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Risk Free Projections Course


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Risk Free Projection    
Fixed Ratio Money Management    

Individual Videos 

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Power of 1 – 2 Punch SUBSCRIBE TO ACCESS  
PDS Trader Overview   We strongly recommend viewing this video before using the PDS Trader. This will give you a guide to creating your own option strategies and custom formulas within the PDS Trader.
The Power of PPD   PPD stands for Price Per Day and is one of the most powerful techniques for finding the best option trading opportunities regardless of the option strategy you are trading.
Time Warp Conservative   The Time Warp Conservative strategy is a very low-risk strategy used to capture smaller profits with higher probabilities of success.
TW Course – Lesson 1 – Time Warp Conservative   This is the opening lesson of the Time Warp Course and introduces the Time Warp Conservative strategy.
TW Course – Lesson 3- Time Warp Aggressive & Low Weighted   This lesson reveals a more aggressive version of the Time Warp Strategy, which results in higher profit potential.
TW Course – Lesson 4 – Time Warp Low Volatility (LV)   This video discusses diagonal spreads involving options with lower volatility.
TW Course – Lesson 5 – Time Warp Bearish   The Time Warp Bearish strategy has very high profit potential, but is certainly a directional trade that requires specific market movements.
Time Warp Low Volatility Strategy   Lower your risk with the Low Volatility version of the Time Warp strategy. This video builds on the foundations taught in the “Time Warp Weekly Option Strategy” course.
Combining Time Decay and Price Action   Learn how to produce big gains by combining the power of time decay with price action. This video fully discloses 3 strategies that create tremendous odds with big gains.
Making the Most Out of the Time Warp Strategy   The Time Warp Strategy is very robust and has many variations. This video provides extra tips for maximizing the effectiveness of the Time Warp Strategy.
Hedged Option Spreads That Work   Smart hedging can be a safe and powerful way to grow your account. In this video, we reveal 3 hedged weekly option spreads that virtually any trader can easily implement.
“Risk Free Projection” Strategy   About twice a week, a “No Risk” opportunity occurs. The only way these trades can lose if the underlying price closes within a narrow range AND the option pricing stats change.
“Risk Free Projection – SuperCharged”   Learn how to employ another strategy alongside the “Risk Free Projection” strategy to minimize the risk of a “Risk Free Projection” trade turning into a loss and maximize profit potential.
My 27% Weekly Option Strategy   By combining PPD with time distortion, the risk/reward metrics for this strategy are some of the best. The risk only exists if the market moves up a large amount in a short period.
One-Two Punch Weekly Option Strategy   The One?Two Punch strategy actually takes two different option strategies and combines them to create one of the lowest risk, highest probability approaches to option trading.
Leveraging Calendar Spreads SUBSCRIBE TO ACCESS Learn to utilize Calendar Spreads to properly hedge diagonal spreads.
How to Own a Stock at a Cost Basis of $0   Bring in a 3%?7% return in any given week on any given trade. This strategy uses mathematical odds to show you which opportunities have the most reward and the most protection.
Options Made Easy   New to options trading or need a refresher? This lesson provides an excellent and clear understanding of how option trading works.

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