Spontaneous Transformation – Jennifer McLean

Original price was: $297.00.Current price is: $66.00.

Spontaneous Transformation – Jennifer McLean

Original price was: $297.00.Current price is: $66.00.

Spontaneous Transformation – Jennifer McLean

Receive energy medicine practices to transform lifelong beliefs and coping mechanisms held in your body and subconscious mind.

Unwind old patterns in the moment they’re activated — and shift into a higher frequency of consciousness.

Heal family influences and ancestral habits which have influenced your subconscious default beliefs about money and receiving…


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Spontaneous Transformation - Jennifer McLeanReceive energy medicine practices to transform lifelong beliefs and coping mechanisms held in your body and subconscious mind.

Unwind old patterns in the moment they’re activated — and shift into a higher frequency of consciousness.

Heal family influences and ancestral habits which have influenced your subconscious default beliefs about money and receiving…

Have you experienced healing through EMDR, cranial sacral work, Reiki, or another modality?

These approaches can be effective in transforming emotional wounds and trauma experiences held in the mind and body…

Yet, they typically require that you find a skilled practitioner — and the results, although powerful, can take months and even years to manifest.

What if you could spontaneously (and permanently) transform emotional patterns that have wielded tremendous influence over your life…

… patterns that have warped your beliefs, contributed to dis-ease, and limited your capacity to access your authenticity, your soul gifts, and your joy?

The first step is to heal and transform your unprocessed painful life experiences and repressed emotions such as grief and anger.

These repressed emotions generate stress, produce negative thoughts and beliefs, and create painful coping mechanisms and survival strategies — all of which can suppress the immune system, invite disease, and slow healing.

According to internationally acclaimed healer and author Jennifer McLean, these patterns of blocked energy are lodged in your subconscious mind and neural physiology.

By locating and understanding the origin of these energy blocks, you can dissolve them — without revisiting the events that caused the pain and suffering.

Through specific energy healing practices, Jennifer can help you uncover, directly address, and dissolve these energy blocks. You’ll then be able to change these energies the moment you realize you’re feeling triggered and reactive.

Jennifer teaches that blocked energy patterns also cause unnecessary worry and obsessive thinking, depriving us of our power and divine connection. They may also foster procrastination, and can interfere with your ability to create what you desire.

Shifting these old patterns held in your neural physiology creates new neural pathways, and moves traumatic memories (that are still causing you upset) into a new part of the brain… where they no longer stimulate reactivity, stress, and fight or flight.

Patients with cancer and other illnesses have experienced profound shifts in their health through Jennifer’s energy healing practices.

Now you can spontaneously experience a similar shift…

  • If you’ve been feeling stuck or blocked: Sometimes it takes just the right nudge to your energy for it to enter a new state. Then everything you’ve tried before now starts to “take.” It’s as if you’ve been unlocked.
  • If financial lack seems to be never ending: This is your chance to finally establish a brand-new way of manifesting prosperity. You’re about to shift your protection mechanisms, family influences, ancestral habits, and parental “installations,” which have impacted your subconscious default beliefs about money and receiving
  • If conflict seems to chase you: Jennifer will share processes to access the root cause of relationship upset — and the hidden reasons that are causing you emotional pain, suffering, and conflict.
  • If you’ve had a scary diagnosis or are in ill health: Together with Jennifer, you’ll unwind, unpack, and heal ANY unconscious mechanisms and emotional repression that’s taking energy away from your immune system’s ability to heal.

These limiting beliefs, patterns, and coping mechanisms have acted like a dam which has been holding back the health, wealth, creativity, and happiness that is your birthright.

Now you can finally and truly shift this hidden programming…

Your Invitation From Jennifer McLean

I’m so glad you’re here!

You are about to join me for an advanced evolutionary healing experience.

Know that a select few on this planet are called to this high-frequency work…

And if you’re reading these words, you’re ready to make this evolutionary shift.

You are one of the wayshowers that are here to shift your life — and be the waking meditation that inspires and creates the frequencies in action that are needed at this time.

Part of the process of healing that is most needed is to release the old patterns and limiting beliefs in the unconscious and claim your authentic and true power.

That can occur in the blink of an eye, and sometimes without effort — the key is to get to that catalyst state of being that creates the environment for an activation of healing to be spontaneous.

