Complex Trauma Certification Training (CCTP/CCTP-II) – Janina Fisher



Complex Trauma Certification Training (CCTP/CCTP-II) – Janina Fisher


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Transform your trauma treatment outcomes and your practice as a

Certified Complex Trauma Treatment Professional!

You know how deeply trauma impacts your client's mind, body, and emotions — and how difficult healing can be.  You have clients who are constantly (and unpredictably) triggered by their traumatic experiences; controlled by emotions of shame, anxiety, anger, depression, and fear, — and even turning to substance abuse, cutting, and other harmful behaviors to cope. 

World-renowned expert and author, Dr. Janina Fisher’s proven approach to complex trauma treatment, which is based on 40+ years of research and clinical practice, addresses the holistic impact of trauma to effectively heal deep trauma and attachment wounds so clients can break free from the past, feel safe and calm, and thrive in life.

For decades, the certification training programs on Janina's revolutionary treatment approach have helped thousands of clinicians around the world improve their client outcomes and advance their clinical practices…and here’s your opportunity to join this elite group of clinicians as a Certified Complex Trauma Treatment Professional (CCTP/CCTP-II).

If you’re ready to become a true expert in the field of trauma treatment and master neurobiologically informed treatments that will heal trauma, save marriages and families, and help clients take back their lives, then enroll today.

Earn both your CCTP Level 1 and Level 2 Trauma Certifications with this one training!

In this two-part training course, Janina will guide you through her comprehensive approach to complex trauma treatment. Using engaging case studies, and practical/downloadable tools and worksheets, she will show you exactly what to say and do, every step of the way, so you can help even your most challenging trauma clients heal.

Here’s what’s covered in the training:


Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Training (CCTP): Working with the Neurobiological Legacy of Trauma

When trauma inflicts its deep wounds into our clients' minds and bodies, it leaves them feeling hopeless, desperate, and ashamed — wondering, "Why can't I feel safe and calm like normal people?"

Trauma has encoded itself within their brains, their nervous systems, and their bodies, beyond where traditional therapy and emotional expression can impact them. And often the client's survival responses to post-traumatic triggers are just as damaging as the initial event.

Fortunately neuroscience, attachment research, and decades of clinical work have given us profound insight into not only why our clients have these experiences, but exactly HOW we can help them heal.

In part one, I'll teach you my approach that brings together techniques from leading, evidence-based methods, including Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, mindfulness, psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis — so you can help your clients find the hope and relief they desperately long for.

Through six comprehensive modules, you'll master proven strategies to identify and overcome your client's post-traumatic triggers, repair deep attachment wounds, help with harmful coping strategies such as substance abuse and self-harming practices, and address overwhelming emotions like shame, anger, anxiety, fear, and depression.

You'll end this part of the training with the education you need to become a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional – Level 1 (CCTP) and the ability to transform how the mind, body, and soul experience trauma.  

Modules in part 1 include:

Trauma and the Body

In this module, you'll gain foundational insight into trauma's lasting impact on the body and brain. Janina will guide you in exploring:

  • How to identify and understand post-traumatic triggers and symptoms that develop due to dysregulation
  • How to apply specific, practical techniques from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, mindful awareness and other neurobiologically informed treatment strategies
  • How to help your client restore brain functioning and regulate their nervous system

Working with Complications of Dysregulation

In module two, you'll develop a full comprehension of why trauma clients often resort to harmful, addictive behaviors, including substance abuse, cutting, eating disorders, suicide ideation, and more. In this module, you'll get access to:

  • An integrated trauma-wise treatment strategy to help clients overcome harmful behavior
  • Proven strategies to address the complications that arise, due to abstinence and sobriety
  • Practical worksheets, handouts, and exercises that you can immediately use with your clients

Working with Traumatic Memory: Principles and Techniques

In module three, Janina will guide you through the latest neuroscience into how trauma encodes itself in our memories and continues to wreak havoc on clients through responses such as overwhelming emotions, involuntary shaking, and out-of-control movements. You'll get access to:

  • Step-by-step explanations of today's most effective methods to work with traumatic memory
  • Proven treatment plans that will teach you exactly what to ask and what to say when helping your clients process and resolve traumatic memories

Disorganized Attachment, Borderline Personality Disorder, and the Traumatic Transference

Addressing traumatic attachment is a prerequisite to effective trauma treatment, but it's challenging to repair wounds that have lasted for years, and possibly even generations. In this module, Janina will provide you with easy-to-follow illustrations and examples so you can learn:

