(PIMPS) Twitter Personal Branding, Marketing, and Profits – Ed Latimore



(PIMPS) Twitter Personal Branding, Marketing, and Profits – Ed Latimore

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Take Ed Latimore, a former heavyweight boxer who started a Twitter account just to get his name and ideas out there. Over the course of many years, he went from 0 to over 75,000 followers and has connected with CEOs, world leaders, athletes, actors, and “ordinary” people with extraordinary talent.

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(PIMPS) Twitter Personal Branding, Marketing, and Profits – Ed Latimore

Twitter Personal branding, Marketing, and Profits (PIMPS)

Skyrocket your Twitter growth, build your personal brand, form powerful relationships, and earn a serious income for being yourself (even with no experience!)

Have you ever wondered how certain people on Twitter seem to be gaining thousands of followers per month?

Or how they get so many people to engage with every single one of their tweets?

Or how they’re earning so much damn money from their account, even without having 10,000s of followers?


We were there before too.

Both of us started off in your shoes.

Both folks commenced from zero in this platform, and we to begin with struggled to grow.

To be seen. To be heard.

Both folks have been looking to make a call for ourselves online, however slightly everybody gave a rattling approximately what we needed to say.

But with time, the manner we used this platform modified our lives.

Take Ed Latimore, a former heavyweight boxer who commenced a Twitter account simply to get his call and thoughts out there. Over the path of many years, he went from zero to over 75,000 fans and has related with CEOs, global leaders, athletes, actors, and “ordinary” human beings with awesome talent.

Or Sean Luger, who knew that his profession in healthcare become worthwhile as hell, however were given in reality uninterested with the hellishly PC place of business and way of life of operating for different human beings.

He desired to place his thoughts out there, so he commenced a men’s self-development weblog referred to as Western Mastery. But he additionally desired a higher way of life for himself with more meaning. Through the connections he made using Twitter like a pro, he now owns a totally a success online bodily product enterprise and has accelerated his former profits operating on his personal watch.

The community that each folk evolved on Twitter has enabled us to make those lifestyle converting moves.

But the truth is at first – we didn’t know what the hell we were doing.

We could not develop at the Twitter platform, we did not recognize a way to community effectively, we had no concept a way to promote our offerings or create a virtual product that might make us cash even as we sleep.

But with time – we grew. Both personally, and on and stale the platform.

As we grew and commenced to grasp the platform, we observed that different gifted people had no concept a way to use Twitter.

Talented folks who both had a talent they might use to make a call and a residing for themselves…

Or ones that could easily research the proper talent to do to precisely that.

That’s what we are right here to educate you.

So if you’re trying to become bigger on Twitter but you’re absolutely clueless on how to grow your account…

Or in case you’ve grown your account a piece however you are seeking to develop more – however each day has end up a grind and you are best getting some fans a day max…

Or you recognize your know-how is treasured and your tweets are solid… however you can’t appear to discover the “lacking ingredient” to this Twitter thing…

Or you have visible others reaching precisely what you need, however they BLEW beyond you – heaps of fans in some months…

Shoutouts from huge accounts, making heaps of greenbacks from their accounts, and reaching the entirety you desired manner earlier than you, even as you are left withinside the dust.

Or in case you need to make cash at the net for doing what you recognize the way to do, however you don’t have any idea how or what to sell…

You’re withinside the proper place!

Why undergo all that frustration if you have the solution in front of you?

Imagine if rather of getting those problems, you currently had an account complete of unswerving fans who love your content material and could gladly pay for whatever you positioned out.

If you can visualize this, keep reading, because this course is exactly what you’re looking for.

Twitter Personal branding, Marketing, and Profits (PIMPS) is the most complete resource on how to network, grow, and make real money from your Twitter account.


Simply put – you’ll receive expert advice two of the best minds on the self-improvement side of Twitter.

Ed Latimore, professional boxer, physics master, chess player, and hands down the most successful personal brand on the self-improvement side of Twitter…

And Sean Luger, expert that has helped hundreds of men grow and make a name for themselves online and earn money for their skills.