And in those moments, the dominoes of patterns, survival mechanisms, illness, lack, and limitation get knocked over, creating a whole new perspective AND possibility for your life.

At this time on the planet, your unique expression of power is the new creative force that Spirit is using to establish a different paradigm of possibility, flow, and alignment for you and all of earth’s inhabitants.

This is your moment to finally and permanently transform the deeply hidden subconscious material that you’ve been unknowingly activating…

… and move into a state of grace and power that supersedes anything that is confrontational, in dissonance, or upsetting in your life.

This unconscious material that’s causing lack and limitation in any form comes from upsetting events from this lifetime…

It’s also influenced by ancient, ancestral cellular information, and by effects from past lives…

This course will support you in accessing and healing this material that has, unknown to you, been affecting your ability to create what you truly desire.

You will receive remote evolutionary healing energies and unwind what is no longer needed as you free up your energy.

So if you’ve been frustrated and scratching your head about what’s next for you… this is your invitation from the universe to let me support you in creating a new paradigm.

All you have to do is sit back and receive…

I’m so excited to play with you!

Sacred Healing Practices to Accelerate Your Evolution

A healer for almost three decades who’s supported hundreds of thousands of souls in discovering a new way of being, Jennifer McLean happened upon a sacred healing strategy that genuinely works.

It has now helped thousands to discover their true power.

They are no longer impacted by what’s “out there,” because what’s inside is now fully known and consciously awakened as powerful, stable, and light.

And that light, that space, that grace, that power to create health, wholeness, and safety is available to YOU…

This 6-part transformational intensive presents Jennifer’s four most effective healing modalities, which were designed to deeply accelerate your healing.

She calls it the “Quadruple Healing Multiplier.” When used in combination, these four modes of sacred healing exponentially expand your potential for transformation.

The acceleration compared to other systems you’ve tried should be quickly noticeable.

What’s more, when you take a deep dive into these modalities, you’ll likely to notice that other approaches you’ve been trying are now able to work.


Because you’ve drilled down to the core, you’ve unwound the original upset that’s buried deep in the subconscious and held in your neural physiology, enabling you to shift the energy at the foundation…

So everything you do from here on is from this new transformed place.

Be prepared to…

  • Change Your Neurology to Create a New Life: You’ll understand how old patterns are held in your neural physiology — and experience deep healing of these old programs. AND you’ll be creating NEW healthy, happy, prosperous neural pathways.
  • Release the Hold of Old Upsetting Memories: Old traumatic memories that are still causing upset will now be moved into a new part of the brain where they no longer stimulate reaction and stress. Peace and calm are on the horizon for you.
  • Access Divine Intelligence & Know Your Next Steps CLEARLY: You’re about to open your Soul Bandwidth to Divine Wisdom and receive, activate, and expand your access to your soul energy, your divine spark. This clear access to your divine intelligence allows better decision making, true clarity of purpose, and clearly knowing your next steps.
  • Receive Continuous Distance Healing: In each session we spend together, your guides and mine, combined with Master Teachers, angels, and other advanced beings, will open you up to receive the exact healing you need at that time (and when you listen again, you’ll receive the exact healing you need at that time).
  • Emotional & Hormonal Balancing Through Your Chakras & Sound Vibration: These powerful energy centers in your body are the source of balance for your hormones, your emotions, and more. Prepare for a deep clearing and balancing using the chakras’ natural healing support of sound vibration.

These are THE STEPS that create an evolutionary expansion for your life on this planet…

What You’ll Discover in These 6 Modules

In this 6-part transformational intensive, you’ll receive proven energy healings and self-guided techniques to remove limiting beliefs, patterns, and coping mechanisms — which have been holding back the health, wealth, creativity, and happiness you desire.

Module 1: The Nature of Dissonance — Why You’re Stuck & How to Restore Harmony

Did you know that there’s a good reason why you’re stuck, blocked, or experiencing lack or ill health?

There’s a powerful system of protection and safety at play deep in the subconscious that has, unbeknownst to you, also been wreaking havoc on your energy, your health, and your ability to manifest.

In this first session, we’ll unpack what, how, and why this has been happening.

AND we will start the accelerated evolutionary healing to fundamentally create a permanent shift in your life, circumstances, health, relationships, and more!

