course I always kept an eye on my food intake but more for quality and not on quantity. In other words a six pack was not my top priority. Over time, I began living a very stressful life with many hours on duty and no specific time for either training or eating properly. This became a nightmare. For exercise, barbells and dumbbells were the main tools available at the unit office and while abroad.

My problem is that I never really liked conventional training and I always tried to spend the least time possible with conventional exercise. I always trained myself with various unconventional lifting or presses and pulls. I wanted to challenge my body with each workout and I would train every single day except Sunday! Of course my training sessions have never been very long (time was restricted) however they were intense. I never trained to the point of exhaustion because I always believed that we should train to create energy for other activities and not to roll around on the ground sore after exercise.


…I found an old book that was explaining about a system that was very popular in the late 60’s called 5×5! It was love at first sight. 3 compound exercises with 5 reps and 5 sets followed by 2 finisher exercises. I immediately tried the system as it was and I felt great. The only thing I changed was the daily schedule and adapted my regimen based on my bodies feedback day by day. I quickly realized I was getting stronger fast and guess what?..I continued to develop more strength, more weight and then more muscle. My head started thinking of the possibilities and I started to research more. During the next several years I was lucky to start working alongside an old friend that became my coach, Scott Sonnon and his CST system.


…I was introduced to the tool of my life…the Clubbell! I focused years of training to refine the techniques before exploring a new area and dimension of swinging and pressing for my personal fitness needs. In my opinion, the Clubbell is one of the best pieces of training equipment out there. A few years ago, I designed the 1st 5×5 Clubbell approach based on 3 compound exercises and 2 finishers, to run in different variations and progressions.

People that trained with it started to ask me for more because they saw quick, actual results in regards to their functional strength and also their body composition. Since I am the kind of man who likes to experiment with a new strategy, I experimented with swinging and pressing a 90 lb Clubbell all the way down to some complex movement with a single lightweight one. In those trials, I realized that some of the power was gone in one direction. My brain started to work again and I have now designed what I believe will challenge all the Clubbell swingers out there and improve their strength in a new way.


…will give you plenty to do. From rebuilding old technique to incorporating more complexity to your compound exercise, your body and nervous system will need to re-adapt constantly, and you will be in control of your bodies explosiveness and growth. I will teach you how to run it during the week, how to integrate the high intensity WOD if you practice TACFIT, and I will also give new specific warm ups and new cool downs to let you enter and exit your session pain free. I will outline for you when to go high load and complex and when to go into refine mode especially if your age is not down near the 30’s any longer. 5×5 will also guide you in improving your body composition and overall health!

Special thanks to my mentor and brother Master Coach Scott Sonnon for changing the way I see fitness!

I was born and raised in the Milano suburb of Northern Italy in 1970. As a child, I was very active until the age of 12. It was around that time that I stopped all physical activity, and for 2 years, I was
just shoveling food in my mouth. The end result left me a hefty 89 kg at the age of 14 and this was not muscle mass. I finally decided to make a change and started attending a Kung-Fu class. Somewhere along the line, while my body was being restored to health, I was introduced to my “first” love: Full Contact Kickboxing. As I continued to train, I found myself competing, winning several medals, an Italian championship, and few pro fights!

At the age of 18 I volunteered for the Army serving in the airborne division and later becoming very active across many units.  When I left the army, I went on to manage security personnel in different clubs in Italy and abroad. After a while, I decided to move to the United States. I spent 5 years traveling the country studying various styles of martial art and learning from the best coaches. During this time I worked for different security companies, including a bail recovery agent in California.

After 5 years in the United States, I was hired by a Swiss Diplomat to head his security and I moved back to Europe. I found myself working close protection security across the EU, Middle East, South Africa, and more.  I ended up opening a security and training company, Secutor, which provided physical training and designed combat specific curriculum for special forces in Italy and abroad.

I am now the EU director for RMAX International and the TacFit Military Division Chief, representing Scott Sonnon’s work. I have been studying under Dr.  Dennis Hannover and have achieved a 3rd degree black belt in Dennis’ Survival Jiu-jitsu. In 2008, I even won a gold medal at the World Championships in Israel . I have integrated all I learned under my mentor Scott Sonnon and my second father Dennis Hannover, to design a combat specific training method called TacFit Survival Jiu-Jitsu.


In this manual you will find a little on the history behind this program and I will explain how you should run it, as well as what to choose as your different goal.
You will find a chart with different approaches of the program and how to run it weekly. These will tell you what level or load you need to train with, how to recover and more.
I will also share with you my way of thinking about strength conditioning and the training principles I apply during my personal workouts.

Clubbell 5×5


In this video I’ll tell you what the Clubbell 5×5 program is all about, and what you can expect to learn and apply through this method of training.


In this section, I will guide you through the exercises from the most basic to the highest level. I will explain to you the mechanics behind each of the components and also coach you through these. Each instructional video includes me introducing the exercise and then coaching it first hand to one of my instructors. This will allow you the opportunity to pinpoint the important coaching cues of each exercise.


Don’t feel like training alone …follow along with my team and me through the videos in this section.
The Clubbell 5X5 follow alongs will have one of my teammates or me guide you through all the reps of an exercise with a specific time to recover between sets ( please refer to the chart in the manual for different rest times for the program you choose).
This way you will never feel like you are training alone and it will be like YOU and myself are training together!


In this section, I, along with my instructor, will coach you through specific mobility exercises intended to prepare you to perform the strength training phase through a proper range of motion and efficient driving force.
The exercises you will see are part of my personal training and I use them every day. I am excited to share these with you.


This follow along warm up video is edited for you like a training session, with specific times to perform exercises included for the beginning of your training session.


Like in any CST or TACFIT programs, after any workload we must run a good compensation. After strength training it is important to remove all the possible compensation and restriction. Clubbell 5×5 has a new specifically designed cool down for you. Follow me through an explanation of every exercise, and you will be ready to run the next workout feeling stronger and healthier.


This cool down video is edited for you like a training session, with specific time to perform exercises included to finish your training session.


This video will offer you a thorough core conditioning workout. This program is designed to be challenging but very fun and something different when it comes to core training. A strong midsection is mandatory for a healthy and strong body… it is your engine!

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