Combine to create the most complete how-to guide on growing, monetizing, and networking with Twitter ever created.

So what does this mean for you?

If you learn and apply all the material in this course, your results will look something like this…

  • Instead of losing months – possibly years – of your existence now no longer understanding a way to develop your account….You will understand precisely a way to make a Twitter account that grows quickly and profits admire inside your niche.
  • Instead of questioning how – and what – you could promote for your audience, you will understand what to promote and feature a demonstrated blueprint to promote it.
    Instead of being a nobody, you will function yourself to be somebody.
  • Instead of being disregarded at the platform, you may be heard. Respected. And you may be a person who has a first-rate have impact on at the questioning and the dialogue around you.
  • Instead of suffering to make cash out of your account, you will research demonstrated, undying techniques on a way to make massive cash on your call and your talents. You’ll absolutely make at the least an element-time, but (in case you comply with the concepts thoroughly) at least a complete-time earnings for what you understand a way to do.
  • Instead of getting an account that has stagnant growth, you will have demonstrated components on a way to constantly develop, meet new people, and locate new existence-lengthy clients for any services or products you ever promote.
  • Instead of suffering to the community, you will have a undying technique that teaches you a way to the community each on and rancid the Twitter platform to increase powerful, worthwhile relationships with a view to ultimate your whole lifetime. You can actually create a 7-eight parent enterprise community from the networking talents on this course!
  • Instead of being clueless on a way to make cash online, you may be taught the excessive earnings talents that are demonstrated to make you 6 figures online in 12 months or less – no bullshit – that may be leveraged each on and rancid Twitter in more than one approaches to make even extra cash.
  • Instead of being clueless on a way to use the Twitter platform, you’ll have an excessive earnings skillset – social media advertising with Twitter – that you could use to create a hit enterprise, and/or promote to businesses to earn complete-time earnings from.

Does all of this sound too good to be true?


Because after all, those are some big ass claims.

And we encourage skepticism, and we know this course is NOT for everyone.

So let’s tell you who it’s not for:

  • If you expect the world to be handed to you for free, this is NOT for you.
  • If you expect this to be a “get rich quick” scheme, this is NOT for you.
  • If you’re the type who just likes to read information and not apply anything, this course is NOT for you.

Twitter PIMPS makes it as simple as possible to grow, and earn on this platform, and it can happen quickly, EVEN if you have little experience, but you have to use the course and put in the work.

So to help decide for yourself…

And to show you that we are NOT full of shit…

Are you curious if what’s in the course is right for you?

We’ll help you decide.

Here’s a breakdown of the modules from our course and what they’ll do for you.

Is Your Twitter The Shit Or Just Shitty? Understanding Twitter Analytics and Metrics ($197 Value)

  • Learn to use Twitter analytics and metrics to figure out where your account is stalled – so you can start growing much quicker.
  • You’ll learn the difference between impressions and engagement and how they affect your growth on Twitter.

The Right Mindset For Twitter: Powerful Paradigm Shifts For Building A Massive, Loyal, and Engaged Following ($397 Value)

  • Learn from one of the maximum a hit non-public manufacturers on all of Twitter, Ed Latimore, and his specific attitude and technique to get to 75k+ fans (and continuously growing) at the Twitter platform.
  • Learn the way to keep away from ALL of the errors as a way to maintain you again from doing first-rate matters on Twitter. If you probably did not do anything else however keep away from making those attitude errors, your fans and financial institution account will grow!
  • This module will educate you the proper attitude so you’ll be capable of use Twitter to make cash and precious connections to extrade your whole life!

Becoming A Twitter Drug Dealer: The Best Topics To Tweet About For High Engagement and Maximum Interaction ($397 Value)

  • Learn the excellent subjects that bills of any area of interest can tweet approximately and experience tremendous growth, main to tons greater followers.
  • Learn the unique strategies to create a mixture of those thoughts and subjects for your tweets will make your account greater famous than a dope guy traveling rehab.
  • Learn now no longer simply desirable writing strategies – however the fundamentals of GREAT writing strategies to have your account popping off like a crack house!