The ideas, practices, and processes you’ll uncover in this first module have been channeled through divine inspiration and come straight from Source for you.

This is the start of the rest of your best life.

Module 2: Healing Journey — Discover Your Core Power

Humanity is evolving… the old paradigms simply cannot survive.

The Core Power Healing session is here to support and help you shape and mold the love, healing, and compassion in your life… and in the lives of those on this planet.

When your core power is known and ignited, you stand in a new posture of knowing, clarity, peace, and grace.

There is more capacity to have trust and faith in your life adventure — and to bring clear, conscious intention to create from this place of power. The acceleration is quite remarkable.

You access this through Spontaneous Transformation system healing journeys that leverage Jennifer’s extensive shamanic experience.

These journeys take you deep into your connection to your soul and activate the healing energies for you that are found in that infinite and eternal realm.

Couple this with the high vibrational Spontaneous Transformation Frequencies, and you’re going to experience a profound healing journey to discover your core power.

You are about to know with certainty what this is and what you can create from this power.

Module 3: Spontaneous Transformation — Access & Heal Core Wounds

This is your chance to receive one of the most advanced healing modalities available.

This is The Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT) — and it is here to finally and permanently access the hidden core issues, patterns, and survival mechanisms that have been holding you back in so many ways.

This simple yet profound healing technique acknowledges this survival mechanism — and releases you from its grip by recognizing the emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalances created by retained thoughts, memories, beliefs, and experiences.

STT directly addresses, heals, and unwinds abuse, abandonment, physical disease, anger, fear, stress, grief, and more.

It will help you locate and understand the origin of discomfort without revisiting the events that caused the pain and suffering.

During this session, the STT system will reveal WHY you’re stuck in poor health, in disease, or in financial lack — and in turn spontaneously transform it.

You are about to finally understand why these patterns keep showing up, but most importantly you wll heal and release these patterns and old programming.

Get ready to shift permanently.

Module 4: Attunements to Unlock & Harness Dormant Energy

Are you ready to reawaken your deepest frequencies by attuning to your divine nature?

Similar to a Reiki attunement, the “energy key” you’ll receive will move in and unlock the truest version of you… your most divine frequency.

The catalyst for creating a new life is an ability to attune your energy and unlock your dormant gifts.

Attunements deliver an unlocking mechanism to get your energy open and aligned.

When you can attune your energy, you are actually unlocking the dormant parts of you that ignite your power and confidence.

In this module, you’re about to receive powerful “Foundation Attunements.”

These attunements will unlock the building blocks of the next evolutionary state needed for your success and opening.

Be prepared to feel stronger, more confident, activated, and ready to take on your attuned calling as you move through life with more grace and ease.

Module 5: Sound Vibration Healing & Chakra Acoustical Anchoring

Session five is here to deliver a deeply healing sound vibration healing.

It will move the first five sessions of transformation into an even stronger foundation and a tighter conscious weave of permanent healing as it aligns and balances your chakras.

Jennifer discovered sound vibration when she was experiencing a migraine, and decided to experiment with sounds by reshaping her mouth to change the tonal quality.

As she played more and more, she found these tonal sounds would penetrate deep within, and the vibration would release the pain.

As she did these tones, songs started to appear, taking the healing to even more profound levels of transformation.

These sound vibration healings resulted in a decline of old patterns of illness. Thoughts became clearer and more precise, and life seemed to be brighter.

What Jennifer now calls “Soul Songs” have become proven curative tools that create real change.

In this class, you’ll experience the song and tonal healings for each chakra!

The chakras are a powerful energetic system of your whole being…

With this Soul Song Chakra Healing class, you’ll notice your emotions softening and confidence rising in response to your newly balanced and active chakras, which are your emotional centers.

Then, your organs, which surround and are influenced by each chakra, can move into renewed health and balance.

The healing and transformation happens just by listening!

Module 6: Heal-a-Thon! — Extended Q&A

This is your finish-with-power: a 3-hour Q&A session with Jennifer and her students.

For each question, and the coaching and answers given, you’ll see with new eyes how the mind works as Jennifer works with individuals… the “aha’s” will burst forth again and again.

The group energy increases the frequencies — and the perfect information, insights, practices, and healings show up for all.

It is a potent and important finish to the course.

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