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Integral Strength – GMB


Honestly, there’s no shortage of strength training information out there. People have been getting strong for a long time, so do we really need another program? If you’re interested in moving better, the answer is yes.

  •  Classic Bodyweight Exercises and Variations
  •  Perfect for Beginner to Intermediate Level
  •  Practical, Whole-Body Strength
  •  Move with Confidence and Resist Injury

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Honestly, there’s no shortage of strength training information out there. People have been getting strong for a long time, so do we really need another program? If you’re interested in moving better, the answer is yes.

  •  Classic Bodyweight Exercises and Variations
  •  Perfect for Beginner to Intermediate Level
  •  Practical, Whole-Body Strength
  •  Move with Confidence and Resist Injury

Over eight weeks of 3-6 short training sessions per week, you’ll build the kind of strength that carries over into demanding physical skills and dynamic sports. All you need is a pull-up bar and a bit of floor.


If you’ve already been doing consistent exercise for at least a few months*, Integral Strength will get your body stronger for the types of movements found in virtually all sports and activities:

  • If you’re new to strength training, Integral Strength introduces classic bodyweight exercises at a basic level.
  • Already done some strength training? You’ll learn complex, dynamic movements to help bridge the gap between strength develoment and practical athleticism.

* If you’re just starting out you’ll probably get better results with Elements.


Integral Strength is an online program you can access on your own schedule. Each day of training is clearly organized with expert video instruction, so you always know exactly what to do. Here are some helpful details:

  • Training Schedule: You get 8 weeks of structured programming. Clients usually set aside 30–45 minutes per session.
  • Lifetime Access: Once you get Integral Strength it’s yours for life, so you can go at your own pace and revisit the program as many times as you want.
  • Equipment: All you need are something to do pull-ups on (a tree-branch, doorway pull-up bar, etc.), a jump rope, and a little open floor space.


Over 18,219 clients have used Integral Strength to build dynamic, athletic strength:

  • Sandi got her first chin-up (even after years of weightlifting), her bridge, and nearly a full L-sit.
  • Ammar noticed more strength not only in his muscles, but in his joint, tendons, ligaments, and nervous system, too.
  • Ross recommends Integral Strength to help his kung fu students to get stronger.

Scroll down to read their experiences in their own words and learn how Integral Strength will help you.

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Most strength programs are designed to create maximal output in a limited range of movement. Yeah, they get you strong, but they don’t automatically carry over into your other activities.

Many bodyweight programs are based on static holds and high-rep endurance – both useful, but not always the best way to get better at moving.

Integral Strength throws a lot of the usual assumptions about both strength training and bodyweight training out the window and reimagines how to use bodyweight exercises to create strength for performing activities requiring a high degree of physical skill and movement.

What we’ve learned from years of walking the line between strength and skill is that you don’t have to choose.


Of course, picking the right exercises is only part of the process; we wracked our brains for the most efficient and effective protocols to strike a balance between stability and movement with enough endurance and work capacity to allow you to pursue your goals.

Weeks 1 & 2 Assessment & Technique Practice

Week 1 and 2 are all about familiarizing yourself with the exercises and gradually finding the exercise variation that is appropriate for you at this particular moment.

Weeks 3 & 4 Baseline Phase

In Week 3 and 4 you will alternate between Strength and Power and Strength Endurance. These different routines will allow you to work on distinct aspects of your strength and build them up together during this phase to establish a new baseline.

Weeks 5 & 6 Volume & Conditioning

This next two week phase of Integral Strength provides an increase in your volume of work, taking advantage of the increased capacity you’ve built.

Weeks 7 & 8 Efficiency & Application

You will continue to use the same workouts however your intent is on improving Quality and Ease and/or moving to more challenging exercise variations.

After completing the 8-week cycle, you can choose to move on to a different kind of training for a few weeks, or repeat Integral Strength and continue to deepen your mastery of these fundamental strength skills.


Knowing how to coach an athlete is great, but one thing we take pride in at GMB is quality teaching. In addition to coaching thousands of athletes in person, we have the technical skills to deliver that experience online.

Expert Instruction

Crystal clear video and detailed text describe every exercise

Regressions and variations let you find your own level

Every day and week is planned in detail with extensive explanations and FAQs

Easy to Follow

Works on any desktop or mobile internet device

All tutorials are downloadable

Printable charts detail each day’s training plan

Our coaches and support team are always just a click away

Everything is clearly organized so you’ll know exactly what to do each day. You shouldn’t have to spend your time searching forums and old blog posts to figure out how to use your program, so we’ve included everything you need to make Integral Strength easy to follow.


We’re not trying to impress you with how clever we are here. You’ve seen all of these exercises before. What’s new is having a system that ties them all together for efficient results without getting stuck.

Whole Body Results

Powerful legs with knees and ankles that can stand up to the stress of dynamic sports

Solid core/trunk strength for total stability in any task

Strong and healthy shoulders, arms, and hands for any pulling or pressing skill

Get Strong to Move

Expand your range of motion while getting strong throughout that range

Improve your endurance for any physical activity

Finally get skills like the chin-up, shrimp squat, and bridge

Prepare your body for more advanced movement skills like muscle-ups and bent-arm stands

Get Integral Strength – GMB, Only Price $59

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