  • How to identify different attachment disorders and specifically what to do to treat them
  • How to effectively work with your client so you can avoid becoming an attachment trigger

The Role of Dissociation in Trauma-Related Disorders

In this module, you'll master strategies to work with the dissociation that so often results from a traumatic experience. You'll get access to:

  • Step-by-step instruction on how to implement the revolutionary Internal Family Systems "parts" approach within your therapeutic work to resolve your client's inner, emotional conflicts, and heal past wounds
  • Practical exercises that you can immediately use with your clients

Working with Shame, Fear, and Anger

Shame, fear, and anger are powerful emotions that can take control of your client's life. In this final module, you'll get access to:

  • Effective methods of using parts work, psychoeducation, somatic, and mindfulness-based interventions to change your client's relationship with these emotions
  • Easy-to-follow case studies and moment-to-moment illustrations so you can help your clients to take back control of their lives


Certified Complex Trauma Treatment Training (CCTP-II): Treatment of Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders

Trauma is rarely simple. If you work with complex clients — those who are chronically dysregulated, self-destructive, can’t regulate emotions and impulses, have a long history of failed treatments, or are perpetually numb — you need another level of training to offer healing and relief.

In this advanced training, through six comprehensive modules, you will learn how to apply the revolutionary insight from some of the field's most brilliant researchers and clinicians (including Bessel van der Kolk, Dan Siegel, Richard Schwartz, Judith Herman, Stephen Porges, and more). Through step-by-step training modules, you'll master effective techniques to understand, identify and treat complex traumatic challenges, such as:

  • Resistance and stuckness
  • Treatment-resistant depression
  • Therapy-destructive behavior
  • Vicarious traumatization
  • Regression
  • and more

After completing this part of the training, you'll know exactly how to help complex trauma clients and have practical worksheets and resources you can immediately use with any of your client cases. Plus, you'll have the education you need to become a Certified Complex Trauma Treatment Professional – Level 2 (CCTP-II).

Modules in part 2 include:

Introduction to the Treatment of Dissociation

In this module, you'll further build upon your treatment strategies for treating clients with dissociation. You'll learn:

  • What distinguishes ‘complex trauma’ symptoms from the symptoms of simple PTSD
  • How to assess and diagnose dissociative symptoms in complex trauma clients
  • A proven treatment model that leverages IFS parts work, mindfulness, and neuroscience insight to treat dissociative disorders

Increasing Awareness of Dysregulated Parts and Dissociative States

In this module, Janina will guide you through in-depth instruction of how to implement Internal Family Systems and mindfulness exercises to work with dissociation and dysregulation. She'll teach you:

  • Exactly what to do and say when working with dysregulation
  • How to leverage cues in your client's facial expressions, body, and emotional signals to speed up treatment results
  • How to work with inner voices, and how to diagnose dissociation vs. psychosis

Working with Traumatic Memory in Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID): Implicit Memory and Animal Defense Survival Responses

Because of the way trauma imprints within the brain, your client can be stuck reliving the traumatic experience for the rest of their lives. This module will show you:  

  • How to safely and effectively access and process traumatic memories with DID clients
  • How to leverage the latest neurobiological insight to help your clients overcome the traumatic memories that dominate their lives
  • How to help your clients overcome the loss of a sense of time and place that results from fragmentation

Working with Regression, Aggression, and Passivity

In module four, Janina will guide you through effective Sensorimotor and IFS interventions to treat dissociative and attachment-related issues, as well as the addictive and self-destructive behaviors that clients use to cope with their trauma. You'll get access to:

  • Powerful, neuroscience-informed strategies to help clients "dis-identify" with symptoms of shame and depression
  • Proven techniques to overcome "controlling strategies" in clients with disorganized attachment
  • Interventions for addressing chronic depressive states

Traumatic Attachment and the Treatment of Dissociative Disorders

Join Janina for this in-depth module that will empower you with specific IFS strategies to repair internal attachment issues. Learn how to:

  • Work with even the most challenging clients who can't engage with your therapy techniques
  • Help your clients create comfort, reassurance, acceptance, and compassion among their internal "parts"
  • Utilize visualization techniques for repairing childhood attachment failure

Integration and Healing

In this final module, Janina will show you how to achieve lasting healing outcomes through the lens of some of trauma treatment's most effective models. You'll discover how to help your clients:

  • Experience less triggering and "earn" secure attachment
  • Access self-acceptance and compassion in the healing process
  • Live a rich, rewarding, and meaningful life

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