How to Tweet 1000+ times per month: The Not-So-Secret Method For Never Running Out of Shit to Say ($397 Value)

  • One of the most important troubles you may probably face in this platform is that once a while, you’ve got got a tough time of what to say. In this module, you may learn the way Ed comes up with the muse and thoughts to tweet over a thousand consistent with month for over 2 years straight so that you can too.
  • This module will educate you the entirety you want to recognize to be prolific in this platform so you can construct a large following and make large cash from it.
  • You’ll analyze wherein and the way to search for inspiration, you’ll in no way be without cloth once more and you’ll without problems tweet sufficient to hold your increase happening the platform.

Personal Expression for Profit: Building a Personal Brand To Make Money ($997 Value)

  • Twitter will let you make cash being your self however ONLY in case you understand how to apply it to construct a worthwhile non-public brand. This lesson will train how to position yourself to make cash doing what you do best – being yourself.
  • Most humans at the net are doing the non-public branding aspect an incorrect manner – that’s why their outcomes are lackluster in each following and dollar. Learn the proper manner to try this so that you don’t waste energy, cash, and maximum importantly, your time!

Pimping Your Profile For Profits: Designing A Profile That Converts Casual Followers Into Die-Hard Fans ($397 Value)

  • Your profile is the primary factor humans see, and you are possibly doing something wrong. We’re going to ensure you keep away from that so that you can develop as fast as possible.
  • The distinction between a very good and an awesome profile comes right all the way down to doing some little matters differently. This makes all of the distinction between gaining and dropping followers. This is the distinction between huge achievements at the platform and by no means even gaining one thousand followers! Set it up wrong, and also you won’t convert folks who casually test you out into die tough fanatics who observe your every word.

A Case Study on Accounts and Why They Were Successful ($97 Value)

  • Have you ever wondered exactly why some accounts grow and others don’t? In this module, you will see exactly why successful accounts grew on this platform and how they make their money.
  • You’ll also see a few examples of unsuccessful accounts and why they’ve failed – so you can ensure that you aren’t making the same mistakes.
  • These examples will pull the mystery back on why others have been successful so you can learn from their examples.

Slick Styles For Super Engagement: 5 Stylistic Devices That Will Grow Your Followers, Influence, and Engagement ($297 Value)

  • This module will teach you the 5 most engaging styles to write your tweets to help you get big engagement and grow on this platform.
  • The stylistic devices you’ll learn in this module will show you how to take what is commonly said and say it in a powerfully uncommon way.
  • Twitter is a platform built on writing – and your writing probably sucks. Most people’s does. These stylistic devices will breathe life into your tweets and give people little choice but to follow you.

Formatting Techniques to Make Your Tweets Capture The Eyes and Hearts of Millions ($197 Value)

  • Learn how to format your tweets properly – the most under-utilized and under talked about Twitter skill that makes a huge difference in your impressions and followers.
  • Learn how to maximize engagement on your tweets with powerful formatting techniques.
  • This module will teach you how to format your tweets in a way that guarantees they always catch eyes on the timeline.
  • Learn how to properly present you engaging ideas so that anyone who sees it forced to stop, stare, interact, and engage.

How to Understand and Dominate Your Niche ($197 Value)

  • Learn the proven formula to grow within your niche and position yourself as an authority within it.
  • You’ll also learn the growth and networking strategies to become a standout member of your niche so you can network, grow, and earn on Twitter.

How to Get From 0-1000 Followers as Quickly as Possible ($297 Value)

  • Growing from 0 to 1000 is the biggest challenge for most people starting off. In this module, you’ll learn a proven method to get to 1000 followers on any account as quickly as possible – so you’re not stuck at a tiny follower count forever.
  • This module also includes all the diagnostic steps and common mistakes that you’re probably making – so you can avoid them and grow your account even quicker!
  • This is a PROVEN formula that has gained dozens of accounts thousands of followers each. All you need to do is follow it!

How to “Growth Hack” Your Account ($397 Value)

  • You’ll learn all the useful tactics that have enabled accounts to get over 1000 followers every single month – that you can apply to your own account.
  • You’ll also learn some techniques that can grow your following significantly quicker.

10k+ Followers and (More) Growth Hacking: How to Keep Your Follower Count and Engagement From Stalling Out ($497 Value)

  • Doing everything in this course will make your account grow fast, but there are things you can do to make your growth truly skyrocket. You’ll learn the secrets Ed Latimore uses to consistently gain over 2000 followers per month.
  • No matter how many followers you have, you may fall victim to growth flatlining. Suddenly, you’re not growing, or worse, losing followers. These techniques will supercharge your account and get you on the plus side of followers but allow you to make extra cash as well.

How to Destroy Your Negative Mindset and Dominate in Sales ($497 Value)

  • Many Twitter users are able to grow their accounts to 1000s or even 10000s but have no idea how to sell. That’s where this module comes in.
  • Learn the essential mindset to stop being a soy boy when it comes to sales and become unafraid to charge your value and SELL for BIG BUCKS!
  • You’ll learn both real-world and online sales skills that will ensure that you make more money from sales for the rest of your life.

How to Make Real Money From Your Twitter Account ($497 Value)

  • Most people go wrong with selling on Twitter because they have no idea what they can sell.
  • In this module, you’ll learn all of the different types of products that you can sell on Twitter so you don’t have to have that problem – and can start making money from your account very early on in the process!

How to Make Buckets of Cash From Your Twitter Timeline ($997 Value)

  • In this module you’ll the methods to sell from your timeline to maximize your sales specifically on the Twitter platform.
  • You’ll learn various methods that the best users use to maximize their sales from the Twitter platform.

How to Make a Full Time Income From ONE Skill on Twitter ($1997 Value)

  • You will learn a PROVEN method to make a full time income (or more!) from just ONE skill on Twitter – that many successful influencers on the platform follow to make a living for what they do.
  • Even if you have no skills that you can sell (or if you think you don’t), you will learn the “high income” skills that you can use to make a full time income online and from your Twitter account.
  • This is a massively valuable section that alone is worth more than most college degrees!

How to Create Your First Profitable Digital Product to Sell From Twitter ($997 Value)

  • You’re going to learn how to make your OWN profitable product to sell on Twitter.
  • You’ll see the common mistakes most people make making their own product, so you can avoid them and sell profitably right from the start!
  • Even if you’ve already made a product that isn’t selling, this section includes diagnostic steps to make sure your digital product makes sales!

How to Build a Highly Profitable Email List from Twitter ($997 Value)

  • Learn all the sauce to build a profitable email list that will sell for you long term from Twitter.
  • You will learn how to write great emails that sell like crazy and grow your list as large as possible from your account!

How to Master Affiliate Marketing ($497 Value)

  • For many, affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online because you only need the audience – you don’t need the product.
  • We’re going to teach you a straight forward way to get your first affiliate sales on the Twitter platform so you can build confidence selling and make money for your following.
  • And even if you’re experienced, you’ll learn some of the highest level tactics utilized on the platform to greatly improve your current sales from affiliate products.

BONUS: How to build a 7-figure Business Network on Twitter ($997 Value)

  • This is a BONUS guest module by Shadeed Eleazer, a serial entrepreneur, Judo brown belt, and coach to politicians and high performance entrepreneurs.
  • He will teach you a proven method to form a powerful business network that you can develop on Twitter and in the real world.
  • Following the steps within this module will easily make you better at networking than 95% of your competition – and give you profitable and personal relationships that will last until the day you die.

BONUS: Access to the Twitter PIMPS Student Group ($1997 Value)

  • Unlike cheaper online courses, you are not going to be left alone in our course!
  • You will have access to a student group where you can grow, network, and ask questions from your instructors – so we can ensure you’re not making mistakes and you can maximize your growth and profits on this platform!
  • This section alone will connect you to tons of students who want to do exactly what you’re doing.

BONUS: Personal Branding Conference With Ed Latimore ($397 Value)

  • Get previously closed off access to a recent Personal Branding Conference with Ed Latimore, where drops high powered knowledge on personal branding that you will find nowhere else.

Total Value: $14,631

Your Price: Only $497

As you can see above, this is the most comprehensive and valuable course on Twitter ever created.

And we’re simplest charging a fraction of the full cost of this route.

So in case you’re equipped to prevent screwing around in this platform and begin constructing the REAL manner, you’ve got got the whole thing you want on this route.

Because in case you use and APPLY the statistics here, you may now no longer simplest flip you right into a phenom on Twitter…

But you may additionally research excessive degree networking, sales, enterprise abilities that you may use for the relaxation of your life.

Skills with a purpose to by no means cross away.

Skills that, in case you use them the manner we train you, will earn you a lot extra money over the route of your lifetime.

And, if leveraged properly, will come up with the cash and freedom to do something you want.

Living everywhere withinside the international creating full-time earnings and lots more, like many do off the Twitter platform.

That is why we’re extraordinarily confident that the fee we ask is simplest a fraction of what our route is worth.

So in case you’re equipped – you realize what to do.

Course Curriculum


  • Introduction to Twitter PIMPS (8:16)

Mastering the Basics of the Twitter Platform

  • Is Your Twitter The Shit Or Just Shitty? Understanding Twitter Analytics and Metrics (13:37)
  • The Right Mindset For Twitter: Powerful Paradigm Shifts For Building A Massive, Loyal, and Engaged Following (34:31)
  • The Biggest Mistakes You’re Making With Twitter and How to Fix Them (19:46)
  • Understanding and Dominating Your Niche (11:06)

How to Create Your Profile

  • Pimping Your Profile For Profits: Designing A Profile That Converts Casual Followers Into Die-Hard Fans (34:27)

How to Create Your Personal Brand

  • Personal Expression For Profit: Building A Profitable Personal Brand to Make Money Being Yourself (26:54)
  • A Case Study on Accounts and Why They Were Successful (15:30)
  • BONUS: Case Study of Student Group Accounts (5:17)

How to Grow Your Twitter Account

  • How to Get Your First 1000 Followers ASAP (28:49)
  • How to Grow from 1000 to 10000 as Quickly as Possible (20:48)
  • 10k+ Followers and Growth Hacking: How to Keep Your Follower Count and Engagement From Stalling Out (20:42)

How to Become a Master at Tweeting

  • How to Tweet 1000+ times per month: The Not-So-Secret Method For Never Running Out of Shit to Say (16:35)
  • Becoming A Twitter Drug Dealer: The Best Topics To Tweet About For High Engagement and Maximum Interaction (36:33)
  • Slick Styles For Super Engagement: 5 Stylistic Devices That Will Grow Your Followers, Influence, and Engagement (31:48)
  • Formatting Techniques to Make Your Tweets Capture The Eyes and Hearts of Millions (25:45)

How to Make Money From Your Twitter Account

  • How to Destroy Your Negative Sales Mindset and Dominate Sales (17:25)
  • How to Make Real Money from Your Twitter Account (10:10)
  • How to Make Buckets of Cash From Your Twitter Timeline (38:36)
  • How to Make a Full Time Income from ONE Skill on Twitter (33:29)
  • How to Create Your First Profitable Digital Product to Sell From Twitter (32:55)
  • How to Build a Highly Profitable Email List From Twitter (28:07)
  • How to Master Affiliate Marketing (15:42)


  • Where to Go From Here (2:01)
  • Join the Twitter PIMPS Student Group
  • Additional Resources
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Bonus Section

  • BONUS: How to Create a 7 Figure Business Network on Twitter with @mrshadeed (29:50)
  • BONUS: Personal Branding Conference with Ed Latimore (91:17)
  • BONUS: The Art of Twitter Mini Course
  • BONUS: Engagement Is The New Cocaine

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